Testosterone boosting foods, how to increase testosterone levels

Scientists have proven that testosterone levels fall lower and lower with each generation. How to prevent this from happening with your body and improve it? Let's figure it out!

A low level of male hormone leads to great health problems, affects the appearance, libido and fertility. In the absence of significant pathologies in the body, identified in the diagnosis, doctors recommend adjusting the ingredients in the diet.

Normalizing hormone balance with food is a rational and safe way to tackle the problem.

To naturally increase testosterone production in men, you need to include testosterone-boosting foods in your diet, and follow the advice when making your weekly menu and planning your day.

To begin with, in order to check the level of testosterone in the body, it is important to pass the appropriate tests. It will not be possible to make a diagnosis on your own, except to judge the likelihood of a deficiency or an increase in the hormone in the body by the symptoms:

  • decreased / increased libido;
  • passivity / irritability;
  • decrease / increase in muscle mass;
  • other.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • the reasons for the decrease in the hormone in the human body;
  • consequences of component deficiency;
  • how to naturally increase testosterone without pills;
  • which foods contain testosterone: a detailed list;
  • sports supplements;
  • foods that lower testosterone in men.

Reasons for a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood

Nutrition is far from the only factor affecting hormone production. This is a whole complex of factors:

  • low activity - a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • stress;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • sleep problems - insomnia, lack of sleep;
  • side effects of medications;
  • bad ecological environment.

The more items from the list are present in a man's life, the higher the risk of facing a problem.

What problems with testosterone lead to

A low testosterone level leads to undesirable consequences that interfere with a normal life. Hormonal disorders are accompanied by symptoms:

  • depression, apathy;
  • worsen potency, problems with libido;
  • hair loss;
  • breast augmentation;
  • decrease in the amount of muscle mass;
  • memory impairment, concentration.

This is only a small list of consequences, but it is possible to prevent the symptoms.

How to boost testosterone levels naturally

To do this, you must follow the basic recommendations:

Get more zinc

Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone in the human body. Zinc prevents testosterone from being converted to estrogen (a female hormone) and also converts estrogen to testosterone. Additionally, you can consume about 15-25 mg of zinc per day.

Bodymaster.ru recommends Training Plans:

Zinc-rich foods: oysters (a natural aphrodisiac), liver, seafood, poultry, nuts and seeds.

More healthy fats

Healthy fats increase testosterone levels. It is recommended to add nuts and seeds, fatty fish (salmon, fresh or canned tuna), avocados, olives, vegetable oils, natural peanut butter to the diet. However, in the consumption of fatty foods, you should know when to stop.

Only 20-30% of your daily calories should come from fat.

Get rid of subcutaneous fat

The higher the percentage of body fat, the higher the estrogen level. Subcutaneous fat contains a substance called aromatase, which converts male testosterone into female estrogen, which causes testosterone levels to decrease significantly.

However, do not sharply limit calorie intake, this can provoke the body's transition to an energy saving mode, which is the reason for stopping the production of the male hormone.

Get rid of excess estrogen

Getting rid of excess estrogen that increases weight and decreases strength will naturally increase testosterone levels. To do this, the diet includes more cruciferous vegetables (all varieties of cabbage, turnips, radishes).

Bodymaster.ru recommends Fitness Trainers:

They contain a substance called diindolylmethane (DIM), which helps the body get rid of excess estrogen. Increasing the amount of fiber in the menu will help cleanse the body of toxins, the accumulation of which also leads to excess estrogen.

Try to avoid xenoestrogens

These are man-made estrogens found in pesticides, artificial growth hormones and steroids, air fresheners, and plastic dishes. Substances increase the level of the female hormone estrogen, which leads to a decrease in testosterone:

  • Meat and milk on store shelves are often sourced from animals that have been raised using steroids and artificial growth hormones. Therefore, farm products remain a priority;
  • choose glassware for storing food;
  • Choose vegetables and fruits without pesticides, be sure to rinse well before serving.

It is difficult to 100% protect yourself from xenoestrogens, but if you follow the advice, you will be able to naturally increase testosterone levels. Since most of the xenoestrogens are stored in adipose tissue, getting rid of subcutaneous fat is the best way to avoid xenoestrogens.

Important recommendations

To increase testosterone it is also important:

  • have at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night;
  • reduce stress levels;
  • get 60-100 mg of vitamin C every day;
  • get enough vitamins A, B and E;
  • do strength training, and at the same time get enough rest;
  • live a sex life;
  • give up alcohol.

Food is the easy route to high testosterone

In the fight against hormone deficiency, products that increase testosterone in men will help. Since ancient times, traditional medicine has used certain ingredients to boost testosterone and male health. What a man eats determines the level of his sex hormones.

The properties of products to increase testosterone, due to the presence of substances, vitamins and minerals in them.

Fats to help

Cholesterol, low density lipoproteins, fatty acids are the basis for the synthesis of testosterone molecules in men. Leydig cells (designed to produce up to 95% of testosterone), which are in the testicles, actively use fats. Self-synthesis of cholesterol is possible, but the amount of the hormone is lower.

Deficiency of lipoproteins contributes to a decrease in the male hormone, the extinction of libido. Acts as a side effect when taking statins (drugs for atherosclerosis).

Men's menu ingredients

The balance of BJU, which will contribute to the production of testosterone, is based on the principle:

  • 30-40% - protein products: meat, poultry, fish, eggs;
  • 40-50% - slow carbohydrates: unprocessed cereals, vegetables, legumes;
  • 20-30% - fats: vegetable oils, egg yolks, nuts, avocados.


They contain a lot of zinc - the main building material for the testosterone molecule, as well as unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, which are of paramount importance for the synthesis of testosterone.


Cholesterol from egg yolks is not dangerous, because it does not provoke a change in the amount of low density lipoproteins. Helps balance sex hormone levels.

Fruits, vegetables, berries

Vegetables contain organic vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body. And celery contains androsterone, a sex hormone that enhances secondary sexual characteristics and sexual performance.

Fruit contains a lot of lutein, which stimulates growth hormone.

The positive effect of food groups is to neutralize harmful substances that come with the rest of the food. Toxins are removed from meat through water and fiber, which also stabilizes blood sugar levels.


Greens are also beneficial for boosting testosterone levels. It contains androsterone, organic vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll, which has a pronounced antibacterial and early healing effect.

Grain and fiber

Breakfast cereals affect the male hormone. It can be buckwheat porridge with milk, millet, pearl barley, rice - any whole grain components. The fiber contained in cereals activates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and testicles, which has a positive effect on testosterone production


They contain many vitamins and minerals (zinc, magnesium) that contribute to the synthesis of testosterone. The leader in terms of the content of nutrients and useful properties is the Brazilian nut.


This is dark chocolate, which improves mood and helps to increase the amount of testosterone in the body.


It is recommended to give preference to vegetable unrefined oils - olive, sesame, avocado oil, corn.

Additives and spices

These are products that reduce the effects of xenoestrogen, which improves testosterone production in men. Supplements enhance the action of enzymes. It has been scientifically proven that countries where spices are actively added to dishes have a high birth rate.

What foods can increase testosterone in men

A balanced and healthy diet is the key to success in increasing the male hormone. It is important to analyze nutrients and composition to determine which foods are more likely to increase testosterone. This can form a menu aimed at stabilizing the state of the body.


The vegetable is added to salads, main courses, as a sauce in sandwiches, and even desserts are prepared. The ingredient is rich in omega-3, vitamin B6, folic acid.


