Baby Swimming Guide

At that moment, when a newborn appeared in the house, parents have many questions, including swimming. When to start batting a baby? Where to bathe? How to bathe? After all, the kid is so small and fragile, it is so uncomfortable. And most importantly - how not to harm?

In this article, we will respond to the most frequent questions of the newly minted parents about swimming.

How often to bathe?

The battery frequency depends on many factors: the age of the child, the degree of its pollution, the time of year, etc. The newborn baby, lying in his crib, is not dirty, and therefore there is no need for a daily bathing. In the first months of life, the baby will be enough 3 times a week. Naturally, do not forget about regular washing and arms. A stupid child who does not get out of the sandbox and is very dirty, it should be broken every day.

How long?

The duration of the bathing depends on the characteristics of the skin of the child and the quality of water. The normal duration of the bathing is about 10-15 minutes. If hard water flows from the tap, it can enhance the dryness of the baby's skin. It is necessary to closely monitor the skin reaction and draw conclusions. With bad tolerability, the time of receiving the bath should be reduced to 5-10 minutes or give preference to the soul.

What time?

Swimming time depends entirely on the reaction of the baby itself. On some children, water acts relaxingly, and on others, on the contrary, exciting. Therefore, I am very logical to bathe in front of bedtime, and the second after awakening. It is important to choose the time when the family is not in a hurry. Hurry can lead to injury.

Where and in what?

There are many options for what to bathe baby: from sink or small capacity (pelvis, baths) to an adult bath or soul. Parents themselves choose, as will be comfortable and to them, and the child.

When can you use the bathroom?

According to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, until the depreciation of umbilical cords occurs, the baby is enough to wipe the sponge moistened in the water. After that, it is allowed to wash the child in an adult bath. Before bathing the bath should be washed with soda or baby soap. Bathing follows in the most ordinary tap water. In boiling, adding to the water of mangartee or horseradish herbs there is no need.

At what temperature?

Before bathing the baby, it is important to always check the water temperature with your hand. However, it is best to purchase a thermometer for water. The temperature for the first bathing should be made approximately 34-36 degrees. In order to avoid supercooling, the room temperature should be 24-26 degrees. In order to temper the parents, it is possible to gradually reduce the water temperature by 1 degree.

How to keep?

The most important thing in bathing is to keep the child tightly. Reliable fixation - the guarantor of the security of the baby and the calm of the parents. If the parent is right-hander, then the next hand should be kept the neck and the head of the baby, and the right to hold and direct the child in the water. Applied to the left left algorithm of action diametrically opposite.

How much to pour water?

Economical Americans and Europeans advise to pour about 5 cm water in the bath. This quantity is enough for efficient and safe bathing. In Russian families, it is customary to pour a full bath. There is nothing wrong with this, the main thing is to hold the child firmly and follow the safety rules:

  • In no case do not leave the baby one in the water
  • Prepare all the necessary accessories for swimming (soap, towel, etc.)
  • When using children's baths to make sure of its stability

In what order to wash?

In the first months, children are polluted slightly, so it does not matter, from which parts of the body to wash the baby. When bathing should pay attention to natural folds - on hand, legs, armpits, over your ears, around the neck and in the area of ​​the groin. It is also necessary to open the cam fists and rinse the skin between your fingers. Highlighting active children is more convenient to start to wash from the head, gradually reaching the legs. This is done in order not to flush the detergent several times.

Do I need to wash your head?

All newborn children have a different degree of hairiness. If the child has pretty thick hair, they must be washed once a week (or as dirty). You can do it in the bath when bathing the entire body or separately under the sink.

When washing the hair, a drop of a baby shampoo must be applied to the head of the baby, gently hang and washed off with warm water, putting a free hand to the forehead of the child (thereby not allowing Miougug's eyes into the eyes).

Many of the grown children do not like to wash their head due to the fact that foam enters the face. To facilitate the procedure, you should ask the child to rely on the hands of the wall and tilt the head back. If you attach palm to the bottom of the hair, you can prevent shampoo in the face.

Is it possible to bathe at a temperature or after vaccination?

Unambiguous answer - you can. The main thing is to focus on the well-being of the child. If the baby has a temperature, but it feels good and asks to swim, you should not limit it in this. When fever, a warm bath will reduce the temperature and improve the mood.

If the child fell ill with windmill, no need to be afraid to bathe it. Regular body washing will help to avoid secondary rash infection.

When vaccinating, and after the sample, Mantu has no contraindications to swimming. The only thing is not to rub the place of the pool with a washcloth.

How to bathe a child with atopic dermatitis?

Bathing a baby-atopic follows in non-rigid water. The duration of the bath is 5-10 minutes (it is better to replace the bath with a shower). With rigid water, it is recommended to add emulsions to softening it.

When bathing, it is necessary to use special detergents for children with atopic manifestations. After the procedure, the skin should be blown up with a towel (do not rub!) And immediately apply a suitable emolent.

Thus, the correct and useful bathing is easy.

How to bathe newborn baby in a bath

How to bathe newborn baby in a bath

Useful procedure for a baby supporting hygiene that strengthens the immune system and tempering a small organism is swimming. Water treatments in the bath relax, calm the baby, help him straighten the legs, handles, fingers. Bully limbs in the water, the baby strengthens the muscles, develops breathing muscles. Bathing develops coordination, improves blood circulation, stabilizes the pressure, has a positive effect on the nervous system, eases intestinal colic in a newborn. After taking the bath, he eats well and sleeps.

Many parents on how to bathe a child, read before his birth. And it seemed that there was nothing difficult in this, but when it comes to practice, they covered the feeling of fear, because one awkward movement and you can harm the helpless, fragile infant.

So, how to bathe a newborn baby in the bath and how to prepare for the procedure, consider in this article.

Baby in the bathRequired inventory for bathing a newborn:

  • Bath. Up to 3 months, it is recommended to bathe a baby in a children's bath. Before each use, it must be thoroughly washed with soda and to use boiling water. Recommended bath length - 65 cm.
  • Hammock or hill. You will need mom if it will wash the baby without helpers.
  • Water thermometer. We need to measure water temperature.
  • Means for washing. You need to wash your baby (soap, foam, gel) no more than 1-2 times a week without applying washcloth. The urine can damage the gentle baby skin.
  • Shampoo. You can apply a children's shampoo 2 times a week. During the rest of the time the head is simply wrapped with water. Instead of shampoo, you can use a foam that you can wash the body and hair. On the label, the funds must be indicated "from the top to the heels".
  • Diaper. In the first month of life, the baby bathe wrapped in a thin diaper. This is done in order to protect the faster organism from the difference in air and water temperatures.
  • Towel. For the kid, you need to buy your own soft, large towel.
  • A jug with warm boiled water to solve the baby after swimming.

Some pediatricians do not advise batting the newborn until the umbilical wound healed. However, if there are no contraindications, then you can bathe immediately after the hospital. If the baby in the maternity hospital was put in the BCG vaccination, the water procedures should be postponed for a day.

Water procedures better pursue in front of the night bed. They will calm the baby, will help to sleep hard.

