Transfer from a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet: detailed instructions

Qiwi system

To carry out transactions, it becomes necessary to pre-attach a plastic card. To do this, on the official website of Qiwi Wallet, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to the website.
  • Log in to the system by entering your username and password.
  • Go to the "Plastic Cards" section.
  • Bind plastic (you can use MasterCard or Visa).
  • To confirm the procedure, a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number.

In a couple of hours you can start making money transfers. To do this, you need to log in to the system and go to the "Electronic wallet replenishment" section and in the subsection go to the "Plastic card" subsection, and then enter the "plastic" parameters. A verification code will be sent to your mobile, which you need to enter in the appropriate window and confirm the transaction.

Via mobile app

In order to transfer funds to Qiwi from Sberbank, you can use the phone and send just one SMS to the short number 900. But first, to perform such an operation, you must specify the Qiwi company as the recipient organization that is allowed to transfer money from your card. At the moment, this can be done by writing a corresponding statement at the bank branch, indicating the number of the electronic wallet.

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How to transfer money from a Sberbank card to a qiwi wallet using SMS:

  1. You need to compose a message of the following type: KIWI XXXXXXXXXXX 150, where QIWI (or Qiwi) is the command and the name of the organization where the money is transferred, XXXXXXXXXX is your e-wallet number in 10-digit format (the wallet number matches the phone number), 150 is the transfer amount ...
  2. Send this message to short number 900.
  3. In response to your phone number, you will receive a one-time confirmation code, by sending it back, you will confirm and complete the operation.

The Mobile Banking service allows you to pay for any Qiwi wallet through Sberbank online in a matter of minutes.

The message must be sent in a strictly defined format: first of all, the electronic system (both in Latin letters and in Cyrillic), to which the transfer will be made, is indicated, then the wallet number is indicated, and the required amount is written at the end.

To transfer funds through Sberbank Online by means of a mobile phone, you need to be careful and avoid mistakes: when sending, the phone must be indicated in ten-digit format and the short number (900) must be entered without errors. If you use this service often enough, it is much easier and more correct to create a template on your phone in advance.

But when funds are transferred through Sberbank Online to Qiwi, additional manipulations will be required: for a successful transfer, it is necessary that the electronic system be indicated as an authorized and available recipient of money transfers made from your card through Sberbank Online.

To do this, the account owner will need to in the Sberbank Personal Account online (when transferring funds), or by visiting a bank branch, indicate Qiwi as the recipient of the transfer, while leaving the details of the electronic wallet.

The implementation of all these operations is possible only when the service is connected, which can be done by logging into the Personal Account on the website of Sberbank of Russia.

Directly through the mobile application, you can transfer money from the Qiwi system using a mobile bank. All you need is a phone. Before starting the operation, you must attach an electronic wallet directly to your card.

Replenishment of the wallet through Sberbank Online (SbOn)

To replenish a Qiwi wallet from a bank card in this service is allowed only to clients of the Security Council of the Russian Federation connected to SbON. In order to fill the CC with money supply, interested persons are required to consistently:

  • log in using the available access codes to the “Personal Account” of SbON;
  • in the section “Transfers / Payments” find “Electronic money” (section “Electronic goods / entertainment”);
  • enter the QC number, determine the size of the transfer.

For the final completion of the transfer, you must enter a set of characters for verification, sent by SMS to the linked mobile phone. Through Sberbank Online, it was possible to replenish the Qiwi wallet without much hassle until 2012. Then the RF Security Council suspended this service, and today the banking service described here is not available. But it is possible that in the near future the Security Council of the Russian Federation will again provide its customers with the opportunity to use this convenient tool.

Payment through Sberbank systems

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to replenish the Qiwi wallet with a Sberbank card from the website of the electronic payment system, you can do it through an ATM or bank terminal. For this:

  • find a suitable device;
  • at the ATM, the plastic carrier is first inserted, and then the menu is loaded; in the terminal, you can first view the options and only then insert the card;
  • to put money on Qiwi from a Sberbank card, enter the wallet number (usually in 10-digit format) and the payment amount;
  • certify the payment, take the receipt and the plastic carrier.

Funds are debited from the balance instantly. Wallet crediting may take longer: 1-3 business days. Before receiving the money, be sure to keep the receipt, its details will be needed if any problems arise with the payment.