An article published in The Journal of Nutrition reported that men who eat fish and white meat have excellent sperm shape and size. Studies have also shown that adding red fish to the menu increases the number of male germ cells by 34%.


Chili peppers are beneficial for healthy potency, which is due to the presence of the alkaloid capsaicin, aromatase in the spice.


Ginger adds zest to the dish. It is used in the preparation of soups, second courses, sushi, porridge, drinks. Ginger root improves blood flow and warms the whole body.


Thanks to androsterone and adrostenol, it is a pheromone. The low-calorie product is enriched with magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin E.


The potassium contained in banana ensures healthy heart function and is responsible for blood supply. Saturates the body, increasing endurance.

Olive oil

An irreplaceable product of the Mediterranean diet that prolongs life and supports male functions. Contains omega-3 acids, allows you to retain beneficial substances that stimulate libido.


Vitamin C improves blood circulation.


Oatmeal is the basis of a healthy breakfast and a pledge of vigor in the morning. Contains valuable elements (L-arginine) that help to cope with erectile dysfunction.


The starchy vegetable is rich in potassium, which makes your favorite potato dishes not only tasty, but also healthy.

Brazil nuts

Record holders among nuts for selenium content. The component promotes sperm production, increases motility.


Sour berry participates in the synthesis of sex hormones thanks to vitamins B, C.


It is scientifically proven that pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants that improve blood flow. This helps reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Goji berries

This outlandish product contains a complex of nutrients that restore male strength:

  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin E;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • antioxidants.


The delicacy is rich in zinc, which is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. Oysters are also recognized as an aphrodisiac. The product is not cheap, but it is acceptable for a variety in the menu, a romantic dinner.


The most expensive spice with pyroprocin in the composition. The substance increases the sensitivity, making the touch unforgettable. It is worth noting that many of the products on the list that increase testosterone in men are able to attract the attention of women, even drive a little madness.


Allicin, which is abundant in garlic, reduces cortisol.


Greens are also beneficial for increasing testosterone, containing androsterone, organic vitamins and minerals, and chlorophyll, which has strong antibacterial and early healing effects.


On the basis of herbs that increase testosterone, many drugs have been created to increase testosterone.


Buckwheat, millet, pearl barley, rice. The fiber contained in cereals activates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and testicles, which has a positive effect on testosterone production.

Dried fruits

Dates, raisins, prunes, dried apricots.


Black currant, pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry, cherry, prune, plum, watermelon.


Figs are rich in potassium, magnesium, iron. Helps stabilize hormone levels.


Onions, cardamom, paprika, hazel, turmeric. Spices inhibit external xenoesterone, which is found in many vegetables and fruits.


Valuable for men for their huge zinc content. We hope that now nothing will stop you from being more courageous and strong! Add some great strength training to these tips and you are a true winner!

The role of meat in hormonal balance

Meat is a source of protein, which is also responsible for increasing testosterone levels. An amino acid complex helps athletes build muscle mass. It is recommended to give preference to dietary meats - poultry, beef, pork, rabbit.

Testosterone-lowering foods

The male hormone-lowering category includes trans fats, which are found in fast food and industrial baked goods. The decrease is also facilitated by:

  • smoked products;
  • yeast-based baked goods;
  • soy products;
  • packaged juices, soda;
  • industrial sweets - fast carbohydrates that provoke excess weight gain with uncontrolled absorption;
  • alcohol - the pituitary gland is inhibited, testicular cells are destroyed. With the abuse of alcoholic beverages, the number of male germ cells is reduced by 2 times.

Sports Supplements for Testosterone Boost

In exceptional cases, test boosters are added to the sports supplement kit for successful training.

Testosterone boosters are a group of dietary supplements designed to restore the natural level of sex hormones in the body. The drugs are used by athletes to progress in strength and muscle gain.

Sports nutrition recommendations are indicative only. Before buying, it is recommended to consult an additional specialist in the store. (Drugs from the article)

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Trec Nutrtion | DAA Ultra ?

  • Natural modulator of endogenous testosterone synthesis, containing pharmaceutical grade D-aspartic acid, which plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system and endocrine glands.
  • Category: More about the category

1 capsule daily.

DAA ULTRA contains a unique right-handed helix of aspartic acid that enhances the synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol. High levels of this androgenic hormone stimulate anabolism and lead to rapid increases in strength and muscle growth. The drug improves the physical capabilities of athletes, stimulates the body's sexual capabilities and increases libido. Ingredients: D-aspartic acid, capsule shell - gelatin, dye - titanium dioxide, patented blue V, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids.

VPLAB Nutrition | Testoboom ?

1 capsule per day, according to instructions

Ingredients: Maca root powder, wild yam rhizome powder, carrier (microcrystalline cellulose), capsule shell (gelatin), zinc citrate, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).

Academy-T | TestoBoost ?

Take 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals (no later than 6 pm) with water.

Beneficial effects of TestoBoost: - PROMOTES the formation of cells involved in the synthesis of testosterone; - SPEEDS the formation and renewal of the structure of tissues and muscles of the body; - REDUCES the recovery time of the body after physical exertion; - INCREASES the level of energy supply to muscles, due to effective fat burning; - IMPROVES the immune system; - POSSIBLE anti-sclerotic action.

Academy-T | ViNitro ?

  • An effective restorative complex that includes a scientifically grounded unique composition of Vinitrox and the amino acid L-arginine, providing vasodilation and increased blood circulation in the body.
  • Category: More about the category

Take 2 capsules before and after training.

ViNitro® (Academy-T) is a Russian-made recovery complex that guarantees a dynamic increase in strength and endurance, as well as a reduction in the recovery period. The movement of blood through the vessels is improved and a sufficient supply of necessary substances to the organs is ensured. Thanks to the use of ViNitro, training efficiency is increased. Benefits of ViNitro: Promotes the formation of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and allows increased blood flow to the muscles; stimulates the production of carnitine, which increases the body's endurance; maintains the required energy level during high physical exertion; prevents the aging process of cells and tissues of the body; reduces recovery time after physical exertion.

Sports nutrition recommendations are indicative only. Before buying, we recommend that you consult with a specialist in addition to the store.

Foods can actually help boost testosterone levels. Even three months of balanced nutrition is enough to improve performance. However, do not forget that for a greater result, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for the synthesis of the substance - physical activity, sufficient recovery, the absence of stress and the rejection of bad habits.

We hope that now nothing will stop you from being more courageous and strong! Add some great strength training to these tips and you are a true winner!

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Testosterone is the main hormone in the male body. It is responsible for physical strength, sexual health, musculoskeletal health and emotions. How to increase testosterone in men is of interest to every second representative of the stronger sex. This is not surprising - after 35-40 years (and sometimes even earlier), the androgen level begins to decline, which primarily affects health and sexual function (libido, erection, fertility). There are simple and safe methods for raising the hormone that every man can use.

24 natural ways to increase testosterone levels in men

MalePotency.ru specialists have prepared for you a rating of the best ways to increase testosterone among men at home. There are "+" and "-" under each section with the list.

If you have experience in applying one method or another, make your choice, as a result, at the end of the article, a full-fledged rating is formed, which is updated in real time.

Normalization of the diet: foods that are useful and harmful for the male hormone

The calorie and essential nutrient ratio should be tailored to the needs of the body. People who lead a lifestyle of average activity need 2500-2800 kcal daily, and after 55 years, the figure drops to 2000-2200 kcal.

