How to bind a copy to the phone, mobile number binding methods

The loss of access to the Steam account is a fairly frequent phenomenon of users who attached to the profile only email, which is often hacked. The attackers easily change the old password for a new one, and the account owner says goodbye to the library of games forever.

To this not happen, Valve is recommended to connect additional authentication through a mobile phone. About how to tie a document to the phone, described in detail in the material of this article with the attached screenshots.

Why do you need a binding to the phone

Any user who purchased a game in the store, bought items on the trading platform, received cards for pumping the account, instantly gave some value to his profile. Everyone should think about protection against possible hacking and theft.

To fully secure the profile of Steam, it is not enough to know the password and periodically change it. In order to become the sole owner of the account, tie the phone number and use the technology that called Steam Guard. When entering and entering from the new device, this user must enter a unique code shown on the smartphone screen. The code is valid for a short time.

The following situations are possible:

  • hacking or theft of profile;
  • loss of access to the e-mailbox;
  • You no longer use an old or lost smartphone, where Steam Guard was tied, or just forgot your password.

In such cases, we strongly recommend linking the phone number and avoid unpleasant situations in which you will lose access to the purchasing content.

Activation of profile in Steam

How to connect Steam Guard: Step by step instructions

Prepare the smartphone in advance and download the official Steam app from the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to log in in it. Next, follow these steps: 1. Open the veym application on your computer.

2. When clicking on the name of your profile in the upper right corner, find the section "On Account".

Profile menu

3. On the next page, all personal account information will be displayed. In the tab "Contact Information", select "Bind the phone".

Account panel

4. Next step enter your phone number, also by selecting the country of accommodation (the country code depends on this).

5. After a few seconds, a message will come to the already tied number with a unique code that you want to enter in the field. Note that you can only receive SMS from "Secure_otp" or "SteamApp". Beware of fraudsters.

6. If the resulting combination is entered correctly, then click on "ready." Steam Guard is activated and tied to an account.

Now after the entry from another device, setting items for sale on a trading platform, Steam exchange confirmation will be asked to enter a unique code that will be displayed in the application. It consists of letters and numbers and looks like this:

Authorization with entering code


The above has been described by step-by-step instructions on how to use two-step protection using a mobile gadget. Now extraneous persons will not be able to easily access the profile, if they do not own your smartphone. Fraudsters knowing only the password will be extremely difficult to enter your profile.

How to tie a phone number to the stim? Connect the smartphone using Steam Guard in the application or add data to Steam settings. In the latter case, log in to the program, click on the user on the right and go to the account section. Take a link to link the phone and follow the instructions. Alternatively, install the Steam application on the phone and connect Steam Guard. How to perform this work, consider in detail in the article.

Why do you need a binding phone number to Steam

Experts often recommend binding a telephone in Steam to make your account thereby secure. In case of loss of access to the profile (for any of the reasons), the presence of a phone number attached to the account allows you to quickly return to normal operation with the application. Of course, there are many bypass paths that allow you to steal personal data: problems with a web conductor, malware infection, connection via unprotected wi-fi, etc.

Knowing how to bind the phone to the stimulation, you can avoid many difficulties. For example, when you receive access to the STEAM account, the system will require enter the code sent to the mobile phone. In the absence of such an attacker will not receive access to the application and personal data.

In addition, if you bind the telephone sim to Steam, you can quickly restore access to the personal account in the following cases:

  • password loss;
  • loss of access to e-mail;
  • hacking an account;
  • Installing the Mobile Software Steam Guard on another smartphone, etc.

This does not need to contact the administration for help.

How to tie a phone number to steam

Two ways are allocated, how to link the number to the stimulation - through the account on the account in the profiles or using Steam Guard. The second option will look at the example of a mobile application.

Method number 1:

  • Enter the Steam Program.
  • Log in under your personal data, if it has not been done earlier.
  • Click on your nickname to the right in the corner.
  • Select About Account.