For replenishing a Qiwi wallet from a Sberbank card at an ATM or terminal, a commission is charged equal to 0.75-2.5% of the credited amount. The exact size depends on the type of self-service device, the region where you are located and in which the card account was opened, and other nuances. The commission percentage is necessarily reflected in the operation window.

Sberbank Online

Many users are now wondering how to replenish a Qiwi wallet from a Sberbank bank card through online and mobile systems. After all, both and have lost their respective functions.

Unfortunately, at the moment such operations are not available in the Sberbank-Online system. This is due to technical problems, but it is possible that the two companies simply terminated the contract. You can monitor the emergence of this opportunity from an electronic wallet ("Top up wallet" - "Via Internet Bank") or your personal account in Sberbank-Online ("Transfers and payments" - "Electronic goods and entertainment" - "Electronic money").

IMPORTANT. For replenishing a Qiwi wallet from a Sberbank bank card through an online payment system, a commission was charged from 0.75 to 2.5% of the amount of payment

If this method becomes available again, the conditions may be changed. In this case, read the new rules before making a payment.

Methods of replenishing a QIWI wallet with a Sberbank card

Electronic money has long been an integral part of everyday settlements, and the security of electronic money has made it in demand among users. Therefore, the leading banks in Russia are actively cooperating with electronic payment systems, allowing customers to seamlessly make transfers from bank cards to virtual ones.

There are several ways to replenish your QIWI wallet with a Sberbank credit card.

It should be remembered that credit cards are intended for purchases and it is less profitable to withdraw funds from them than to use a bank transfer.

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So, for example, for cashing out funds from a credit card through an ATM, the withdrawal fee will be 3% of the amount, but not less than 390 rubles. Many customers use e-wallets to reduce the rate for cash withdrawals and maintain the grace period.

QIWI website

  1. Select the section "Bank cards" on the website and go to the "Link bank cards" tab.
  2. Fill in all credit card details: number, CVV code, expiration date.
  3. Next, you should click the "Link" button and if the operation was successful, a message will be sent to your mobile phone.

These steps should only be performed once. In the future, there is no need to fill in the card details. It will be enough to press the button "Replenish the account" and indicate the transfer amount.

Mobile phone

Using a mobile phone, you can replenish your QIWI account by sending SMS. The content of the message should be as follows: QIWI XXXXXXXXXXXX300, where:

  • QIWI is a command to activate the payment system;
  • XXXXXXXXXXXX is the wallet number;
  • 300 - payment amount.

The message should be sent to short number 900. Then a special code will be sent to the phone to confirm the transaction.

Sberbank Online

Sberbank customers can use the convenient Sberbank application online for free. Transferring money from a credit card to an electronic QIWI account can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your username, password and enter your personal account.
  2. In the open menu, select the Payments and Transfers tab and select QIWI Wallet from the list presented.
  3. Carefully fill in the opened form to fill in the payment details.

The operation should be confirmed by entering the SMS code received by the message on the phone.

Sberbank ATM

Sberbank has not only a wide branch network, but a record number of ATMs, which are located in every, even the smallest city in Russia. To top up a QIWI account through an ATM is as easy as in other ways. To do this, you need to take several steps:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM receiver and enter the PIN code.
  2. Select the section "Payments" and go to the tab "Electronic wallets".
  3. Click the "Next" button and in the window that appears, specify the e-wallet number and the desired transfer amount.

After entering all the data for the transaction, it must be confirmed with the received SMS code.

After the completion of the operation, it is better to save the check, since in the event of a malfunction of the payment system, it will be a documentary confirmation of the transfer of funds.

The ways

There are different procedures for transferring money from a Sberbank card to a qiwi wallet balance. It is not recommended to use third-party services, as there is a risk of encountering scammers. Only the official websites of the PS and the bank guarantee that the money will reach the recipient. The choice of option depends on the capabilities and preferences of the person.


  1. Through the EPS resource. A simple option for people who want to get through the procedure quickly. In the profile, transfer finances from the card to the Qiwi balance. The commission is small, so the option is profitable.
  2. Replenishment through the Sberbank website. The person must have access to Internet Banking. You will be able to transfer funds to your wallet. You will need to clarify the details of the wallet, which correspond to the phone attached to the site. It is recommended that all data be carefully checked so as not to accidentally send funds to another person.
  3. Withdrawing funds through the Qiwi mobile application. It can be installed by any user of the PS. The transfer of funds can be done quickly using your cell phone.
  4. Transfer from Sberbank to a qiwi wallet through the program. Clients of a financial institution often install a bank application on their phone. It is convenient to carry out various operations with funds through the software.
  5. ATM. The method is suitable for people who do not have access to the Internet. You will need to find an ATM and insert a Sberbank card. The procedure will take 2-3 minutes, the finances will be on the balance sheet within 24 hours.