The child can be washed only 30 minutes after feeding. Otherwise, he can dangle everything eaten.

What water to bathe

Kid bathe in the bathThey wash the newborn in boiled, cooled to the desired temperature, water until the umbilical wound is completely lit. To disinfect water, you can add a solution of manganese. The pinch of mangartee is dissolved in a glass of boiling water and mix thoroughly. The solution should be light purple. After adding it to the bath, the water is painted in a pale pink color.

Adding medicinal herbs in the bath

The use of chamomile, turn, mother-in-law, Valerians better coordinate with the pediatrician. If the child is inclined to allergies, there are atopic dermatitis, diameters, then you should not use herbs. Also, they cannot be used until the navel will not be heal.

Adding medicinal plants in the bath is useful, but everything should be in moderation. It is impossible to prepare herbal baths daily, and it is also important to comply with the dosage.

How to cook a decoction of herbs

  • Pour 3-4 tablespoons of dried herbs 1 liter of boiling water;
  • cover with a lid, leave to appease for 1 hour;
  • Before adding to water, strain through sieve or gauze.

Temperature modes

Baby in waterBathing of a newborn in the bath should occur in a room with a comfortable air temperature of 22-24 ° C. Also there should not be drafts.

Recommended water - 34-37 ° C. A week later, it can be started to reduce at 1 ° C, gradually bringing to 30-32 ° C.

Baby baby in the first month of life is recommended no more than 7 minutes. Then time can be increased to 15-25 minutes. When he starts to sit (approximately 6 months), the duration of water procedures is 30-40 minutes.

In the first months of the child's life, when his skin is especially sensitive, it should be bathed once a day. After 6 months - every 2 days.


For the first time, the baby bathe, wrapped in a diaper, which in a couple of minutes it can be carefully removed. It is necessary to immerse it in the water slowly and carefully. Left hand Mom holds the head and neck, and all procedures will be right.

First wash the face, the eyes wipe off with a cotton disk from the outer edge to the nose. For each glazing must be your cotton disk. Also unforgettable wash behind the ears. Next, we rinse the axillary depressures, cervical folds, palms, the groin area, the gaps between the fingers.

Watch out the water temperature. If the kid is frozen, then its nasolabial triangle will take.

The head is watering water from the face to the nape, not allowing it to fall into the ears. We put on your hair a droplet of a kindergarten, gently rub and then wash off carefully.

Bathing newborn with a diaperIn seborrheic dermatitis (a variety of dandruff, occurring in infants due to the increased secretion of the sebaceous glands), 15-20 minutes before swimming, on the skin of the head we apply a small amount of baby oil and put it on a cape. The oil will help soften the scales on the skin, which will make it easier to remove them.

After bathing, we wash, in advance prepared, clean boiled water from the back of the back. Then we wrap it in a soft towel and flossing movements, paying attention to folds, wipe. On the head we put the cap. Now the baby can be put on, feed, if it was not done earlier, and lay sleep.

Bathing of a newborn - the procedure is simple, if you prepare for it in advance. If you do everything right, then the procedure will be a favorite activity for all its participants.

Views: 3726. . Dr. Komarovsky on the bathing of the newborn

Bathing for a newborn baby and his parents is a whole event (especially if it is the first after the maternity hospital). Like any very responsible case, this process is a lot of questions: how and when to bathe, boil water or not, is it possible to add herbs champs and how often do it, is it dangerous if there is a water in the ears and so on. The famous pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky in his books and articles has repeatedly talked about the basic rules and principles of the organization of water procedures for the baby.

It is worth considering the most important points that should be aware that the bathing brings pleasure and benefit and his parents.


Water procedures are useful for all kids from the very first days of life. In the womb, the crumbs are in an aquatic environment, and therefore it is familiar and native for them. In the water, Karapuz feels at home. Swimming is not only a hygienic procedure aimed at ensuring that the skin and hair covers of the child were clean. The reception of the bath contributes to physical development, the element of the game carries in itself, and therefore has a positive effect on the mental and emotional development of the kid.

A few decades ago, pediatricians strictly forbidden to bathe a child with an unemployed umbilical wound, opposed the crude non-filled water and installed many more rather tough requirements and restrictions for parents.

Modern doctors on swimming look more democratic.

Parents with experience, as a rule, the first bathing of the newborn house occurs significantly less than the newly-made mothers and dads, who only a few hours ago received the firstborn. Komarovsky advises to maintain Spartan peace. It is it that is a guarantee of success in the difficult case of bathing crumbs.


The kid must have everything you need for a pleasant bathing. Mom and dad should be taken care of it in advance. Even during pregnancy, parents usually acquire the necessary inventory. Do not throw money to the wind and buy a lot of superfluous - for example, several sets of rubber toys for games in the water. The most necessary, according to Komarovsky, is:

  1. Bath. Even if you really want to immediately start practicing bathing in a large bath or joint water treatments, Evgeny Olegovich advises to buy a regular small children's plastic bath and the first 2-3 months of the child's life to use it. There are several reasons: In a small space, the child is more comfortable, the small bath is easier to fill in warm water, even if there is no hot water, and it is easier to wash it and keep clean than a large bath that uses not only a crumb, but the whole family.
  2. Water thermometer. At first, he will need parents to not be mistaken with water temperature, optimal for water procedures of a newborn. A little later, mom and dad will understand what kind of water the child likes more, and will be able to do without this instrument. However, the thermometer can come in handy and later if parents decide to order a child, and this Komarovsky strongly recommends that everyone without exception. Now there are thermometers-toys (plastic giraffes, snakes and other characters). They can be wonderful fun for a child when he starts consciously play during evening bathing.
  3. Soap. You should buy a special baby soap. However, it is often not advised to use Komarovsky. The doctor believes that it is enough to bathe a child with soap 1-2 times a week. Do not purchase sponges and washcloths, because the baby's skin is very gentle and wounded. Evgeny Olegovich considers the optimal option to put her own hand and easily wipe the skin of the chad. If you really want to quit exactly something, it is better to give preference to special mittens for bathing babies. It is time to appear on the shelf of the bathroom by the newcomer and advertised means of "without tears" a little later. In the first couple of months of life, such gels and shampoos are not needed.
  4. Towel. The child must have a private towel. Breasting is not suitable wafer or terry bath towel. You need to choose a very soft product of large size so that the crumb can be burned from head to the legs. Komarovsky draws attention to textile dyes, which can be rather allergenic for tender skin of the baby. It is better to give preference to white or bright towels from natural fabrics (without dyes in general).
  5. Gorka or hammock. This is a convenient bathing device in the absence of an additional pair of hands. If there is no help and it is not foreseen, buy a baby with a plastic slide or suspension hammock, which is attached to the edges of the children's bath, work will not be.

Did you bathe with an unemployed umbilical wound?

This question arises quite often. Some pediatricians allow bathing even with a cloth on the navel, others are recommended to refrain from the adoption of water procedures before drying the umbilical. Evgeny Komarovsky says that the choice is definitely behind the parents. However, if the child is contained in acceptable living conditions, does not sweat, does not overheat, it does not work, then nothing terrible will happen to him, if a week or two kid will not swim. It does not bother him. If anyone worries, then only mom and dad, but in this case there are wet children's hygiene napkins, which, at any time, you can wipe the problem areas and folds.