  • Click on point Tie a phone. Note that the data is entered in international format. The system automatically selects the prefix, but in case of an error it can be replaced. If desired, the same SIM is allowed to configure to different accounts with Steam. In such circumstances, all accounts will be considered as the same profile within the agreement.

  • Enter the phone number.

  • Click on the button Further .
  • Wait for messages with SMS.
  • Go to Email, find the last letter and click Bind the phone number.
  • Wait for the message to the specified sim, enter it and click Further .

If everything is done correctly, the button is ready and the message about the successful completion of the operation appears.

Method number 2 (through Steam Guard):

  • Install the versa application that allows you to bind a new number to the stimulation. To do this, use the for iPhone or for a smartphone with Android.
  • Enter the program under your username and password.
  • Click on three strips Left at the top.

  • Select Steam Guard.

  • Click Add authenticator.
  • Enter the SMS message that came to the phone. If the smartphone has not been tied earlier, enter the required number.
  • Press Send .
  • Write down the recovery code. It will be required to confirm that you are the owner of the authenticator. Do not show the code to anyone, because this is confidential information.
  • Click on the button Ready .

After that, the application shows that the devices act as a mobile authenticator. If you delete an application or reset to the factory settings, this data must be deleted.

How to find out which phone number is tied to stim

In the manifold profiles, users are often confused and do not understand how to find out which number is tied to the stimulation. Immediately note that even in your account, this information will not work completely. But a certain hint system gives. Take the following steps:

  • Enter the app Steam.
  • Go to section About Account.

  • Find the phone, where it is written ends on the XX (where xx is the two last digits).

To see which number is tied to a stimulation, many are included in the section Control of the phone number. There will be no new information, but you can submit a request to change data. To do this, it is necessary to have access to the old sim. In this case, you will have to check your version of the selection method.

How to change the number

Let us briefly consider how to change the tied number in Steam in case of data shift. Make the following:

  • Enter the section About Account , and then Control ...

  • Click on the button Change

  • Select one of the options - the use of an authenticator, the availability of access to the old sim, deleting the last number.

In the case of the authenticator, the situation is similar. To transfer an authenticator, you must have access to the old SIM card, connected with the Steam profile. This is necessary to obtain a confirmation message and making changes.

Alternative Method - Go to the support service on the help of, and then press links with the resulting problem.

Now you know how to bind, and later learn or change the phone number attached to the stimulation. For this, two tools of the program are applied, which was discussed in the article. In the comments, write what other ways there are, and whether you helped the instruction in the article.

How to bind the phone to the stim

Steam is a leading game platform and a social network for players. It appeared back in 2004 and has changed a lot since then. Initially, the client application was available only on personal computers with Windows. Then the support of the operating systems of the Linux family and MacOS appeared. Currently, steam is available on mobile phones with Android and iOS on board. Mobile application allows you to get full access to your account and provides the ability to buy games, communication with friends. To find out how to log in in your profile on the phone and tie it to Steam, read further.

Tie a phone to Steam

The only thing that STEAM does not allow a mobile phone is to play the game, however this opportunity provides a separate Mobile application Steam Link, about which we will ever tell separately. Now we turn to the main topic.

Step 1: Installing Mobile Application

Mobile client Steam gives a lot of advantages, further allowing you to protect your account using the Steam Guard function, which is actually required to bind the phone number.

Note: Next, we consider the application installation algorithm on the phone's example running the Android operating system. In the case of iOS, all actions are performed similarly, not counting the installation location.