The right diet for men

To synthesize testosterone, the diet should be enriched with certain vegetables (tomatoes, celery, onions), fatty fish, avocados and bananas. For the male androgen, aromatic products are also useful - garlic, ginger, herbs, cinnamon, turmeric, parsley.

Salt tops the list of dangerous foods. It has been proven that a high sodium content in the blood inhibits the work of the testicles. Dishes rich in harmful lipids are excluded from the diet, including: fatty meat, the same sour cream and cream, fast food. It is necessary to limit the consumption of smoked and canned food, baked goods, carbonated drinks, sweets.

Drinking regime

The body is almost 70% water, therefore, with its deficiency, all physiological functions are disrupted, including the formation of testosterone. According to the WHO, an adult needs to drink 30 ml of liquid per kilogram of body weight per day. By simple calculations, each man determines an individual rate for himself.

Drinking regime

Please note that 70-80% of the total amount should be pure non-carbonated water. There should not be any sweet commercial juices with preservatives and other chemical drinks on a man's menu. The rest of the liquid is tea / coffee, natural freshly squeezed juices, first courses.

Physical strength in the gym

Exercise is the most effective way to quickly increase a man's testosterone levels. Multifunctional workouts work best when there is a load on several joints and muscle groups at once. Useful exercises for deadlift, bench press in a standing and lying position, squats with a barbell.

Man in the gym

It is necessary to gradually increase the duration of the workout and working weight, but not to allow excessive muscle tension. Going to the gym is enough 3 times a week, since overtraining negatively affects the level of the male hormone.

Exercises you can do at home

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to work well for raising androgen. They represent short-term loads, performed at maximum capacity, alternating with short rest intervals.

Workout at home

According to the HIIT method, you can do any kind of exercise (push-ups, jumping, lifting dumbbells).

Men should avoid long-term grueling cardio workouts. On the contrary, they decrease the amount of testosterone in the body. Such loads are a stress factor that triggers a series of adverse changes in the hormonal background, leading to disruptions.

Quitting (minimizing) smoking and alcohol

Cigarettes have a double negative effect on the masculinity hormone. Firstly, toxic substances in their composition worsen the work of the pituitary gland - the central endocrine organ responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system. Secondly, nicotine has a direct damaging effect on the testicles: it destroys the cells that synthesize testosterone. To maintain men's health, smoking should be quit.

Quitting addictions

The liver is the main organ that is responsible for hormonal metabolism, so if it is damaged by ethanol, the level of androgen will decrease. The man is advised to give up alcohol or reduce the amount as much as possible. Beer is especially dangerous for sexual health - it contains natural phytoestrogens that reduce testosterone levels.

Regular sex life

It has been proven that orgasm is accompanied by the release of a number of biochemically active substances into the bloodstream, which contribute to the correct functioning of the reproductive system. If a man often gets sexual satisfaction, the testes are naturally stimulated, and testosterone is produced more actively.

Man and woman

Regular sex is especially important for people over 40. The concept of frequency when describing intimacy is very subjective, therefore urologists have established an average rate - sexual intercourse at least 2 times a week. This helps to keep the sex glands in good shape and gives the man a charge of pleasure, which has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background.


The main part of the hormone is produced during the night's rest. This is proved by the results of a medical study: in people who slept less than 5 hours for 7 days, the amount of androgen dropped by 15-25% (under the same conditions).

A man in a dream

The optimal amount of sleep for an adult is 7-8 hours. Falling asleep time is very important, since proper rest should begin no later than 10-11 pm. Doctors recommend tightly shading the windows and removing light sources from the bedroom.

If a night light is on in a room or a smartphone screen is lit, melatonin, which is responsible for the quality of sleep, is produced poorly.

Testicular massage

In order for the testes to work actively, they must have a good blood supply. Indirect massage occurs when cycling, swimming, or just active walking. But there are special exercises to increase the hormone.

Visualization of male testicular massage

Massage movements should be carried out at least three times a week, and preferably daily. The procedure begins with light stroking of the skin of the scrotum, after which they move on to more active kneading, gentle squeezing of the testicles, gentle tapping with fingers.

During the 5-minute massage, the scrotum should sag and the testicles should slightly increase in volume due to the increased blood flow. Frequency - 1-2 times a week (it is better if the massage is performed by a partner).

Elimination of stress and depression

With chronic mental overstrain or a prolonged conflict situation in a man's body, the production of cortisol (adrenal cortex) is activated. This hormone is one of the direct antagonists of testosterone. It drastically reduces the amount of male androgen, impairs the functioning of the sex glands and undermines sexual health.

Breathing exercises

It is clear that it will hardly be possible to completely get rid of stress. To make it easier to deal with tense situations, men are recommended techniques of meditation, breathing exercises, which give calmness and tranquility. It is advisable to less flip through the news feed on the Internet, where they rarely write something positive, and spend the free time on a pleasant walk.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are a great way to raise testosterone in men in a short time. They contain complexes of active herbs (Tribulus creeping, Fadogia, St. John's wort, Yarut, Leuzea) and vitamins, which have a positive effect on the reproductive system and activate the hormonal activity of testicular cells.

Dietary supplement

Natural supplements have complex effects on sexual health. Means such as Ecdysterone, Potentialex, Rexatal - not only increase androgen, but also increase desire, provide persistent erection, increase the endurance of a man during intercourse.

Supplements do not contain harmful synthetic components, so they are safe for men of any age, regardless of the presence of chronic diseases. Similar products are sold over the counter. They have a soft and physiological effect on the body, normalize hormonal levels and return the man's confidence in his abilities.

Sports nutrition

Standard protein shakes fortified with vitamins and minerals are helpful for increasing male androgen levels. They supply the body with the building material it needs to form new chemical compounds, including hormones. Supplements are only recommended for physically active men.

Sportpit in the hands of a girl

A special group of sports nutrition is on sale - testosterone boosters. These are herbal formulations that stimulate the activity of the testes. Supplements accelerate the set of muscle mass, improve athletic performance, increase libido and potency. They do not contain hormones, therefore they are safe for the body.

Vitamins and minerals

The most useful substance for men is vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). It affects not only the state of the skeletal system, but also regulates the hormonal activity of the adrenal glands, gonads.

Vitamins and minerals

In addition to D3, a man needs the following nutrients:

  • alpha-tocopherol (E) - an essential vitamin that protects the androgen molecule from decay, improves sperm quality and increases the likelihood of conceiving a healthy child (found in nuts, avocados, spinach);
  • ascorbic acid (C) - a powerful antioxidant directly involved in the synthesis of testosterone (present in foods such as lemon, ginger, kiwi, citrus fruits, herbs, cabbage);
  • folic acid (B9) - stimulates the formation of hormonal substances in the brain that regulate the activity of the testicles (found in nuts, beans, lentils, seeds, black and red caviar);
  • other B vitamins - they have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, improve the neurohumoral regulation of androgen production (present in the composition of foods: liver, fish, poultry, pumpkin, dried fruits, mushrooms).

Don't forget about minerals. For a man's body, zinc and selenium are important, which are involved in the formation of androgen. Magnesium will help keep you calm during stress, so foods with magnesium should also be present in the diet.

IMPORTANT: the necessary vitamins and minerals can also be obtained from special complexes sold at the pharmacy.

Folk remedies

Natural ways are ideal for those who don't want to spend money on purchased supplements or don't trust them. Alternative medicine has proven methods to increase testosterone.