However, if they decided to bathe, then before healing the umbilical wounds, this doctor advises exclusively boiled water.

For a long time, Dr. was advised swimming in water with a solution of manganese. However, here you need to be extremely attentive, insoluble granging bags can cause serious burns on delicate skin and mucous membranes. The solution should be pale pink, and add it to the water directly before bathing. Komarovsky manganese does not recommend at all, since in small doses it is useless, and in large - dangerous. Replace it better infusable a series.


Massage before evening bathing is a very useful and important procedure, Evgeny Komarovsky believes. During strokes and pats, the blood supply to muscles and skin is improving, and the benefits will be even more tangible if they immediately reach the baby at the time of manipulation. Master a simple massage to all without exception to parents. This does not need to be recorded on special courses.

Massage in front of the Komarovsky bath recommends making light and soothing. First, with children's cream, a mother can easily massate the handles (stroking and circular movements, it follows the thumbs of your hands). Then the legs are massaged in the same way. The tummy stroke the palm or fingertips clockwise. Then the crumb is laid out on the tummy and neatly massage the back - first with circular and arcuate movements, and then light patters.

Mom's movements should not cause the baby pain, he should not go to the bath too overrexcable and scribbled from the soul.

Water temperature

Doctors recommend keeping the temperature at 37 degrees. It should be followed at least the first 10-14 days. Then you can experiment - slightly increasing or lowering the temperature (maximum - by 1 degree).

Some parents try to warm the bathroom in advance, they carry heaters in it (especially in cases where the first bathing takes place in winter). Do so Komarovsky does not advise. The temperature in the bathroom should be approximately the same as in the rest of the apartment (optimal values ​​- 18-20 degrees), and overheating the air indoor for swimming is harmful.

Komarovsky for strong sleep at night advises to practice bathing in cool water, the temperature of which is not higher than 32 degrees.

No harm to such procedures will be applied, but the common effect will be evident, besides, in a cool bath, the child is harder to fall asleep during bathing. However, you should not immediately rush to fulfill this recommendation. It should be started gradually. The initial water temperature for the newborn is 34 degrees. In a month, the child can be reduced by 2 degrees - up to 32 degrees, and the battery time is increased from 15 minutes before half an hour. In two months, the temperature of the cool water can be lowered to 28-30 degrees, swimming time - half an hour.

These numbers Komarovsky advises to perceive quite conditionally. If a child in 1 month calmly perceives swimming in the water, the temperature of which is 24 degrees, there is nothing wrong with that. He sleeps tightly, perfectly resting, worried about himself and gives sleeping with his parents.


The first bathing should not be done very long. It is better to start with 3 minutes, the next day to extend the procedure up to 5 minutes, then add some more time. The best swimming duration of Komarovsky considers 15-20 minutes. If a quarter of an hour has passed, and the baby is calm and resolutely configured to continue the procedure, nothing terrible will happen if the bathing is extended.

The newborn does not have time to stain so much so that it should be bathed every day.

Although Komarovsky strongly advises to wash the crumb every day. When the baby begins to crawl, get to get actively learning the world, the water procedures before going to bed should be regular and mandatory - to bathe babies every day.

Komarovsky seems to be that evening bathing is not a dogma. Parents themselves have the right to choose the most convenient swimming time for the family. Some evening hygienic procedures are transferred for lunchtime. However, Komarovsky warns that in the evening bathing has its advantages - for example, it contributes to relaxation for strong and healthy night sleep.

Herbs and decoctions

Whatever the folk healers say, any use of phytotherapeutic means when bathing is better to agree with the attending pediatrician. Grandmothers, of course, will advise more often to bathe granddaughter in a series of or be sure to brew him nine, but the common sense of parents should be above all. If the child suffers from atopic dermatitis, he has ancestry, a tendency (genetic) to allergies, be sure to consult a doctor.

For healthy children, swimming with the addition of diluting medicinal herbs is a fairly useful procedure, Evgeny Komarovsky believes. However, everything is good in everything, there are no herbal baths to cook daily, and with dosage of decoctions and infusions should be more attentive.

Naturally, to treat something with the help of herbal decoctions, added water will not work, as it is impossible, says Dr. Komarovsky. But much harm with moderate dispensing will not happen.

What if the child does not like to wash and shout?

Such situations are found, says Komarovsky. But the point here is not at all in the child and not even that he is afraid of something. Most likely, according to the famous pediatrician, the conditions for swimming should be corrected. Maybe the water temperature does not suit the crumb - it is too high or too low for him. Already experimenting for several days, parents will be able to understand what kind of water for Chad is most comfortable. Bathing should be started with it - and only then adjust the temperature in favor of cooling (adding cold water with a thin jet) or heating (adding hotly in the same way).

Another reason for the orphanage in the bathroom, according to Komarovsky, lies in the rejection of the swimming process by the baby, since he is contrary to its internal biological clock.

For example, Mom tries to bathe the crumb only overnight, namely at that time the child wants to sleep, and not swim. Therefore, Komarovsky gives several advice that will help parents whose children are scandaling in water:

Change the time of day.

Change the order of food and bathing. If the kid shouts when bathing after half an hour after eating, then try to bathe it in half an hour before meals (or vice versa).

Practice joint swimming with a child.

Big bath

You can do it already in 2-3 months, says Evgeny Komarovsky . The first time the child can be mastered in a large water space with a circle on the neck. This is a special inflatable fitting with a seabling and velcro on the neck of the back. The kid in such a circle is fixed, his head is always over the water, and he can practice swimming on his back, stomach, independently turning into the water. Usually this picture cites the parents of the crumbs into indescribable delight.

You can bathe and without a circle. For this, Evgeny Komarovsky advises three postures:

The kid is immersed in the whole water, only face remains on the surface. At the same time, it is supported by indicable fingers under the neck. Nothing dangerous in the fall in the ears and there is no eye, says the doctor. The main thing is that the water does not fall into the nose and mouth. Even if the kid and her bullshit is a bit, too, nothing terrible will not happen.

The baby is put on the tummy, and his chin is fixed between the index and thumbs of the adult.

In this position, the crumb can be rolled from the side to the side.

Toddler plant. Komarovsky claims to sit in water perfectly obtained even in newborns.

Evgeny Olegovich believes that the baby can even be taught to swim in a large bath. The newborn quite successfully dive. At the same time, he cannot choke, as the respiratory tract "closes" reflex. If the parents did not practice diving from birth, then for age for 2-3 months, this congenital skill in crumbs fuses. If you fail to float, you should not despair. Everything will come at one time.


Evgeny Komarovsky does not advise to intensively wipe the child with a towel. The skin of the baby is better to rinse, and then - to carry out attentive visual inspection of the body for the subject of diaperiality, rash.

If everything is fine with the skin of the crumbs, then Komarovsky does not recommend using creams, oils and other means. If there are problems, the principle is simple: "wet is dry, dry to be treated."