Top-up via automatic device

Transferring money to an electronic wallet using the terminal is not difficult. A distinction should be made between:

  1. QIWI terminals;
  2. Automatic devices of system partners;
  3. Terminals of other companies.

The transfer of finance to the wallet account is possible in each of them, and if the amount does not reach 500 rubles, the commission is not taken. The order of performing the replenishment operation in all terminals is the same. The difference is that in branded devices the desired window is immediately evident, while in others it will be necessary to find it.

The replenishment algorithm consists of the following steps:

  • Press the Visa QIWI Wallet button;
  • Select the option "Wallet replenishment";
  • In the window that opens at the bottom right, dial the phone number;
  • Confirm the correctness of the entered number - press the "Correct" button;
  • Enter a comment in the next window that opens (you can skip it);
  • Click the "Next" button;
  • Enter the required amount into the receiver of banknotes.

After selecting the option that completes the operation (again "Next"), a notification about payment acceptance will appear on the screen. The funds should be credited to the account in minutes. On terminals that do not provide a check, an inscription will appear prompting you to indicate the e-mail to which the receipt will be received.

In the absence of registration and the impossibility of obtaining a code, it is also possible to deposit money to the wallet account in the terminal. To this end, you need to open the "Payment for services" section, select the "Electronic money" option, and find the qiwi wallet in the list. Then you should dial the phone number, make sure that the information is entered correctly and press the "Next" button. If there is no need to write a comment, you can skip this option. All that remains is to invest in the opened device and wait for it to be credited.

You can add a qiwi account at an ATM with a Sberbank card. The list of commands is similar to the previous one. Sberbank charges a commission from any transaction on Qiwi from 0.75% to 2.5%. That is why it is necessary to carefully monitor the size of the commission before making a transaction and add it to the transaction amount in order to avoid the inconvenience when there is not enough change to pay with QIWI.

People often face situations when there is not enough money on the bank card account to pay for purchases, or they need to pay for the purchase on sites where only electronic wallets are accepted. The article will discuss how you can transfer money from a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet.

4 ways to transfer from a Sberbank card

  • Transfer of funds to a bank card of Sberbank through a personal account on the website .
  • Replenishment of Qiwi wallet from the official website of Sberbank .
  • Withdrawing money from an electronic Qiwi wallet to a Sberbank card through the Qiwi application.
  • And the last way is to replenish your e-wallet using the Sberbank mobile application.

Qiwi account top-up

If you already have an account on the QIWI website, go to your personal account and open the "Translate" tab. There are many ways to withdraw funds, but we are interested in the "To a bank card" withdrawal.

from Sberbank card to kiwi

Now we enter the card number, select the payment method "From wallet: ..." and indicate the amount to be withdrawn. Then click "Pay" and confirm the transaction. For confirmation, an SMS with a 5-digit code will be sent to your number, which should be entered as soon as possible.

Withdrawal of funds can take up to 3 days, but in most cases it takes no more than an hour. During the transfer, a commission is charged in the amount of 2% +50 rubles (for Russia) and 2% +100 rubles (for other countries). It should also be remembered that no more than 15 tons can be withdrawn at a time, and the maximum permissible monthly volume is 600 tons. Rubles.

We transfer money to Qiwi wallet

Firstly, in order to top up a Qiwi wallet from a Sberbank bank card through the site, you must be registered with If this stage has already been passed, go to your personal account.

To do this, enter the password and login received during registration and confirm the entrance using the SMS code that came to your number. You need to enter the code within 5 minutes, after which new data will be sent to you.

In your personal account, go to the "Transfers and Payments" tab and click on "Organization transfer". On the Qiwi website, you can find out the details for the transfer (the link comes via SMS), which must be inserted into the appropriate fields on the Sberbank website.

The last step is to select the account for debiting and confirm the operation. The commission for a transfer from a Sberbank card is 1% of the transaction amount, and the waiting period can be up to 3 days, although in practice everything is noticeably faster.