Folk remedy

The 3 most popular recipes:

  1. Broth of parsnips. Grind the root vegetable and mix it with sugar in equal proportions. Pour water at the rate of 0.5 liters of liquid for 2 tbsp. l. substances. Boil over low heat for 20 minutes, drain, leave for 10 hours. Take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day before meals for 1 month.
  2. Honey-nut mixture .Take 200 g of nuts and the same amount of liquid honey. Grind food in a blender or meat grinder and place in a glass container. Consume 1 tsp three times a day. with a slide. The duration of the drug is 30-45 days.
  3. Eleutherococcus tincture. Pour 5 tbsp. l. finely chopped leaves of the plant 0.5 liters of medical alcohol or vodka. Place in a cool dark place for 20 days, shake the bottle periodically. Strain and pour into a clean container. Take 30 drops once a day, adding them to 0.5 glasses of water. The course is 1 month.

Refusal to masturbate (masturbation)

Doctors have found that frequent self-gratification reduces the amount of testosterone in the body. Masturbation is not a physiological way to achieve orgasm and is not very enjoyable.

Refused masturbation man

Accordingly, the release of happiness hormones in the brain is also weak. Masturbation negatively affects not only androgen, but also on sexual desire and potency.

If possible, have sex with a partner.

Development of masculine qualities

Scientists have not come to the conclusion that it is primary: disturbances in the psycho-emotional sphere, leading to a decrease in the level of androgen, or a lack of male hormone, which affects mood and character.

Self-confident man

Undoubtedly, the psychological attitude is very important for a man's health. Experts advise to develop masculinity, willpower, perseverance and other traits inherent in a self-confident person.

Testosterone production is regulated by complex neuro-hormonal mechanisms, so improved mood and an active life position have a positive effect on androgen levels.

Rest and good mood

A positive outlook in life is an essential component of overall health and sexual well-being in particular. With rest and positive emotions in the brain, the synthesis of serotonin, dopamine and other biochemical compounds that affect the state of the genital area increases.


If a man is constantly in a good mood, the endocrine glands work harmoniously, the formation of the hormone in the testicles is actively taking place. Doctors recommend that you rationally allocate time during the day, be sure to allocate several hours for hobbies and rest (in addition to sleeping).

Fighting body fat "female type"

Accumulation of fat on the thighs and abdomen, in addition to an aesthetic defect, is a danger to a man's health. They are "testosterone traps" - lipid cells capture the hormone from the blood and turn it into an inactive form. The more body fat, the more the level of androgen decreases.

Male obesity by female type

Losing weight is a natural way to boost testosterone and improve your health. Excess weight affects not only sexual function, but also the work of the heart, blood vessels, and pancreas. Men after 55 years of age should especially carefully monitor their body weight, since at this age the risk of heart disease is very high.

Tanning - the more often the better

Ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of a precursor of vitamin D3, which is needed for the reproductive system to function. This refers to natural sunlight. Tanning in a solarium will not bring any health benefits.

The sun

This does not mean that you need to lie on the beach under the scorching sun all day. Suffice it for 2-3 hours of tanning in the morning (until 11:00), then in the evening (after 16:00). In summer, a person receives a sufficient dose of ultraviolet radiation during long walks in the street in light clothing.

Being in the air gives two advantages at once: physical activity and an increase in the level of vitamin D3.

Reducing the dose of caffeine that inhibits androgen production

Abuse of coffee and strong tea can increase cortisol levels and lower testosterone levels. This effect is observed if you drink more than 4-5 cups a day. Do not forget about energy drinks: they contain a "horse dose" of caffeine, so they cannot be used.


You shouldn't give up coffee altogether. Research in Brazil has shown that one cup of flavored drink a day helps maintain body tone and has a beneficial effect on men's sexual performance. The main thing is not to abuse it.

Avoiding baths and other ways to overheat the testicles

The temperature in the male testicles is normally a couple of degrees lower than in the whole body. Testicular cells are accustomed to working in this mode, they actively produce sperm and male androgen. When the testicular area overheats, testosterone synthesis decreases.


Doctors warn against visiting saunas and baths, prolonged bathing in a hot bath. The same applies to tight synthetic underwear that does not breathe and creates a greenhouse effect around the male genitals. Excessive sweating in the genital area is a sign that you need to change the material of your underwear.

Support for sexual tone

The production of androgen is influenced not only by the regularity of sexual activity, but also by its quality. This is especially true for men after 45-50 years old. Monotony in intimate relationships quickly becomes boring, leading to a loss of tone and a decrease in libido.

Man and woman

To increase testosterone, experts recommend bringing something new to sex: postures, additional devices, unusual places. It helps a man to stay in good shape, to feel young, energetic and full of desire.

Leaving your comfort zone

When a man does something new and different, it is positive stress that stimulates the production of adrenaline. The hormone activates the work of all organs and systems, briefly increases the level of testosterone.

Visualizing leaving your comfort zone

Expanding your comfort zone increases the likelihood of achieving success in business and personal life, which will improve a man's mood and lead to an increase in androgen (of course, with an integrated approach).

Success in society, authority among relatives and friends

Testosterone is tacitly called the "winning hormone". Successful men who do what they love, reach heights at work, in sports, in hobbies, are much less likely to suffer from androgen deficiency.

A strong family

A strong family, recognition and respect of friends, who form psychological comfort, are important. Here, a positive attitude plays a role, which makes the body work harmoniously, enhances the activity of the endocrine glands.

Timely prevention of male diseases

If prostatitis, prostate adenoma and other delicate problems occur, the amount of testosterone in a man's body drops rapidly. The most important step in prevention is regular visits to your urologist during routine check-ups.


Often, men try to avoid this doctor, but in vain. A timely diagnosis is half the success of treatment.

To prevent the development of urological diseases, you need to follow the same steps as for raising androgen. Proper nutrition, dosed physical activity, psychological comfort and regular sex are the basis of men's health and longevity.

Rejection of bad habits


Development of masculine qualities


Avoiding stress and depression


Support for sexual fuse


Prevention of male pathologies


Home workouts


Adjusting caffeine doses


Authority among others


Avoiding overheating of the testicles


Dietary supplements: Ecdysterone, Potentialeks, Rexatal and others


Drugs to increase testosterone, which can be bought at the pharmacy

Prescription medications include various injections that quickly saturate the body with androgen. Pharmacy products with a hormone are produced under the following trade names:

  • Nebido;
  • Andriol;
  • Testosterone Propionate;
  • Tamoxifen;
  • Androgel.

Such drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor: increased (especially artificially, as in the case of the mentioned drugs) testosterone in men is just as bad for health as an insufficient level of the hormone.


There are many over-the-counter drugs available over the counter at the pharmacy. They do not contain a hormone in the composition, but act as stimulators of androgen synthesis.

To improve male strength, you can buy the following products at the pharmacy:

IMPORTANT: for some reason, many believe that sildenafil (included in some drugs - type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, including the main active ingredient of Viagra) promotes the production of testosterone, this is not the case, the mechanism of action of the component is aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs (and short-term).