During a sharp period of illness, it is better not to bathe. However, if the disease is light or already goes the process of recovery, Komarovsky advises to bathe a child in the usual rhythm, except for water to make a pair of degrees warmer.

About how to bathe a newborn, in the next video will tell Dr. Komarovsky.

Usually parents are worried, thinking about how to bathe a newborn baby for the first time? How to make water comfortable? How can the baby perceive his first contact with water? Is it worth feeding the baby before bathing?

We will try to give answers to these and many other questions.

When to conduct the first bathing of the newborn?

In the first or third day after birth (at this time, mom and baby are usually located in the hospital) the bathing of the newborn is not carried out. The baby is enough to wash and gently wipe his body in the area of ​​all folds with a wet tampon or a napkin. The very first bathing of the newborn can be held when you came with a baby home.

Why are water procedures important

To the question of young parents about whether it is possible to bathe a newborn, any pediatrician will answer in the affirmative. After all, not only hygiene is connected with the adoption of the bath, but also other necessary aspects of life - support for the immune system and emotional state. A newborn baby must be bathed daily, and to fed - after each defecation.

When you correctly organize swimming, the following happens:

  • The skin of the child passes the obvious process of cleansing;
  • The child comes into a state of calm and harmony;
  • The body of the kid receives the first challenge lessons;
  • The newborn learns an important part of the world, associated with the sensation of water;
  • The child and his parents receive positive emotions.

When is it better to bathe: in the morning or in the evening?

Usually, the adoption of the bath is recommended to bind with evening feeding, relaxation and waste to sleep, because warm water has not only a common soothing effect, but also relieves pain associated with colic in the stomach.

If you have noticed that bathing acts on your baby not soothing, but in a wicked way - just transfer the time of taking the bath in the morning or daytime. Drop templates and just watch: how your baby is reacting to the battery process, how pleasant he believes it, what benefits the child brings the baby. You can answer these questions in the first week of "water experiments" in the first week, and as a result you can create the adoption of the bath, which is most comfortable for the child.

But at the same time, be sure to take into account the time of water procedures: if the baby is taking a baby in the morning, and she is cheerful - in the process you can turn on funny music, to acquaint your baby with water toys, communicate with him. If in the evening - it is necessary to create an atmosphere of maximum peace and silence, not to use too bright lamps indoors.

Important little things bathing

How to bathe newborn baby so that the procedure brings maximum benefits and comfort? Try to take into account important little things:

  • For swimming, use not a total adult bath, and a special children's - length from 65 cm; There are special anatomical baths, more comfortable for use, as their plane is placed under the tilt, so that the child's head keeps over the water surface.
  • Before use, we rinse the bath with a special children's agent and hide it with boiled water.
  • How to wash a newborn while the umbilical wound has not yet healed? To speed up the healing process, use only boiled water for the bath (boil it in advance and cool to the desired temperature).
  • In order not to doubt the correctly selected water temperature, take the water thermometer or "try" the water with the elbow; Bat the child at a temperature of 37-38 degrees: it corresponds to the temperature of the oil-free waters, in which the kid got used to "swim" in the stomach of the mother.
  • If you want to use herbal bumps for swimming, ask in advance - with some properties each of them has (lining, soothing, antiseptic, antiallergenic, etc.); Prepare cook in advance (approximately an hour before swimming) and add to the water to the bath, immediately before bathing.
  • In the first month of life, the baby Pediatricians do not recommend using hygiene (shampoo, soap, foam, etc.), because water for sensitive children's skin is quite enough; If necessary, you can use baby soap, but not more often than once a week.
  • In the first days of life, it is not necessary to biphen the baby sponge and washcloth for swimming, it is better to use a very soft cloth, cotton swab or just a little to wash the skin of the child with hand.
  • After you played the baby in the bath, lift the baby over her surface and rinse his body from the bucket with clean water (make the bucket in advance and put next to the bathroom).
  • For maximum convenience and if the place in your bathroom allows you to set a hot table nearby and place a dry children's towel on it (better - special, with a hood) so that it is better to get a baby's body into the baby immediately after rinsing, and take it into the room.
  • In the room, prepare clothes and care products in advance: tampons, cotton wands, tools for processing a bunching wound, diaper, powder. Do not use fatty creams after the bath (especially in skin folds) to avoid the formation of diaper areas.

How to bathe newborn baby: first baths Baby

Bath up to feed or after?

It all depends on what feeding your baby is on. If on breast - it can be fed and before taking the bath, and after. If the child is powered by an artificial mixture, it is desirable to observe a break between bathing and feeding.

How to bathe newborn

How to wash your baby:

  • Place the bath for swimming so that you can keep your back right for 7-10 minutes; For convenient placement of children's baths in a large bath there are a special framework, they will help you feel comfortable; In the anatomical bath, the head end is slightly raised: it is very convenient and allows you to keep the baby's head so that it does not sink into the water.
  • If the baby's bath is not anatomical - just to rise under the head as a diaper crushed several times.
  • Prepare water in the bath, bringing it temperatures up to 37-38 degrees; If necessary, add fluid herbal decoction to the water.
  • In the first days of the life of the baby, you can bathe not naked, but wrapped in a thin diaper - so it will be more comfortable.
  • The baby's body immerses completely in the bath with her shoulders, and take your head gently over the water, on the "pad" from the rolled diaper.
  • You can leave the baby for a while in calm water, and you can immediately start watering it with a small bucket with water: do the way the child likes and constantly control the comfortable water temperature.
  • If the kid bathes in a diaper, gradually free his legs and handles and drip their hands or cloth slightly.
  • Do not forget to solve the newborn clean water, especially if you used soap for swimming.
  • The water temperature of 37-38 degrees is considered standard for swimming a baby, but over time you will notice, in what water your child prefers to wash - in a warmer or cooler.

Change the rules: how to bathe growing infants

  • Until two months, bathe baby every day (preferably - in a thin diaper, not naked); The duration of swimming in the first months of life consists of approximately 5-8 minutes;
  • From 2 to 3 months, continue to bathe a child in a children's bath, but gradually reduce the volume of water; If the child loves to take a bath, then the battery can be extended to 15 minutes, but do not forget to maintain the optimal water temperature, gradually adding warm water to the bath;
  • From 3 to 6 months, the kid's mobility and attention becomes higher, so it can be gradually accustomed to swimming in a large bath, renew the time to 20 minutes;
  • The 6-month-old child can already sit and play; Therefore, during the adoption of the bath, you can offer a child special water toys and books; If the baby is ready - you can use a large bath; Games and bathing at this age can continue until half an hour.

What to do after bathing a newborn

  • After bathing, wrap the newborn in a towel, which absorbs moisture well: it is better to buy a children's towel with a hood, so that the child is warm and that his hairpins on the head quickly dried;
  • Greate all folds on the body of the child, dry the skin with gentlewintering movements, try not to rub it with a cloth;
  • Spend hygienienic procedures: please clean the ears if necessary, treat the skin with a supper or moisturizing means;
  • Put the baby diaper and clothing (or dug in a convenient way);
How to bathe newborn baby in a bath

The appearance of the baby in any family brings with them not only pleasant troubles, but also quite exciting moments. This is especially true of the first children. How to keep a baby, how not to harm him that you can do with it and that it is impossible. And in a huge series of these questions, swimming is of paramount importance.