QIWI mobile application

Download the qiwi mobile application and log in to your account. Now, to send money to the card, click on "Transfer" and select the transfer "To the card". Next, you need to enter the card number, the amount required for the transfer and click on the "Pay" button.

The next step you will be asked to fill in the payment information (for this, click on the "Download" button). Enter the name and surname of the recipient to complete the transaction. The commission and terms of transfer are the same as when paying from the site.

Sberbank Online application

Sberbank has released a mobile application for Android and iOS users. To put money on the Qiwi wallet, you need to log in to your personal account using a five-digit code. After logging into your account, open the "Payments" tab and select the "To an account with another bank" item. Then everything happens according to the familiar scheme.

On the qiwi website, you will find out the details for filling in the fields, select the card from which the funds will be debited, and confirm the transfer. When making a transaction, a standard commission is charged, in the amount of 1% of the entered transfer amount. The waiting period is up to 3 days.

Now you can safely decide which translation method is right for you.

Recently, electronic money is gaining more and more popularity. Such "virtual coins" are used when paying for many services, let alone online purchases. In fact, there are a lot of electronic services, but Qiwi payment systems are the most popular among Russians.

In this article, we will figure out how to transfer cash from Sberbank to a Qiwi wallet. Today there are several ways to fund a payment account. Each of them has its own nuances and needs to be performed consistently. But having performed the manipulation once, in the future, the owners of Visa or Mastercard from Sberbank will be able to do this easily and in a short time, keeping the number in the system's memory.

Through exchangers

As we already said, there are many options for replenishing a Qiwi wallet, it all depends on the situation. And the first of them we will consider online exchangers, they are quite convenient, as they allow you to work with any plastic.

Before proceeding with the procedure, and, for example, transferring the required amount to another person, you should select the most advantageous exchange point. To do this, we suggest using the BestChange resource, which automatically monitors exchangers and allows you to choose an organization with a minimum commission.


It is important to remember that such financial structures do not always have the proper level of protection, unlike banks and websites of official payment systems. A definite plus - the commission here can be significantly lower than the standard tariffs of banking institutions + there are practically no limits on transfers.

Through the official website

To start working through the Qiwi Internet service, the first step is to link a credit card. This involves the following steps:

  1. We open the site -
  2. To log in, we use a working phone number and password.
  3. Find and click on the line "Bank cards". Next, click on "Link Visa or MasterCard".
  4. Enter the plastic data requested by the system.
  5. We make a binding.
  6. If the operation is successful, an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent.

kiwi website

In a few minutes you can make transfers. To do this, we follow a new scheme:

  1. We go to the service website.
  2. Let's log in.
  3. Click "Replenish wallet" and select the item "Bank card".
  4. We enter the parameters of the credit card and the amount of payment into the proposed form (limit 50,000 rubles).
  5. Click on "Next". You will be asked to verify the entered data.
  6. After verifying the information, click "Confirm".
  7. After receiving the password on the mobile phone, enter a combination of these numbers and confirm the transaction.

Mobile bank

Sberbank Online also provides services for transferring funds directly from a mobile. For this, a message is sent to the short number 900. The only thing, before that, it is important to indicate the payment service as a recipient to whom you trust money transfers from a personal credit card. You will need to go to the nearest bank branch and draw up the appropriate document.

kiwi logo

We send money via SMS:

  • We type the text: KIWI ********** 200, where:
  1. KIWI is the recipient's name.
  2. ********** - your wallet number.
  3. 200 - the transferred amount.
  • We send SMS to number 900.
  • To confirm and complete the operation, you should send back the code that you will receive via SMS.



Replenishing the service in question with cash through an ATM is one of the fastest and most convenient ways, but here one of the highest fees.


  1. We insert plastic into the Sberbank terminal.
  2. We go through the authorization procedure.
  3. Open the "Payments" menu.
  4. In the "Payment for services" list, go to "Electronic money".
  5. We choose QIWI.
  6. We enter the requested data and the size of the enumeration.
  7. Click "Next".
  8. We check the correctness of the filled in information and confirm the actions using the SMS code.

Mobile app

Now I will tell you how to transfer money from a card through a mobile application. First of all, we install the application itself on the phone and log in. After the wallet is made, you need to link a bank credit card to it.