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Vitaly, 42 years old:

“The last couple of months I felt constant fatigue, came home from work and immediately fell on the sofa. There was no strength left for anything, sex began once every 2 weeks, if not less often. Passed tests, it turned out that my testosterone dropped. Androgen injections did not want to do, they are still harmful. I bought myself a herbal dietary supplement - Ecdysterone. After a month of taking, the condition improved. Libido returned, potency is all right. I don't know what the hormone level is, but I feel good. "

Nikita, 38 years old:

“Pills, injections, dietary supplements - all this is complete nonsense. There is nothing better than sports and proper nutrition. I have been regularly practicing in the gym for 2 years now. During this period, not only muscles appeared, but also in sex life it became much better. Don't be fooled by those who say sports lower testosterone. If you pick up a good set of exercises and not overload yourself, everything will be great. Of course, immediately after training, the hormone goes down, this is normal, but then it recovers with the 2nd strength. "

Konstantin, 55 years old:

“With age, problems began in bed, at the most crucial moment, an erection simply did not arise. At first I took Viagra, but the pressure jumped from the pills. When I went to the doctor, I found out that I have chronic prostatitis. I was prescribed medication for inflammation, a special diet, pelvic exercises and a testicular massage. After the treatment, it became better. In general, if something bothers you, you should go to a specialist right away, and not swallow incomprehensible pills. "

Anton, 29 years old:

“I thought about increasing the level of testosterone when I wanted to quickly gain muscle mass. Fortunately, I have no problems with sex, but I wanted a relief body. The trainer advised to buy a special booster (Ecdysterone-S) to activate functions inside the body, which helps to increase the hormone more indirectly, rather than directly. An excellent tool, it really works. Of course, you still need an enhanced protein diet and well-structured workouts, but that's understandable. "

Sergey, 47 years old:

“The best remedy for potency and testosterone is vitamin supplements. American manufacturers have good complexes. There, all doses are clearly selected for men, the compositions are of high quality, without chemicals. I have been taking vitamins in courses for 3 years. During this time, there were no problems in sex, I feel excellent, I feel a surge of strength and energy. I will not indicate specific drugs, so that they would not think that I am advertising. If you want, you will find it, it's not difficult. "

Stanislav, 52 years old:

“I recommend to all men to try a folk remedy - tincture of Eleutherococcus. And for male strength it is good, and the heart began to work better. I do it myself, so I am sure that there will be nothing harmful in the composition. And the main thing is the psychological attitude. I noticed that when everything is in order at home and at work, then there are no problems with sex. As soon as quarrels with his wife or steam at work - everything does not get up, then falls ... It is true that all diseases are from nerves. "

Ekaterina Smolnikova

Ekaterina Smolnikova

Practicing endocrinologist (10 years of experience). Has extensive experience in private and public clinics in Russia.

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21st century medicine is concerned about hormonal imbalances and is increasingly making recommendations on how to increase testosterone levels in men. This hormone is fundamental in the male body, but often its level is much lower than normal.

Lack of testosterone negatively affects external gender characteristics, overly pacifies temperament, and reduces the chance of conceiving children. The importance of a substance is difficult to overestimate, so they try to increase its indicator in a variety of ways.

How Testosterone Works

Testosterone is a cholesterol-derived steroid. By itself, it is practically inactive. The working form of dihydrotestosterone is formed in conjunction with the protein enzyme 5alpha-reductase. In this form, the substance participates in the formation of human systems and organs at every stage of life, starting with the intrauterine.

How testosterone is produced

This hormone is the main building material of the gonads, participates in spermatogenesis, creates a sexual desire with an instinct for reproduction. Without it, it is impossible to regulate muscle and fat mass, protect against diseases of blood vessels, heart, musculoskeletal system. Testosterone is responsible for mood, proper brain activity, increases the degree of memorization of information, accelerates learning processes, and stimulates thinking.

The laboratory norm for women is 0.24-2.75 nanomoles / liter. Men need much more of these hormones - 11-33 nanomoles / liter. The level is set at 4 weeks of fetal development during pregnancy. It is during this period that the sex of the unborn child is laid, the prostate and seminal vesicles for a man are formed.

During adolescence, testosterone is increased. In boys, skeletal growth occurs in the chest, shoulders, jaw, forehead, and the Adam's apple appears. Next, the vocal cords thicken, which makes the voice coarse. Increased hair growth on the face, chest, abdomen, legs, armpits and pubis. The genitals swell in preparation for the production of offspring.

In mature men, the steroid is responsible for resisting nervous overexcitation. Its production reduces feelings of anxiety by neutralizing cortisol (a stress hormone), promotes cheerfulness and moderate aggressiveness in actions.

10 ways to raise testosterone levels in men at home

By the age of 35, protein synthesis with testosterone slows down. In connection with this fact, the extinction of physical and sexual functions begins, noticeable health problems appear: potency and heart rhythm are disturbed, irritability increases, osteoporosis occurs, blood vessels weaken, the risk of Alzheimer's occurrence increases. With impaired production of the male hormone, these difficulties begin much earlier.

Reasons for a decrease in testosterone in men

A decrease in the level of the hormone in the blood beyond the border of 11 nmol / l is considered significant. This deviation is called hypogonadism. The primary form develops as a result of damage to the testicles, the secondary - as a result of malfunctioning of the nervous and endocrine (hypothalamic-pituitary) systems.

The provocateurs of a critical decrease in testosterone include:

  • Obesity.
  • Physical trauma to the genitals.
  • Renal and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Chronic prostatitis.
  • Some medicines. Glucocorticoids. Anabolics. Long-term use of drugs with magnesium sulfate, cytostatics, tetracycline, spironprolactone and other substances that reduce the synthesis of steroid with tissues.
  • Poor quality food. Protein deficiency. Prolonged fasting. Excessive passion for coffee, salt, sugar, fats.
  • Bad habits. Long-term smoking. Alcoholism. Addiction.
  • Irregular sleep.
  • Reduced physical activity.
  • Constant stress.
  • Age over 35-40 years old.

There is also evidence of some effect of bisphenol on testosterone reduction. The element is often found in low-quality household chemicals (soaps, deodorants, lotions, cleaning products) and plastic dishes.

Signs of low testosterone in men

Steroid deficiency is expressed by physical and mental symptoms.

Testosterone deficiency symptoms

Physical Mental
  1. Decreased or absent sex drive (libido).
  2. Excessive thinness. Lack of muscle relief. Difficulty gaining muscle mass.
  3. Weakness. Decreased physical stamina.
  4. Lack of vitality. Lethargy. Fast fatiguability.
  5. Slow metabolism. Overweight. Fatty deposits of the female type (belly, thighs, chest).
  6. Underdeveloped gender characteristics. Little vegetation on the face and body, high timbre of the voice.
  1. Regular mood disorders. Hot temper. Irritability (especially sharply for no apparent reason).
  2. Depression tendency.
  3. Scattered attention. Difficulty memorizing information, concentration.
  4. Pathological mental defects.

With a clear severity of several signs, it is worth being tested for the level of testosterone in the blood.

How to increase testosterone in men

The augmenting process can take different paths, but they will all have the same direction. A positive result is considered when persistent effects are achieved:

  • Return of interest in sex life.
  • Improving overall well-being.
  • Improved mood.
  • Improving brain function.
  • Strengthening and maintaining the condition of bone tissue.
  • Normalization and maintenance of external sexual characteristics (body hair, tone of voice).
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Decreased body fat.

Experts recommend a comprehensive approach to solving the problem, paying attention to natural methods. Treatment with only one side often increases libido, but does not stabilize the general condition of the body.

Testosterone boosting medications

Testerone tablets are used only in clinical situations. Medicinal male hormones can be increased exclusively under the supervision of doctors (endocrinologist, andrologist, urologist), since in this case we increase the element practically “by force”.