However, not everything is so scary as it may seem at first glance. Understand how to bathe newborn, quite simple. With due theoretical and practical training, everything feasible. Of course, the share of concerns should be present in each parent, because the crumble is not so strong, and his bones and muscles are still not strong enough.

But only a few days will pass, and the baby swimming will not be a burdensive responsibility, but enjoyable entertainment for the whole family. After all, first of all, it is not a question of hygiene, but communication between newborns and parents. And in order to make the learning process with light and simple, we recommend arming the theoretical knowledge provided in this article.

How to prepare

The question of how to bathe baby in the bath, begin to ask yourself all the parents immediately after returning from the maternity hospital. Water procedures must be carried out daily, better if it happens at the same time. This will lead to the development of conditional reflex in the baby, which will make it easier for life as parents and crumb. For example, you can make a whole ritual reception of the bath, then feeding and laying a child. This will lead to the fact that the baby will easily fall asleep every evening.

Look at the video on how to bathe a newborn baby in the bath.

Before starting to bathe, it is worth preparing the necessary things:

  • Children's bath, which needs disinfection before each procedure. To do this, it will be enough to treat it with a solution of soda, washed under running water, and then pour boiling water.
  • Special shampoo and soap. You can use soap twice a week, and shampoo - just once. This is necessary in order to avoid cutting the skin.
  • Children's urinary. It is unacceptable to use ordinary adult washcloths, because they are too coarse for gentle skin of the newborn. You need to purchase a special soft washcloth for infants.
  • Infusions of herbs. In order not to select herbs for brewing yourself, you can purchase special fees that will not only dismiss the navel zone, but also prepare the nervous system of the baby to sleep.
  • Water thermometer. It is important to adhere to the temperature mode of water so that the crumble was comfortable.
  • A soft towel in which the newborn will be wrapped immediately after the procedure.
  • Thin diaper in order to wrap the crumb before immersion in the water.

For swimming, you will need a bathtub, a towel, a thin diaper, a thermometer for water, a soft baby urinary.

Before starting to bathe a child, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of water for bathing the newborn, as well as to the temperature in the room. The water temperature should be in the range of thirty-four to thirty eight degrees. Before the healing of the umbilical wound, you can only lower the baby only in the boiled and then cooled to the required temperature of water. At the same time, the air in the bathroom should be in the area of ​​twenty-two degrees.

Do not initially begin to pick up all the duties only per person. It may be necessary to help two, or even three people. Optimally divided the responsibilities between the two parents.

Before washing a newborn baby in a bath, you can ask for help of loved ones, because together everything will turn out.

How to bathe newborn baby in a bath. Bathing technique

Let's figure out how to wash a newborn baby in a bath to all questions be agreed. We offer step-by-step instructions that will help newly new parents.

  1. Remove with baby clothes and diaper and wrap it into a thin diaper. Supporting under the head and under the ass, slowly lower it into the water. Install contact with the baby, smile to him and constantly talk to hear your voice. Initially water it with water right in the diaper, until it gets used to new sensations. Look at how to bathe baby in the bath.
  2. After a short adaptation time, take the terry napkin and wipe the child's face. It is necessary to clean his eyes, wash the cervical folds, as well as space behind the ears. Some parents begin to use sterile cotton waders for these purposes, as well as cotton wands. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that the water does not get into the ears and spout of the crumbs.
  3. Water the baby's head with water. Even if the vegetation on its skull is not very violent, it still requires careful cleaning, especially from specific "crusts", which pursue everyone without exception. Masite marsh mosses by massaging movements. There is one secret in order to avoid the fall of soapy water into the eyes. Put the large and index fingers on the baby's forehead above its eyebrows, thus creating a fluid barrier. As soon as you feel that the water is poured onto the hand, wrap it towards the back of the head. Use shampoo more often than once a week is unacceptable. Be sure to wash and the baby's head.
  4. Open the diaper and go to the washing of the handles, legs, tummy. The axillary depressures and inguinal folds must also be thoroughly washed. With all the accuracy, wipe the body of the baby with the help of a special washcloth, especially well worked out the space between the fingers. It is there that most often falls down from diapers, as well as exfoliating skin cells.
  5. Carefully remove the diaper from the baby and let him face in his pleasure. You can defend him back and forth, while saying that the kid swims. Under the hone of the bathing can be given to the baby just to face and relax.

What to bathe: Herbal decoctions

The times have long passed when official medicine advised to add warranny to the bath. Because it can be extremely dangerous, because in case of overdose, it can cause chemical burns. If desired, you can add a train in the bath for infants. This will not bring any harm, but will improve the condition of the skin.

Very popular use of a series for bathing children.

It is possible to make a herbal collection independently, based on the necessary cosmetic care. And you can take advantage of ready-made cosmetics that are present in the pharmacies in a huge number. It is important not to forget that each child is individual, and allergies in newborns can manifest itself on any substance. Therefore, before using any means, it is better to carry out an allergile.

The bath with a chamomile for a newborn will allow not only to soften its skin, but also calm the baby before bedtime. In order to prepare a decoction, you need to pour a glass of dry flowers in a saucepan, and pour a liter of boiling water. Next, you need to leave the decoction to be for several hours. Then add to the bath after the filtering. Each time the infusion should be freshly prepared, reuse is unacceptable.

The bathtub with a chamomile for a newborn will be useful.

Coniferous salt bath for babies

Water treatments using needles - an excellent opportunity to safely strengthen the immune system of the kid. It also perfectly affects the psychological and emotional state of the child, makes his sleep strong and deep. In the therapy of colds and neurological diseases, coniferous baths occupy no last place as auxiliary.

Most parents stop the fact that the needle can be a rather strong allergen, but with due organization and the proper approach to the battery process should not occur. Pediatricians believe that it is necessary to start coniferous-salt baths not earlier than at a semi-annual age, and with a tendency to allergies, and at all over the year.

Adding into water for bathing of salt in combination with a cheese gives a double positive effect. In such a bath, it is better to bathe newborns with a very easily excitable nervous system. The main active substances dissolved in liquids have a soft sedative and soothing effect. The kid after such procedures will sleep very well. Tubils, minerals, essential oils and microelements that are in excess are contained in solution, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, improve immunity, as well as the condition of the skin. However, it is not necessary to start a process if the crumbs have a temperature, and it is unhealthy. It can only worsen the situation.

In some cases, kids are shown swimming in coniferous salt baths.


  • establishing a sleep and waking mode;
  • strengthening and simultaneous relaxation of muscles;
  • removal of tone of corset muscles, as well as light pain relief;
  • strengthening cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • Additional therapy for recurrent ARVI;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • elimination of toxins from the body, as well as the establishment of metabolism;
  • Rachita prevention;
  • Improving well-being and removal of nervousness;
  • Improving the condition at equestrian diseases, the removal of itching during diathesis.