Funds can be sent by clicking on "Transfer" and then "To the card". When the fields with the plastic number and the payment amount are already filled in, select "Pay". At the final stage, you should enter information about the operation itself, so click "Download" and enter the last name and first name.

replenishment kiwi

Banking application

Not so long ago, the bank developed an application that can be installed on a smartphone with Android and iOS. Before depositing a certain amount, the system will certainly ask for a password. Once in your personal account, select the "Payments" line in the menu, and then the "To an account with another bank" tab. The next steps are already familiar to you. On the official website, you will need to select the plastic for debiting money; for security purposes, the resource will ask for your cvv or cvc code (located on the back side). Then you need to confirm the manipulation.

Through Sberbank Online

To transfer money to a Qiwi wallet through Sberbank Online, follow these steps:

  • We go to your personal account on the site.
  • We indicate your username and password.
  • Next, you need to enter the section "Payments and transfers", they are located in the menu "Payment for purchases and services". Open "Electronic money" and click on Visa QIWI Wallet.
  • We enter the requested information (registration number, transfer size).
  • To confirm the operation with a credit card, the system will definitely ask for a code that will be sent in SMS to your mobile phone.

Recently, this method of replenishment is unavailable. The official version is a technical problem. The management does not announce other reasons and terms of elimination.

Sberbank Online

Commission, limits and terms

The transfer fee will depend on which of the above options you prefer, as well as on the transfer amount itself. When transferring from any credit card, the following will be charged:

  • 1% - up to 3000 rubles;
  • 0% - from 3000 rubles.
  • when servicing through the terminal - from 2% to 500 rubles;
  • when sending money from the balance of a mobile operator - up to 10%.

Replenishment without commission, that is, it is free of charge in such cases:

  • through ATMs of Sberbank;
  • in partner offices;
  • through a bank;
  • when transferring funds from cards from 3000 rubles.

As a rule, the duration of the transaction itself can take about 5-60 minutes, and in some cases up to 3 hours. As for the limits on the operation, they are individual for each individual situation, and are set by the user in advance. More details here.


kiwi bird

Summing up, we can say that the transfer of money from Sberbank to Qiwi can actually be done in various ways, even using the services of private exchangers. The fastest and easiest options involve the use of the Qiwi system I listed above, the rest are also available to a wide range of users and do not present any particular difficulties.

I recommend using a remote service via the Internet, for example, the BestChange exchanger, the exchange will save a lot of time and money.

Remember, if you have any difficulties with the transferred money, for example, in self-service terminals, you can always contact a bank employee. He will help to implement both the binding of plastic, and the necessary transaction, and will give other useful recommendations.


How to transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi wallet?

  1. Possible ways
  2. How to transfer from Sberbank to Qiwi using Internet Banking?
  3. Transfer via mobile bank (via SMS)
  4. How to transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi wallet through self-service devices?
  5. Translation through the Qiwi website
  6. Other transfer methods

Qiwi is a popular platform where you can register an e-wallet. Sberbank, in order to expand its target audience, introduced the option of transferring funds from a debit card to a Qiwi wallet. The operation became possible from June 2020. Prior to that, the bank provided only the possibility of transferring money from card to card. We have prepared a written explanation of how to transfer money from a Sberbank card to Qiwi.

How to transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi wallet?

Possible ways

You can top up your Kiwi balance like this:

  • through online banking;
  • by sending a message from a mobile phone number;
  • in self-service devices of Sberbank;
  • on the official portal of the Qiwi payment platform (

The maximum one-time transfer from a card to a Qiwi account is limited to 15 thousand rubles. If you need a large amount, then you need to perform several similar operations. The minimum amount is 10 rubles.

In case of a reverse operation - debiting from a wallet to a Sberbank plastic card - a commission is charged in the amount of:

  • 2.9% of the amount - when performing an operation using a phone number;
  • 2% - when transferring by card details.

How to transfer from Sberbank to Qiwi using Internet Banking?

The method is suitable only for those who have authorization in their personal account "Sberbank Online".

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to Internet banking by entering your personal data.
  2. Further - the section "Payments and transfers".
  3. Follow the further virtual path: "Payment for purchases and services" - "Electronic money" - "Visa QIWIWallet".
  4. After that, enter the wallet data (its number) and the amount that you are going to transfer.
  5. Enter the verification digital code, it will be indicated in the SMS notification.
  6. Transfer to Qiwi wallet via Sberbank Online has been successfully completed.

No commission is charged for transfers made via Internet Banking.