Testosterone Boosting Drugs

Based on the results of the examination and blood test, the following can be prescribed:

  1. Intramuscular injection. They are divided into short-term (testosterone propionate), medium-term (testosterone enanate, sustanon), long-term (testosterone bucyclate). Injections are a good remedy that increases the hormone with age-related changes quickly enough.
  2. Steroid lifting pills. Androgens (17 alpha-alkylated), natural and artificial analogs of dihydrotestosterone. They are considered undesirable because they have a strong effect on the excretory system, while the result is minimal. Steroids are poorly degraded in this form, being fat-soluble.
  3. Subcutaneous implants (subdermal medication). Capsules are sewn under the skin, from which the body itself takes the drug that increases the male hormone. The method is loved by bodybuilders for building muscle mass.
  4. External medicines (transdermal). Gels, plasters, ointments that are smeared or glued to the scrotum and areas of the body close to the testes. Steroid boosting aids for short-term erection.
  5. Oral absorption medications (buccal medications). This includes, for example, the famous Striant. They are more often used in the treatment of infertility, the mental consequences of a decrease in testosterone.

Medication often has many side effects. In addition to swelling, increased blood pressure, liver load, there are more dire consequences in the form of cancers on the prostate and testicles.

Excess dosages and durations of courses can lead to disastrous consequences. The drug craze for bodybuilders doesn't justify the risks. Such rehabilitation must be constantly monitored by a doctor. Most of the items cannot be purchased without a prescription.


  • First of all, you should pay attention to everyday issues. Experts recommend carefully choosing household chemicals in terms of composition (you need a replacement without bisphenol), doing breathing exercises, playing more active games, regularly walking, swimming, and not doing heavy sports.
  • It is necessary to normalize the schedule of the day. Sleep in a ventilated room, take at least 7-8 hours of rest at night, give up exhausting work for days. During sleep, according to the biological clock (from 22-23 hours to 6-8 hours), the steroid is naturally produced by the body. This is why most men wake up in the morning with healthy erections.
  • Moderate exposure to sunlight is helpful. Vitamin D helps to increase testosterone and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Will not damage immune courses, sanatoriums and general health improvement.
  • In case of severe stress, nervous strain, it is advisable to seek the help of psychologists. They will help to throw out the accumulated emotions, stop the constant increase in cortisol, place the right distances with the sources of experiences.
  • An important role is played by a full-fledged sex life, regular meetings with a partner, watching films of explicit content. All this contributes to the production of testosterone.


To increase testosterone, you need to choose the right physical activity. Excessive burdening will harm as well as its lack. Strength exercises should be done no more than 3 times a week and spend no more than 45 minutes per workout. Exhaustion will lead to a diametrical result, since the body will not have time to recover, and active synthesis of cortisol will begin.

Exercise affecting testosterone

Men are better off choosing strength exercises with an average weight for their physique. A competent trainer will easily pick up the right weights. Complexes for large muscles are most useful: back, hips, shoulders. Biceps and abs raise little testosterone. Rest is required between sets. After training, you need natural protein nutrition .

Testosterone Boosting Diet

To increase testosterone levels in men, several rules work in the diet:

  • Eat in moderation. Not to starve. Do not overeat. Limit unhealthy sugars, fats, fast food, alcohol (especially malts that increase the female hormone estrogen) and caffeine. Monitor the amount of flour.
  • Choose natural protein. Pay attention to the quality of meat, the origin of sports supplements (if any), do not abuse soy.
  • Replace unhealthy fats with useful ones. Include seeds, nuts, natural oils, cheese, seafood, legumes, dairy products in your meals.
  • Eat foods containing zinc. These include broccoli, leafy greens, sesame seeds, cauliflower, meats, and eggs.
  • Drink enough clean water. On average, 2 liters per day. Juices, teas, coffee, sugary drinks do not belong to this category.
  • There are fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins C and E. Bell peppers, currants, citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries.

The healthier a man's diet, the better his hormonal system works.

Diet to increase testosterone

Folk remedies to increase testosterone levels

Mild testosterone increasing agents are herbs, spices, natural supplements. Traditional medicine recommends adding turmeric and ginger to food on a regular basis. Both spices reduce estrogen and increase sperm production.

Daily use of royal jelly (15-30 g per day), St. John's wort (15 g per day), Eleutherococcus root (5-10 g per day), creeping Tribulus (10 g per day) shows an uplifting mood, has a beneficial effect on potency. You can practice the use of herbal teas, tinctures, granules for prevention and treatment in courses of 2-3 months every six months. Taking breaks is important so that natural testosterone synthesis in the body does not stop.


Brief summary

Testosterone helps a man to be a man, to live a bright, fulfilling life. To maintain normal hormone levels, you need to take care of your health from different angles. By minimizing deficiency-provoking factors, knowing the methods that naturally boost the steroid can cure and prevent many health problems. It is better to choose an enhancing chemical with a specialist after analysis.

The decrease in the amount of testosterone in men occurs for various reasons. It is manifested by depression, decreased sex drive and potency, loss of hair on the body, memory impairment. You can increase the level of this important hormone in the blood with the help of medications, diet, exercise, and folk remedies. Find out exactly how to achieve an increase in testosterone in natural ways and with the help of pharmacy supplements, tablets and drugs.

Testosterone in men - how to increase in natural ways at home: recipes, folk remedies, drugs, dietary supplements, pills

Which doctor to visit to establish testosterone levels

Who to go to to establish testosteroan levels in men

To establish testosterone levels, a man should visit andrologist ... After the initial examination and anamnesis, he will order a blood test for testosterone. Indications for the survey are:

  • infertility;
  • increased body weight;
  • increased fragility of bones;
  • erectile disfunction;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • acne.

The norm of testosterone for men under 50 is from 8.5 to 55.5 nmol / liter of blood. For men over 50 years old, the norm is 6 - 26 nmol / liter of blood.

Blood is usually donated in the morning, before 11 o'clock. Since the last meal, at least 8 and no more than 14 hours should pass. Before taking the biomaterial, it is allowed to drink a small amount of clean water.

Men need to pay attention to such nuances of preparation before donating blood for a testosterone test.

  1. The harmfulness of coffee in relation to testosterone in menAbout 12 hours before the examination, fatty foods and coffee should be excluded.
  2. On the eve of the examination, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages.
  3. Smoking is prohibited one hour before the examination.
  4. On the eve, you need to avoid physical activity, stress. The diet should be normal.
  5. Blood is not donated on the same day along with other examinations - magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, physiotherapy and instrumental procedures.
  6. If an infectious pathology is suspected, it is necessary to additionally check the blood for antibodies.

A decrease in testosterone levels can mean:

  • Disruption of the pituitary gland in the form of a disorder in the synthesis of gonadotropic hormones;
  • Insufficient functioning of the adrenal glands;
  • Hypogonadism;
  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Development of myotonic dystrophy;
  • Progression of liver failure.

What affects the decline in testosterone in men

The following factors affect the decrease in testosterone in men:

In order for testosterone in men to be always within the normal range, you cannot:

  1. Consume more 3 grams of salt per day ;
  2. Use fast food ;
  3. Eat a lot pickled , salty и fried food;
  4. Use a lot of sweets (sugar is a natural antagonist of testosterone, blocking its activity);
  5. Drink more than two cups coffee in a day;
  6. Use a lot of alcohol , especially beer (it contains phytoestrogen, which significantly reduces the amount of testosterone in the blood);
  7. Eat industrial meat (the composition of animal feed includes analogs of female hormones, and it is not known whether they are destroyed during heat treatment);
  8. Use a lot of fatty meat , shrimp, baked goods made with margarine, muffins with trans fats (all of which increase bad cholesterol);
  9. Consume natural milk (contains estrogens);
  10. Eat smoked meats (the liquid smoke contains a carcinogen that causes damage to the testicular tissue);

How to increase testosterone in a man

You can increase testosterone naturally. It is possible to turn to medications only as a last resort, when other methods do not help and only to the doctor's prescription.