Important! Starting to bathe a child in coniferous salt baths is better gradually. Initially, it is better to introduce only salt into the water and wait for the reaction. If everything goes fine, you can move to the addition of coniferous extract.

Duration of water procedures

Baby swimming is best started in a special bath, which is ideal for water procedures immediately after returning from the maternity hospital. Initially, it will be enough just five to seven minutes to completely get to the crumb.

The first bathing should last 5-7 minutes.

From three months permissible to use a large bath for water procedures. It will bring a lot of pleasure both parents and newborn. From this point on, you can extend the duration of up to fifteen-twenty minutes. The main thing is that the water does not have time to cool, and the crumb is not frozen.

How often can you bathe

There are no uniform opinions on the specialists regarding this issue. In each case, it is necessary to make a decision individually. If water splasons deliver the pleasure of crumbling and his parents, then why not turn it into the annoying ritual? However, if a newborn is nervous, shouts and strifting, then nothing to injure his psyche. It is quite possible to do with three swimsuits per week.

Of course, the baby is preferably bathing every day, but if he frightened water, it is possible to carry out a procedure once every 2-3 days.

Regarding the use of soap items, the opinion is more definitely. To resort to the children's shampoo or soap, you need as needed, but no more than twice a week. And it is better to reduce the amount of head washing with the help of a shampoo to one time, because sweat glands of the newborn are not so active.

To avoid dry skin, you should use special creams and lotions that are applied to clean and dry skin. Special attention must be paid to the folds on the neck, near the groin and on the handles. It is permissible to use powders under the diaper.

To take care of the skin of crumbs, after bathing, use a special children's cream or oil.

Accessories for bathing

Care for the newborn in the first months of life often occupies all the consciousness of the new parents. And very often want to bother all those devices that are presented in the modern market. But to any purchases it is worth it weighted, because spending with a baby there is still a huge set.

In children's stores you can find a huge number of accessories created specifically in order to bathe a newborn baby in the bath. But not all of them are equally indispensable. Let's analyze a list of important things without which it is difficult to do.

What accessories are needed:

  • bath for bathing a newborn;
  • Soft urine;
  • Inflatable circle on the neck;
  • Microfiber hood towel;
  • Anti-slip rug on the bottom of a large bath.

Many kids like to swim in a bath with a special circle.

Video about water procedures after maternity hospital

On how to bathe a newborn baby in the bath, look at the video presented. In addition, the roller is accompanied by a pediatrician comments, which will tell about all the nuances and "pitfalls" of this process.

Bathties a newborn baby in the bath - always an exciting process, however, it is from parents whether there will be a pleasant swimming. Do you like to swim? Is the baby at once made friends with the bath? Share your practical experience with young parents in the comments.

The neonatal period lasts the full 28 days from the moment the baby appears to the light. This is a very important stage of child adaptation to new living conditions. It is starting to function light and digestive system, immunity is activated, the skin is settled by microorganisms. Parents must ensure the right departure: to know how to bathe newborn, clean eyes, ears, dress, etc.

Features of newborn children

Newborn children skin covers are quite vulnerable - they have increased sensitivity to the effects of various environmental factors. They also have a more pronounced dryness of the skin, which requires careful and proper care.

how to bathe newborn

It is important to figure out in advance how to bathe newborn baby

Sweet glands have infants formed, but completely start to function only after a few weeks after birth. In addition, children who are on natural feeding, sebaceous glands are more stimulated by androgens, which sometimes contributes to the appearance of infant acne.

Milia, simple or toxic erythema, infant acne - physiological processes for newborns that pass independently.

After birth, the leather of infants has an unstable thermostat function: the heat transfer is much higher than heat product. Such a feature makes it difficult to continuously maintain the optimal body temperature, which requires the creation of a special temperature regime for the baby.

Preparation for bathing

The first bathing for a small child is not only a hygienic event, but also a soothing procedure, since all 9 months in the womb is also surrounded by water. The reception of the bath has a positive effect on the physical development of the baby and can be an element of the game.

Children of the first year of life are not recommended to bathe in ordinary baths and use for this procedure gels for the shower or shampoos from the mass market. What you need to buy parents for swimming kid:

  • Bath. In a children's store, you should buy a standard children's small bath, which is usually made of plastic. It can be broken in it as a newborn and a breast child. The choice in favor of baby baths is due to the fact that it creates a small, more comfortable, for baby space; It is easier to wash and fill in water the desired temperature.
  • Thermometer for water. Before lowering the baby into the water, parents must make sure that it has a comfortable temperature and does not harm it. This will help a special plastic thermometer for water, which can be fixed on the wall of the bath.
  • Baby soap. It should not contain flavors or strawberry fragrances, raspberries, coconut, etc. In bathing soap it is recommended to use no more than 2-3 times a week. It is also not necessary to acquire washcloths or sponges that can injure the gentle and thin skin of the newborn. It is believed if the mother will wipe the skin of the child with his hand, it will be enough. It is possible to use special mittens for swimming inadnuts.
  • Hammock or hill. These are excellent bathing devices that help parents easier to cope with swimming, and the baby creates more comfortable conditions.
  • Towel. Each family member must have their own towel, including a newborn. It is desirable that it is bright shades, from natural fabric. Terry or waffle towels are not suitable due to the rude texture.

Also, parents must prepare clothes that will be put on the child after bathing. This is usually a sprawling and sliders. Perhaps after the hygienic procedure it will take moisturizing the baby's skin with children's cream.

For convenience, the infant to the bottom of the baths can be raised to the sheet or a soft towel.

Temperature criterion

Need to prepare a children's towel in advance

Rules of bathing

Hygienic procedures should be done daily, including bathing. The optimal time of the first bathing is the first-second day after the family discharge from the maternity hospital. There is no need to wait for the final healing of the umbilical wound.

Previously, pediatricians were recommended before the epithelization of the umbilical wounds in order to prevent its infection to add potassium permanganate to the water (manganese). However, parents may have problems with the preparation of the correct solution, and the crystals of the substance can injure the skin of the baby, so it is not worth doing this. It will be enough for the first 5-7 days to bathe babies in boiled water.

Basic Batch Recommendations:

  • Temperature criterion - water should be 36.5-37.5 ℃;
  • The duration of the hygienic bath is 5-7 minutes (the first procedure can last 3 minutes, in the following - increase the time for 1-3 minutes);
  • Putting the child into the water should be carefully supporting the head;
  • Initially, it is better to simply spend the baby's body with water, and then proceed to cleansing the skin;
  • First, the handles are clean, legs, then the body and at the end - a head, after which the child is rinsed with clean water again;
  • The ambient temperature should be within 18-22, humidity - 50-70%.

Compliance with these rules will create optimal conditions for the child and avoid stress.

After swimming, the baby's skin is not wiped, and rolled up with soft movements with towels, cotton diapers or napkins.

It is necessary to completely exclude the use of alcohol-containing means, preservatives or flavors. They can cause contact dermatitis or irritation of skin cover.

So that the procedure is convenient, it is better to first prepare the water of the desired temperature, put the slide or fasten the hammock in the bath, and then put the child. It is better to undress the baby in the bathroom, and it does not need to be heated in advance - the ambient temperature should be within 22.