Transfer via mobile bank (via SMS)

To be able to transfer money in this way, you need to contact Sberbank with a statement. It must indicate that the Qiwi system can be a recipient of funds from a bank debit card. Unfortunately, application submission is only possible offline, that is, in any branch. This cannot be done remotely. It is necessary to indicate the number of the electronic wallet in the application.

When the translation permission is ready, you need:

  1. Create message text: indicate the recipient's electronic system (Qiwi), 10-digit wallet number, exact amount.
  2. Send SMS. The number can be found in the reference service of the credit institution. The fact is that it may differ for different mobile operators.
  3. Get a code that is analogous to the signature on a check. That is, it is needed to identify and confirm the action.
  4. Send the secret code to 900.

It is not necessary to have an Internet connection to translate in this way. It is only important to have a good mobile network signal.

How to transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi wallet through self-service devices?

When using ATMs or terminals when replenishing an account, a service fee of 0.75% of the amount is charged. Enrollment may not be instant. The official terms of transfer are from 1 to 3 days. But more often than not, money comes quickly.

The process of transferring money using an ATM or terminal looks like this:

  1. It is necessary to insert a plastic card and enter a pin code for its correct use.
  2. Select the tab "Payments and transfers", then "Payment for services" - "Electronic money".
  3. The next step is to specify the Qiwi electronic system,
  4. After that, fields for filling in the data about the wallet and the transfer will appear - a 10-digit number and amount.
  5. Confirm the entered data and click "Next", and then - "Pay".

Sberbank's ATM network covers all major cities of Russia, so finding the right device will not be difficult.

Another self-service device with which you can transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi is terminals. They allow you to use not only non-cash transfers, but also cash.

Translation through the Qiwi website

To transfer money in this way, you need to make sure that the Sberbank card is linked to the Qiwi wallet. If not tied, this can be fixed. You need to go to the official Qiwi portal, open an account and find the "Bank Cards" section. Linking is possible not for all payment systems, but only for Visa and MasterCard.

After filling in the data on the Sberbank card on the Qiwi website, it will be necessary to confirm the operation. This means sending a confirmation code, which will be reported by the system.

How to transfer money from Sberbank to Qiwi after entering card details?

  1. Go to the section "Top up the wallet" on the official website of the system.
  2. Choose a method of replenishment. In this case, a card.
  3. The card information should appear automatically. If this does not happen, you will need to enter its number, validity period and security code.
  4. Specify the amount of the transfer.
  5. Click "Next" and "Confirm" after checking the entered information.
  6. The last step is to enter a 6-digit verification password.

The system charges a commission for the transfer - 1.6% of the transaction amount, but not less than 100 rubles. There are restrictions on the size of the transaction - 15,000 for a one-time transfer, 50,000 - per day.

Other transfer methods

The above describes the most convenient and affordable ways that Sberbank and the Qiwi system recommend using. But there are other, less secure ways. For example, there is a translation option on exchange sites. That is, an exchange is made from Russian rubles to rubles of the Qiwi system. An example is It should be borne in mind that with this method there is a risk of facing fraudulent activities.

In addition, you can transfer funds to the Qiwi wallet without the participation of Sberbank. It can be done:

  • using cards of other banks on the site (commission only for amounts up to 2000 rubles);
  • using the online bank of other financial institutions. For example, Alfa-Bank, VTB, Raiffeisenbank, Avangard, Russian Standard, Post Bank, etc. (the exact list can be found on the Qiwi website);
  • loans from such MFIs as Seimer, Web Loan, Lime, Webbankir, etc .;
  • through the Contact money transfer system.

Author: Team

Category: Replenishment

At the moment, there are many banks, as well as wallets that work with certain resources. You can not always pay for any service with a specific card, and also from a wallet. Money transfer from Sberbank card to Qiwi account , can be easily implemented, the article will show all possible methods.

Linking a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet

it the most convenient way which will allow automate your payments , and top up wallet directly from Qiwi .

  1. Go to the Qiwi website and log in:
  2. Go to the "Bank Cards" section, you will be prompted to order a Visa Qiwi card, and all linked cards are listed below (if there are any). At the end, you can link a new card
  3. Click "Link card", the next step will be entering your card details . Fill in all fields carefully and click "Bind"
  4. A message will appear on the screen about the transfer of an amount with a value of 10 rubles ... This is needed for authenticate your card , as soon as translation will be done , and the card will be assigned to your Qiwi account, the amount will be returned to the card in full
  5. Your card is now linked to your Qiwi account! You can transfer money through the section "Top up the wallet", "Bank card" select linked card and indicate the amount of transfer , it should not be more than 50,000 rubles. Further specify a special code from SMS messages, and click Next. After that, the specified amount will be debited from the card and will appear on your Qiwi account.