Download Steam from Google Play Marketing Steam from App Store

  1. Once on the application page in the store, click on the button "Install" (or "Download" On iOS) and wait for the procedure to complete.
  2. Installing the Steam Mobile Application from the store

  3. Next, you need to start the installed Steam client, which can be done directly from the store or through its label that will appear on the main screen.
  4. Start the installed Steam mobile application to enter account

  5. It will be necessary to perform authorization in the account in the same way as it is done on a stationary computer. Enter your username and password from Steam account.
  6. Successful entry into account in the STEAM Mobile Application

    On this installation and the input to Steam on the mobile device is completed. You can use the program for your pleasure. To view all the features of Steam on your mobile, open the menu in the upper left corner (three horizontal strips). Next, consider the process of enabling Steam Guard, necessary to ensure the security of the account.

Step 2: Binding Rooms and Activation Steam Guard

In addition to communicating with friends and purchase games, using a mobile phone in Steam you will also be able to improve the level of security of your account by activating the Steam Guard function, which is an analogue of two-factor authorization. This is not a mandatory, but extremely desirable protection of your account, which is ensured by binding to the mobile number. It works as follows: Each time in Steam, a mobile application will generate an actual authorization code, which after 30 seconds becomes invalid and is replaced by a new one. That is, you need to have time to enter the account during this time.

It is for this purpose primarily a binding of the number to the steam account. Similar security measures are also used in Internet banking systems. In addition, the activation of the SITM GARD allows you to avoid the need to expect 15 days when exchanging subjects in inventory.

  1. To enable the security tool, you must open the menu in the STEAM mobile application by clicking on three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner.
  2. Go to Steam Mobile Application Menu

  3. Next you need to choose the first item in the list with the obvious name. "Steam Guard" .
  4. Transition to protection activation in the Steam Mobile Application

  5. The form of adding a mobile authenticator will appear. Read a brief instructions about using GARDE Steam and continue the procedure for its activation by clicking on the button. "Add authenticator" .
  6. Add authenticator mobile application Steam

  7. Enter the mobile number you want to tie with Steam, then tap on the button "Add phone" .
  8. Enter the number to bind your phone to the client of the Steam application

  9. The specified number will send an SMS message with an activation code that you need to enter to the window that appears, and then click on the button "Send" .

    Sending and receiving code from SMS to enable protection in Steam

    Note: If the SMS does not come, request it to send it using the appropriate reference.

    Re-request for confirmation code to enable protection in Steam

  10. Additionally, you will need to record the recovery code, which is a kind of master password. In the future, it will be useful, for example, when contacting the support service in case of loss or theft of the phone.

    Record recovery code when using Steam protection

    Be sure to save this code in a text file and / or write to the paper with a handle.

  11. On this, everything, the mobile phone number is tied to Steam, and the Steam Guard authenticator is successfully connected. Now your account is under more reliable protection. Below is the way that the process of generating code combinations (three different examples) occurs. Under them is an indication band that means the time of action. When the time ends, the code is blushing and is replaced with a new one.

    An example of a protective code generation in the STEAM mobile application

    To enter your Steam Account using Steam Guard Run the game client on the computer. After you enter your username and password (as usual), you will need to enter an activation code that will be generated in the appropriate section of the mobile application. Specifying the resulting combination, click "OK" To confirm the entrance.

    Entering confirmation code when you authorize in Steam program on a computer

    Note: The authenticator code is not only displayed in the STEAM mobile application, but also "comes" as a normal notification, which can be viewed directly from the "Blinds".

    Notification with confirmation code from Steam mobile application

    If the data is entered correctly, you will successfully enter your STEAM account. In order to make sure the mobile phone is tied to the main account, just go to the section "About Account" In the program on the computer. On the opened page in the block "Account protection" There must be an inscription "Under the protection of the Mobile Authenticator Steam Guard" , And above - your phone number that will be almost completely hidden to ensure safety.

    Displays information about the phone number and account protection in Steam

    Now you know how to use the Steam Guard mobile authenticator. If you do not want to enter the activation code each time, check the box "Remember the password" In the form of logging in the program, after which, when you start Steam, you will automatically log in to the account.


Now you know not only how to tie a mobile phone number to Steam, but also how to provide additional protection for your account.

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