Children under 6 months should be bathed daily, after half a year - every other day. Exception - hot season when hygienic baths are needed every day.

Care after bathing

In the heating period or in the summer, when especially dry air indoors, the skin of a small child may need additional moisture. Any cosmetic, therapeutic or moisturizing children's funds must be selected taking into account their composition and sensitivity of the baby's skin.


Need to follow the rules of care after bathing to protect the skin

After aquatic procedures, the skin's skin dry and wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics. Permissible swaddling; Cap or kink is needed if the room is cool. Also useful airbags, which are recommended before bathing.

For moisturizing the skin, it is best to use the usual children's water-based cream, which contains no allergenic fragrances. The powder is applied to the place of the skin folds, only on dry and clean skin.

Why can there be problems with bathing?

Sometimes parents face that during water procedures, the child begins to resist, loudly cry. It greatly makes it difficult to comply with hygiene. Initially, you need to make sure that the temperature criterion is correct. It is possible that the water temperature is noncomfortable for the kid. In this case, by samples, it should be changed to 0.5-1 up or down.

In some cases, the child's reluctance to take a bath is due to the characteristics of its biorhythms. Parents bathe a child in the evening when he would be more comfortable in the morning or day. If the baby bathed after meals, you can experiment and make water procedures for half an hour before feeding.

Temperature criterion

Baby bathing should be hypoallergenic

Funds for swimming and leather

Doctors recommend bathing children in ordinary clean water. Penoid can be used 1-3 times a week. Wash the skin of a newborn better than ordinary baby soap without any additives twice a week.

Of the additional funds you can use:

  • Children's shampoo (1-2 times a week);
  • Moisturizing baby milk (during or after swimming).

Baths with the addition of decoctions are accepted only by the testimony of the doctor: if there is a passman or diaper disposal. Perhaps the use of chamomile, lavender, turn or hunter. They have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

In the absence of complaints, add grain rags to the water is no need. The abuse of them can lead to excessive drying of the skin, provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Hygienic care for newborns

In addition to regular bathing, the baby's parents should spend a morning toilet daily, which includes cleansing eyes, nose, ears and leather.

Standard recommendations for morning care for newborn:

  • During preparation for the procedure to prepare cotton swabs and flagella, clean warm water, vegetable oil or vaseline;
  • rinse both eyes with separate tampons moistened in water, in the direction from the outer corner of the eyelid to the nose;
  • To clean the nose, use flagellas, lubricated with oil / vaseline, introduce them with neat rotational movements into each nasal passage to 1.0-1.5 cm to remove crusts and mucus;
  • Ears Care Rules: Use dry cottage flagella to clean the ear shell and external auditory passage (clean only within visibility); It is possible to use cotton sticks with limiters;
  • Wash face and hands with warm water, pay attention to places where there are natural folds: neck, folds of legs and pens, inguinal and axillary areas.

Thus, bathing and care for newborns are important events for parents and a child who have their own characteristics. Mom and dad kid must acquire everything you need to create comfortable conditions for water procedures. Bathing not only cleans the skin of the baby, but also has soothing properties.

Also on the topic: the first bathing of the newborn

The newborn bathes in the bath

Baby of the first days from the family of fragile and helpless. How to take such a crumb into your hands? How to change clothes? How to understand how to calm it if he cried? How to bathe newborn? Young parents have to master all the subtleties of life with a small child. To do this, you will need a sea of ​​love, patience and some practical knowledge.

Baby bathing from the first days of the house will become a black-eyed ritual. The first tick of the toddler is an exciting procedure for parents. How to wash a newborn baby for the first time? How to prepare for this event so that it becomes comfortable for a child and easy for mom with dad.

When to start bathe?

The very first bathing is a responsible moment for the whole family. From how the adoption of the bath for a newborn for the first time further depends on the bathing of a small man, and his parents who have to bathe the crumb to every day.

With the advent of the baby in the house there should be a children's bath. This is an object that is easy to transfer to the warmest for swimming the baby room. The bath is easy to wash and prepare for water procedures. Read about how to choose a bath for a newborn >>>

The first days after the birth of the baby are climbed under the jet of water, folds wipe. The umbilical box heals a few days, the clothespin, pushing the umbilical cord, disappears. The first days of the house is the moment when you can already bathe newborn after the hospital. Read important information in the article How to bathe newborn baby for the first time at home >>>

Benefit from bathing

Water procedures are important not only for hygiene, but also for immunity and emotional pleasure of crumbs. The driver's suitable temperature is:

  1. cleansing and care for the skin of the newborn;
  2. soothing, pacifying effect;
  3. Hardening and training of the thermal control functions of the body;
  4. One of the ways to know the baby to the surrounding world;
  5. Pleasant emotions for the baby and for parents.

Important! The first months of life, when the skin of the child is especially sensitive, swimming is carried out with a frequency once a day. After half a year, you can bathe babies every two days.

Time for bathing

The adoption of the bath is best planned for the evening. Water procedures carry soothing effect, help to cope with colic. (All ways to help with colic and belly pains at the baby, look in the Internet course "Soft tummy" >>>)

Swimming will contribute to the relaxation of the newborn and will become an excellent preparatory procedure for sweet night sleep.

It happens that bathing does not calm the child, but on the contrary, it is beyond. In such a special case, it is recommended to bathe newborn in the morning. The most important thing is to choose the best right moment so that the bathing procedure brings the maximum benefit and pleasure of the crumb, and was also easy and pleasant for parents.

Observe the individual day of the day, convenient for you and for your baby. The routine of the day will help you get used to the new living conditions with a small child in the house and establish a healthy development of the children's smaller body.

Attention! If you bathe a child in the evening, try to create conditions so that the bathing procedure takes place in the most relaxed atmosphere. The preservation of emotional equilibrium will help calmly lay the baby to sleep at night.

Preparation for the adoption of the bath

In order for swimming is pleasant to the baby and for parents a procedure, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • It is more convenient to bathe a newborn baby in a children's bath. The bath must be thoroughly washed and quiveed for disinfection;
  • For the first bathings, the umbilical wound has not completely lit, it is recommended to use boiled water cooled to the required temperature. Read more about the preparation of water for bathing a newborn baby >>>
  • Water temperature in the bath. Measure the water thermometer. You can also use the "elbow method" to measure the matches of the water safe bathing of the kid. The optimal temperature for swimming is the most close to the temperature of the movement of mothers - 37-38 degrees;
  • If necessary, prepare herbs champs, they will help in care for gentle skin of the newborn. Pick up herbs with a soothing effect, or antiseptic decoction, to combat allergies or constructing;
  • Children's hygiene. It is not recommended to wash the newborn with soap more often than 1 time per week. Head washing shampoo can not be used, it is enough to wash the horses with clean water;
  • Childworms. In order to wash the newborn baby, you can use special baby rods. They are usually produced from natural soft tissues that will not harm the baby's skin;

In addition, these products are decorated in the style of children's toys. They attract the attention of crumbs, pleasant to the touch, cause positive emotions. Later, bright washcloths and other bathing toy will become a bright positive point in the process of bathing and playing water. In the meantime, only a few days, you can wash it with any soft cloth, a small cotton swab or just hand.