Methods for transferring funds from a Sberbank card

You can transfer funds from a Sberbank card directly to Qiwi. Possible ways are presented below.

Sberbank Online

you also can transfer money directly from the Sberbank service online .

Login and registration in your personal account Sberbank online

In order to log in to the personal account of the Sberbank Online system, you need get login and password . Get them , you can at any of the banks in your city, from a bank employee, or at the Sberbank terminal .

  • After entering your personal account, we need to go to the section "Payments and transfers", then "Electronic money", in this section select Visa Qiwi Wallet
  • We fill in the data: the mobile phone number to which Qiwi is registered, as well as the amount of payment. After the SMS has come to your number, enter the code in the appropriate column and the money will be in the Qiwi account.

Mobile bank

You can only send money by sending SMS on number 900 ... To make this transfer, you you will need the "Mobile Bank" service , You can connect it in your personal account , or in one of the branches of the bank.

In the SMS to number 900, indicate information like: "Qiwi mobile phone number without 8 and the amount of payment."


You can also transfer money through Sberbank payment terminal .

  1. Insert the card into the payment terminal and enter pin code .
  2. Find the section "Payments", then "Payment for services", select "Electronic money", and specify the Qiwi wallet.
  3. Enter wallet number and withdrawal amount , check the correctness of the entered details and confirm the operation.




Often, users who need to quickly transfer funds from a Sberbank bank card to a Qiwi wallet use various popular methods. Each method differs in the commission for the transfer, as well as the term for crediting the money. Below we will describe each method and provide a detailed algorithm.

Cashless transfer from personal account Qiwi

The most popular method of transferring non-cash funds is to use the Qiwi website and your personal account. To implement this method you will need:

  • Go to the official website Qiwi and log into your personal account using the phone number specified during registration, as well as your personal password.
  • In the "Menu" tab, click on the "Bank cards" section.
  • Link a bank card to a wallet account. To do this, you need to enter the card number, its validity period and CVC -the code. Next, you need to check the entered data and click on the "Bind" button.
  • Now you need to click on the "Top up wallet" section in the "Menu" tab. In the method of replenishment, indicate "Bank card" and select the desired one from the offered cards.
  • Next, you need to enter the amount of replenishment, click on the "Next" icon and carefully check the details and amount.
  • After that, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number, which must be written in an empty window to confirm the action.

Note that the amount of funds to be replenished must vary from 1 ruble to 50 thousand rubles. If the bank card is of the Maestro type, it will not work to link it to an electronic account.

Using the Sberbank Online application for transfer

Advanced Internet users know that it is possible to replenish an electronic account using the Sberbank Online application. It's practical and doesn't take long. For this method you will need:

  • Open the Sberbank Online application and go to your personal account.
  • In the main menu, click on the icon "Payments and transfers", then "Payment for purchases and services", and then "Electronic money". Select Qiwi wallet from the offered e-wallets. Using the Sberbank application online

    Using the Sberbank application online

  • Now you will need to fill in the field with the transfer amount and the Qiwi wallet number.
  • At the end, you need to check all the data and click on the "Translate" button.
  • A verification code must also be sent to your mobile phone number. It will need to be entered into an empty window.

After the transfer is completed, the money usually arrives immediately.

"Mobile bank" for replenishing the Qiwi wallet

If you have connected the Mobile Bank service to your phone, then you can easily and quickly replenish your account. Qiwi -wallet. If you have not done this yet, then write an application for connection in one of the Sberbank offices and use the service. To transfer funds to the Qiwi wallet using the phone and SMS commands, you need:

  • In the field "Recipient" enter the number "900",
  • In the text field of the message, you will need to write an SMS of the following format "QIWI wallet number and transfer amount".
  • Next, you need to click "Send message" and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code.
  • You need to send the code that came to number 900.

Remember that when entering the wallet number, you must specify the number without the digits 8 or +7. Thus, there should be 10 digits.