The best potency booster for men is safe, effective, works from the first days of use. Read more .

Male hormone boosting products

First of all, you need to pay attention to products containing "healthy" cholesterol, zinc, vitamins. After all, it is from it in the body that the most important male hormone is synthesized. There should be such products on the table every day.

  1. Seafood ... They are champions among all dishes that increase the amount of the main hormone in the body of men. It is very useful to use anchovies, salmon, sea bass, mussels. All of these foods contain adequate amounts of zinc.
  2. Nuts ... The most beneficial for men are almonds, walnuts, pistachios. They have a perfectly balanced composition of minerals, trace elements, which helps to increase testosterone production.
  3. Vegetables - cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin. Celery should be regularly on the table: it contains androsterone. Eating celery relieves men of sexual problems.
  4. Men should have fruits in their diet. - melons, pears, peaches, oranges, papaya, grapes. All of them are rich in lutein, a biologically active substance that stimulates testosterone production.
  5. Every day, you need to add greens to everyday dishes. ... Cilantro, parsley, dill, spinach contain androsterone, which helps to increase the production of the hormone testosterone.
  6. Pearl barley, buckwheat, rice porridge contain a large amount of fiber. It helps to activate blood circulation in the pelvic area. And this has a positive effect on the formation of testosterone in the body.
  7. You need to eat regularly cranberries, raspberries, cherries, pomegranates .

What pills from the pharmacy should you pay attention to

All medications to increase the amount of testosterone in the blood are strictly prohibited from self-medication. Taking the wrong medication can cause serious complications.

To correct testosterone levels in men, it is advisable to pay attention to such pills.


Nebido. The average price is 4221 rubles.

The active substance is testosterone undecanoate. The medicine is available in the form of an oil solution for injection. It is used for decreased libido and dysfunction of the testicles. You can buy it in almost any pharmacy in the Russian Federation.

Nebido can cause side effects. If necessary, the doctor will change the dose or stop the medication.


Androgel based on methyltestosterone. Price in pharmacies from 890 to 2541 rubles. (depending on dosage)

The medicine is used when testosterone levels are low. Contraindicated in prostate tumors. Introduced inside. The dosage is selected individually.

Sometimes methyltestosterone intake in men causes an increase in the size of the mammary glands, a decrease in sperm count, pain in the head, depression and anxiety.


Contains testosterone undecanoate. It is used for decreased libido, osteoporosis caused by insufficient androgenic activity.

If the dosage is incorrect, priapism, sodium and water retention in tissues may occur.

Andriol. From 2340 rubles in pharmacies
Tribulus. Price of 1762 rubles at the market
Cyclo Bolan. The price of 1964 rubles at the market


The main substance is tribulus terrestris extract. It is used for impotence, decreased libido, infertility. The drug increases sperm count and semen volume. Eliminates erectile dysfunction. It is used as a food supplement for certain physical activities.

Tribulus is used 1 capsule 2 times a day.

Cyclo bolan

This dietary supplement increases testosterone synthesis. Regular consumption of the supplement for a month restores the imbalance of male sex hormones.

Vitamins and testosterone

To increase testosterone levels, drugs containing vitamins are used С, Е, F, groups В... Vitamins are especially useful for men Е: it protects the testosterone molecule from destruction.

Vitamins in foods

Folk, natural remedies

Physical exerciseIt is extremely important for men to increase testosterone do sport ... As a rule, those who exercise regularly do not have problems with testosterone levels and potency. And it is not at all necessary to burden yourself with unbearable exercises. It is enough just a few times a day to visit the gym. All muscle groups need to be trained. Run can be used as a "runway", that is, after the races, there will be a desire to exercise.

To raise testosterone levels, it is important full sleep ... In the deep sleep phase, a significant part of the sex hormones is synthesized. If a man does not sleep enough, all measures to normalize testosterone synthesis will be in vain.

Healthy sleep should last 7 to 8 hours. Studies show that with five hours of sleep, testosterone production drops by about 15%.

To increase the testosterone content in the body in men, you need to take folk remedies .

  1. Honey and walnuts - increasing potency in men using folk methodsMix of nuts and honey ... It is necessary to mix honey and walnuts in equal proportions. You need to take the medicine 10 g 3 times a day. The course of home therapy should be at least a month.
  2. Infusion of ginger root ... It has a positive effect on the concentration of androgens in the blood. Ginger root should be finely chopped, placed in a thermos, filled with hot water and insisted for 5 hours. Drink 100 g 2 times a day for a month.
  3. Anchor infusion creeping is prepared like this. 1 tbsp dry grass is poured with a glass of boiling water. The container with it is placed in a pot of boiling water and infused in a water bath for 30 minutes. Next, the composition is filtered, brought to 250 ml with boiled water. drink half a glass 2 times a day.
  4. Raises testosterone levels well lovage ... 30 g of raw material is poured with a glass of boiling water, infused for 5 hours. Infusion should be taken 10 g 4 times a day.
  5. To prepare a decoction from parsnips you need to mix it halfway with sugar. Pour this mixture with 0.5 liters of water and simmer over the fire for 20 minutes. Insist 10 hours. Take a tablespoon 4 times a day.
Ginger with honey

You can raise testosterone with the help of folk remedies, exercise. If the symptoms of a decrease in sex hormones bother for a long time, you should consult a doctor. Refusal of bad habits, regular sexual intercourse will help maintain normal testosterone levels until old age.

Increased testosterone levels in men

Despite all the advantages of this steroid, as they say, everything is good in moderation. Increased testosterone levels in men are accompanied by rather negative signs: excessive erection, sexual arousal disorders, excessive sex drive. Enhanced hormone production is also expressed in the psychoemotional sphere: possibly inadequate perception of reality, depressive or aggressive states, increased irritability, disorders of human social behavior. Sleep disturbances, unreasonable nervous breakdowns sometimes join.

The reasons for a sharp increase in the amount of testosterone in men can be an improper lifestyle, sexual dissatisfaction, a complete lack of sexual intercourse. More serious factors include tumors of the testes, adrenal glands, thyroid dysfunction, and targeted use of anabolic steroid hormones.

The increase in testosterone synthesis in adolescence determines the too early onset of puberty or congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Increased testosterone levels in women

The amount of testosterone in the female body is about ten times less than in the male, but there are disruptions in the hormone synthesis system when the level of steroids rises sharply. This situation can have rather adverse consequences:

  • disorders of the menstrual cycle;
  • prolonged infertility;
  • significant deterioration in the condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • the appearance of some male signs (change in voice, excessive hair growth on the body and face);
  • lack of an adequate response to stressful situations, an unmotivated aggressive state;
  • changes in sexual behavior;
  • with a pregnancy, there is a possible danger of its spontaneous interruption.

Increased testosterone levels in women can also be observed during some natural life periods, for example, during ovulation or during pregnancy (the maximum level occurs in the third trimester).

There are also unfavorable factors for increasing hormone production:

  • oncological diseases of the ovaries;
  • signs of excessive proliferation of tissues of the adrenal cortex;
  • congenital anomalies;
  • excessive use of contraceptive drugs.