  • To rinse the purchased baby, it is necessary to prepare a bucket with clean water;
  • Prepare a clean dry diaper and a children's soft towel in order to dry out and wrap the baby after the bath. Very comfortable for this purpose, ordinary adult towels, without corners with a hood. They are warm, well absorb moisture, it is convenient to protect the baby's wet head;
  • Prepare in advance all accessories for baby skin care after bathing. Cotton swabs and chopsticks, clean diaper, skin care products under diaper and processing umbilical wound;
  • It is necessary to have a set of clean clothes in order to wear washed crumb.

Swimming and feeding

So that the battery procedure passed in a comfortable positive setting, the baby must be full.

Know! If the baby is on breastfeeding, then the breaks between feeding and bathing do not need to be observed. The newborn can be fed before bathing and immediately after. Mother's milk, unlike mixes, is absorbed very quickly.

The baby on artificial feeding can be bathed in an hour after feeding.

Swimming in herbs

Herbs lie in the bagsHerbs are often used for bathing a small child with tender vulnerable skin:

  • A series and calendula will help with redness and rash on the skin;
  • Chamomile will help to cope with colic;
  • The decoction of the dustwater will relax and calm the baby.

To cook herbs decoction for swimming:

  1. Fill 3-4 tablespoons of dried herbs with cold water;
  2. Bring to a boil and leave last 20 minutes under the lid;
  3. Before adding a decoction into water, strain through gauze or fine sieve.

Bathing. Sequence of procedure

So, everything you need prepared, the time has come to pay the newborn baby:

  • Bath for bathing kid should stand high enough so that your back remains straight. This will help you keep cheerfulness, not to get tired of the responsible and exciting procedure for bathing the baby;
  • Lift one end of the bath, placing a thick book under its edge. The small tilt of the bath is necessary in order for the head of the newborn to be immersed in water;

On a note! You can also purchase a so-called anatomical bath for bathing a newborn. It already has an inclined plane, for convenient placement of a small child.

  • Fill the bath with boiling water and spread the water to 37 degrees. For uniformity of the temperature, mix the water, then measure the temperature of a children's aqueous thermometer and / or elbow;
  • If necessary, make a decoction of herbs, strain it and add to the water in which you will bathe newborn;
  • In a convenient location, place a hot water container. When cooling the water, you will add a little hot water from the far end of the bath to not harm the baby;
  • Tolstoy diaper roll in the pad and put in the bath in the place where the baby's head will be placed;
  • After a short air bath, wrap a naked newborn in a thin diaper;
  • Carefully immerse the baby in the water so that the body and shoulders are in water, and the head on the pad. Keep your warm hand on the tummy of the newborn;
  • Little buckets start watering a child with a cloth. Let the water flow into the kid on your hand, so you will control its temperature;
  • If the water cools, let a small jet of hot water along the edge of the bath and stir the water. At the same time, the bath must be long enough so that hot water does not create discomfort for the kid.

Attention! The length of the bathing for a newborn bath must be at least 65 centimeters.

  • Wash the baby handles and legs, alternately release them from a thin diaper, which is wrapped in a newborn. Then cover the baby again with a diaper so that it does not become cold;
  • Use at the first bathing baby soap or not, it is to solve moms. Some moms do not use soap at the first bathing. If the baby washed with baby soap, it must be rinsed with clean water, which must be prepared in advance;
  • Wash the washed baby in a warm diaper, which absorbs moisture well. On top of the diaper wrap the baby with a warm bath towel.

How to wash the newborn. rules

You plunged the baby into the water, poured it with warm water. He is warm, comfortable and you are also calm, that the baby is enjoying water procedures. How to wash your head and other parts of the body to the newborn:

  1. The head of the kid is located on a pad from a towel or diaper. My head with my forehead moves to the back of the head. A ricking head can be protected by the face of a child, putting his hand to the rib to the forehead of the baby;
  2. The body of the newborn with my hand, a baby washcloth or a cotton swab using soap or without it. We wash the neck folds, the axillary depressures, the gaps between the fingers of the handles and legs;

By the way! Experienced with time you figure out whether your baby prefers water to warmer or cooler.

  1. Folding on the handles, legs, inguinal folds are rinsed with a cotton swab, if soaps were used, we rinse carefully. If there are redness, the folds are useful to rinse the decoction of herbs and treat the appropriate means (from the diarmity, peer or irritation);
  2. The genitals carefully wash the outside. In the process of bathing, while the baby is in the water, the genitals are cleaned of contact with water. After bathing, we rinse with pure water;
  3. The eyes wipe with clean cotton swab movements from the outer edge of the eye to the nose;
  4. Ear shells carefully wipe with cotton swab in clean water. Special attention is paid to the purification of exacerbate folds.

Attention! If the baby is cold in the bath, you will notice that its nose and sponges blue. If the crumb is too hot, then the face is blushing. In addition, any discomfort, the kid will declare a loud cry.

Watch a useful video tutorial about bathing a newborn :

Age features of bathing

If the frequent bathing of the baby brings a lot of trouble and excitement, then with time this procedure becomes easier. As the process of adopting a bath as kid grow and developed:

  • From birth to 1.5 months. Swimming is held daily. To protect the rapid body of a baby from the difference in water and air temperature, bathing it wrapped in a thin diaper. Interesting information about what temperature should be in a room from a newborn >>>
  • From 1.5 to 3 months. The kid bathes in a lying position in a children's bath in a small amount of water;
  • From 3 months to six months. The baby becomes mobile, manifests interest in the world around. It can still be bathed in a children's bath, or he can swim in a large bath with mom;
  • From six months. At this age, the baby is already sitting. Now it will be interesting to splashing, playing with a driver. You can bathe in a basin, or in the same baby bath with a special highchair for swimming. The highchair on the velcro is attached to the bottom of the bath. The child sits on a chair, plays with water and at the same time washes.

How long does swimming last?

  1. If the bathing of the crumbs is carried out daily at a certain time, how long do you need to bathe newborn? As a rule, the baby do not hold in water for a long time at the first bathing. The procedure usually takes 5-7 minutes;
  2. If you easily like the kid in the bath, then swimming can be extended until it is possible to maintain the optimal water temperature. After 1.5 - 2 months of life, swimming can last up to a quarter of an hour;
  3. After half a year when the kid bathes in a sitting position and plays with a water, the battery procedure can last 30-40 minutes.

After bathing

The baked baby is comfortable to bite in a warm bath towel. In order for him to be satisfied and soon fell asleep:

  • Shake the baby and feed it;
  • Put the baby on the back, dry the skin folding diaper;
  • Treat folding with appropriate hygiene;
  • Put on the diaper;
  • Feather the cap to the head of the newborn's ears were reliably protected after the bath;
  • Dress the baby in clean clothes;
  • Now you can get to sleep.

Observe all the recommendations and swimming will become your favorite procedure and for you and for the baby!

Detailed video about bathing kid and baby care, see the course "Happy Motherhood: Methods of Soft Care" >>>

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