Using a Sberbank ATM

If you are near a Sberbank ATM, you can transfer funds to the Qiwi wallet using it. For this you will need:

  • Insert your bank card into an ATM and enter a pin code.
  • In the Menu section, select the icon “Payments”, then “Payment for services”, and at the end “Electronic payments”.
  • Now you need to enter the number Qiwi -wallet and top-up amount.
  • After that, you need to double-check the data and click on the "Transfer" button.

Do not throw away the received check until the money is credited to your account. Otherwise, if the funds do not come, it will not be possible to return them.

Do not forget to check the limits before withdrawing funds from the ATM: How much can be withdrawn.


In conclusion, I would like to note that a transfer from Sberbank to a Qiwi wallet can be made without commission. But this rule applies if you send more than 3 thousand rubles using your personal account on the Qiwi website for replenishment. Otherwise, the transfer fee will be 1% of the amount. Also top up Qiwi possible without commission if the amount exceeds 501 rubles. To do this, you can use Sberbank Online.

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In the summer of 2020, the owners of QIWI e-wallets received the long-awaited opportunity to transfer funds from Sberbank without additional commission for any amount.

Finally, large financial systems have resumed their full-fledged partnership and issued a joint press release on the resumption of direct transfers to QIWI through Sberbank-online.

How to transfer from a Sberbank card to Qiwi without commission

How to transfer a wallet from Sberbank to Qiwi

Now the question of how to transfer a certain amount from Sberbank to a Qiwi wallet is much easier to solve. Since this summer, Qiwi users have been able to transfer funds from plastic cards and Sberbank accounts without commission for any amount.

For one transaction, you can transfer up to 15 thousand rubles. The transfer itself from Sberbank to Qiwi wallet is performed using a phone number, which is also a wallet number. You can do this directly in the Sberbank online application. As before, you can transfer to a Qiwi card with an additional commission.

How to transfer online from Sberbank to QIWI Wallet

How to transfer online from Sberbank to QIWI Wallet

More than 70% of Russians use the Sberbank online service, which is understandable: it is a convenient round-the-clock service with which you can make transfers to cards and bank details, make purchases, exchange currency, pay bills. Now, operations with the QIWI wallet have been added to the list of services. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to the Sberbank-online website or to the application. Naturally, for this you need to be registered in the system, and use a password and an identifier code when entering.
  • Select the Payments tab on the portal.
  • In the tab, select payment for purchases and services.
  • Find "Electronic money" in the list that opens. Now in the list of payment systems with which Sberbank is allowed direct transfers, there is also Qiwi.
  • Find in the opened tab QIWI Wallet, it looks like this "QIWI".
  • Now, in the corresponding lines, it remains to enter its number and the amount that is planned for the transfer. It remains to carefully check the entered information, since it will be impossible to cancel the action if an error occurs.
  • You need to confirm the transaction by clicking on the appropriate button. In response to the phone number linked to the services of Sberbank, you will receive a code. You need to enter it in the confirmation line, click the "pay" button, and the transaction will be confirmed.

How to transfer online from Sberbank to QIWI Wallet without commission

Sberbank online and a bank card is the easiest way to transfer money to a Qiwi wallet; today it is chosen by more than 80% of e-wallet owners.

How to transfer from Sberbank to QIWI card

To do this, in the "Payments and transfers" tab, you need to select the "Transfer to card" item and then write the number of the plastic or virtual QIWI card, the amount of money that you want to transfer, and confirm the transaction with the code that came to the phone. It is less profitable to use a card due to the size of the commission: when withdrawing from Sberbank to a wallet by phone number, 0% of the transferred amount is taken for a transaction, but if you make a transfer by card number, the commission will be 2% plus another 50 rubles.

Transfer from a Sberbank card to a QIWI Wallet

Transfer from a Sberbank card to a QIWI Wallet from a card

  • Go to the official QIWI website
  • Log in to your account
  • Select replenishment of the wallet, choose the method of replenishment - by bank card
  • In the window that opens, write the number of the Sberbank card, indicating the number, expiration date and code on the back. It remains only to indicate the required amount and make the payment.

Transfer from Sberbank card to QIWI Wallet from card 2

"It is becoming more and more convenient to use QIWI due to the expansion of the set of possibilities for direct money transfers, and first of all it concerns transfers using the Sberbank-online service", - A. Agakov, commercial director of QIWI, claims that, finally, the established partnership with Sberbank allows payment service to a new level.

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