Testosterone boosting drugs

Testosterone boosters are commonly used in sports nutrition as food supplements. These are means specially developed in scientific research, which are used by athletes of strength sports - heavyweights, bodybuilders, and contribute to the enhancement of muscle and strength progress.

Let's get acquainted with the most popular drugs:

  • Tribulus pro - herbal remedy, consists of active steroid saponins and plant styrenes, increases the amount of testosterone by more than 30% within the first week of administration. Taken with food, maximum two capsules daily;
  • Amidren is a complex agent that prevents the conversion of natural testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, taken two tablets once a day with food;
  • T-Bomb is an agent that activates the natural synthesis of progesterone by 400% (!) And maximizes its anabolic effect;
  • ZMA - increases the amount of total testosterone by an average of 30%, promotes the growth of muscle tissue in professional athletes;
  • Nutrex T-UP Black - Increases muscle building and fat burning, increases progesterone by 40% in two weeks. Take five capsules daily between meals;
  • Dymatize Z-Force - a natural remedy containing trace elements zinc, magnesium, vitamins B, C and E; gently but steadily helps to increase testosterone synthesis. Assign three capsules on an empty stomach half an hour before bedtime.

These testosterone boosters are available at any sports nutrition store.

Drugs that increase testosterone levels

Natural drugs that increase testosterone levels and regulate sexual function can have a wide variety of origins and compositions. Some of them require constant course admission, while others are used periodically:

  • ginseng tincture - a famous Asian remedy for male strength;
  • seahorse drug - a traditional oriental medicine that enhances sexual desire by stimulating testosterone production;
  • a red root preparation - an Altai tonic, restores and improves the synthesis of steroids;
  • extract from eurycoma long-leaved - stimulates sexual function;
  • extract from a dwarf palm tree - activates the stimulation and productive function of hormonal processes in the body;
  • yohimbine preparations - have an excellent and effective effect on testosterone production;
  • ginger preparations - gently stimulate hormone production;
  • wonderful drops Stratos sex - a natural preparation containing many of the above substances in their optimal combination, is able to maximally increase the amount of testosterone in the body.

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Testosterone boosting pills

Steroid hormone preparations are available in various dosage forms, including tablets; some consider this form to be more convenient to use, as opposed to drops or injections.

The most common drugs are:

  • Tribestan is a steroidal saponin, a natural component of the tribulus plant, which perfectly stimulates testosterone production and sexual function. Take with food three times a day, 1-2 tablets;
  • ziman is a vitamin preparation containing zinc, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, and other excipients that increase the amount of steroids in the male body;
  • zincite - effervescent water-soluble tablets, the composition includes active zinc sulfate, which has a beneficial effect on the male genital area, replenishes the supply of zinc in the body, stimulates the function of the hormonal system;
  • impaza - sublingual tablets that stimulate the production of male sex hormones and increase sexual desire. One tablet is taken every other day;
  • yohimbe forte - the composition is supplemented with an extract of ginseng roots, zinc and selenium compounds.

Before using any drugs that increase the level of testosterone in the blood, it is recommended to take tests to determine the hormonal balance. Based on their results, the doctor will assess the situation and, if necessary, prescribe the most appropriate drug.

Exercise to increase testosterone levels

Sports and testosterone are practically inseparable concepts, but not all sports are "equally useful" for the normal production of male sex hormones. For normal sexual function, it is advisable to avoid certain sports that contribute to constant exposure to the groin area and increased trauma to male organs: cycling, equestrian sports, etc.

To increase testosterone, strength physical activity is most acceptable - mainly exercises with the use of dumbbells, barbells, weights. The greatest effect is observed from deadlifts and squats, and the more muscle groups are involved in the exercises, the more this will affect the production of testosterone.

Muscle loads should be applied no more than four times a week, so as not to consume the synthesized testosterone exclusively for the formation of muscles. The weight of the shells is selected individually.

Regular yoga practice is very beneficial for optimizing hormonal balance. For example, positions with a fixed maximum back deflection contribute to more intensive adrenal work and, accordingly, an increase in testosterone production.

To increase the amount of male hormone, shuttle running, body hardening and winter swimming are also recommended.

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Products that increase testosterone levels

At the moment, many products are known to increase testosterone levels:

  • first of all, these are seafood - various types of fish, as well as anchovies, mussels, shrimps, crabs, etc .;
  • meat products - any type of meat, preferably without the use of growth stimulants;
  • a variety of fruits - citrus fruits, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, etc.;
  • a variety of vegetables - all types of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, root vegetables;
  • greens - parsley, dill, basil, mint, arugula;
  • berry - strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, cherry;
  • any kind of nuts - walnuts, almonds, pine nuts;
  • any dried fruits in the form of dates, prunes, raisins, dried apricots;
  • cereals - oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley, bulgur, wild rice;
  • spices - chili, ginger, garlic, lemon pepper, cinnamon, curry;
  • vegetable oil - olive, sunflower, almond;
  • beekeeping products - honey, capping, molasses, honeycombs.

In addition to the use of these products, it is also recommended to adhere to a diet with a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages, limiting the use of salt and sugar. Coffee is allowed to drink, however, without fanaticism and only natural ground.

How to increase testosterone levels naturally?

Many men are thinking about how to increase testosterone levels naturally. The approach to solving this issue should be comprehensive: it is diet, sports, and the right lifestyle.

The underlying factors for increasing testosterone are as follows:

  • eating meat as a source of protein and zinc;
  • stimulation of lipid metabolism (eating nuts, vegetable oils, fish oil, seeds);
  • the use of power loads (visiting the gym, doing exercises for the development of various groups of muscles);
  • taking vitamin C in the form of drugs or with food (citrus fruits, kiwi, all types of cabbage);
  • frequent consumption of whole grains and legumes;
  • development of stress resistance of the nervous system;
  • good sleep and rest;
  • complete exclusion of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer;
  • taking zinc-containing preparations or food rich in this microelement (milk, liver, seafood).

Move more, lead an active lifestyle, temper your body, and the result will not be long in coming.

Herbs that increase testosterone levels

Herbs that increase testosterone levels are analogs of the male sex hormone. Among them are adaptogenic plants, root crops and beekeeping products.

  • Aralia Manchurian is a medicinal plant that is actively used to stimulate metabolic processes and the production of hormones. Aralia infusion is usually prepared: 20 g of leaves or flowers are poured with a glass of boiling water, kept for 20 minutes. The filtered infusion is drunk in a third of a glass three times a day.
  • Zamaniha high - tincture of zamaniha roots is prepared from 70% alcohol. Pour 20g of roots per 100ml of alcohol, place for two weeks in a dark, warm place, take 35 drops three times a day before meals.
  • Eleutherococcus extract is a very common drug in sports medicine, it is taken 30-35 drops before meals for a month.
  • Rhodiola rosea is a stimulating medicinal plant. The tincture is prepared from 50 g of roots and 500 ml of vodka, infused for two weeks in a dark place. Take 25 drops three times daily before meals.
  • Schisandra - use the fruits of the plant, the tincture is made at the rate of 25 g of raw materials per 100 g of alcohol, take 30 drops twice a day.

It is also recommended to eat parsnip root, parsley, horseradish, honey, 2 tablespoons a day.

If the amount of the male hormone cannot be increased with the help of sports, good nutrition, the use of folk remedies, then it is recommended to visit a doctor who will assess your hormonal background and, prescribing certain medications, if necessary, will explain how to increase testosterone levels.

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