How to cheer up: the most effective ways -

How to cheer up: the most effective ways

I want to always be vigorous and cheerful. But modern rhythm of life often knocks us out of the rut. We suffer due to the decline of forces, drowsiness and reduced performance. But we do not have time for a long-lasting star. It is necessary to work here and now. How to cheer up and fill the body and brain energy? In this article, we will consider the most effective ways to help you tune in to productive work and drive drowsiness.

Wearing shower

Like Soul

In the morning it is better not to relax yourself in warm water. If you take a hot bath or be noted under warm shower jets, you are even more immersed in sleep. Warm water has a relaxing effect. You need a reverse effect. In the morning it is best to take a cold shower. It will improve blood circulation and drive sleep. You can stand for a few minutes under warm water, and then proceed to the cold pouring (approximately 5 minutes). Of course, not everyone can plunge into cold water from the morning. How to cheer up in this case? Sometimes it is enough just to wash the student water. And one more important point. If before that you never took the cold shower, begin to get used to it gradually, so as not to catch the cold.

Treat yourself to green tea

Green tea

It has the best action than coffee. There is a big dose of caffeine, which will drive sleep and give you energy for the whole day. Please note that good green tea is not a penny. Buy only a quality product, otherwise the effect will be minimal. Green tea should not be abused. Drink no more than two cups per day. This drink has a strong toning effect, so eat it in moderation, better after eating. Do not add sugar to tea, as it can cause drowsiness.

Walk in the fresh air

How to cheer up if you want to sleep? No need to sit in one place. Even a small walk during the working break will enrich blood oxygen and reduce fatigue. It will help to relax tense because of the long-term muscle seating and distract the brain from working problems. Especially good walking in winter, frosty air. During the break, do not sit at the computer, even more lulling yourself. Instead, at least for a few minutes, go out to the street and slowly go through.

Eat a couple of black chocolate pieces

Dark chocolate

The higher the cocoa content in it, the better. Chocolate has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain. It is especially useful to people with a tense working schedule. If you feel that the brain is overloaded, and you yourself literally fall asleep on the go, we can enjoy a few square chocolate squares. It perfectly stimulates brain activity and relieves fatigue. Choose only black chocolate. After using milk or white, you will be drawn to sleep on the contrary.

Correct the diet

Charter, many stretch behind a hamburger, a pack of cookies or a bun with a jam. But products with a high carbohydrate content provoke even greater fatigue. How to cheer up in this case? First, it is worth abandoning fatty foods. Secondly, you need to introduce more vegetables, fruits, fish, croup into your diet. Wonderful invigorating effect are citrus. In addition, they are rich in vitamin C, which raises immunity and has a tonic effect on the body as a whole. Nutritionists advise to introduce marine cabbage, prunes and nuts into the diet. Think your snack at work. If you do not have a dining room, take a lachn-box from home with useful products. Also do not allow dehydration and carry a bottle of water with you.

More movements

A man squats

How can I chew if you are at work? Of course, you will not be able to carry your sports suit and a yoga rug to the office to make an invigorating charge from time to time. But overclock the blood and relax the muscles using simple exercises that can be done right in the workplace. Make a small production gymnastics:

  • stretch carefully;
  • Run on the stairs;
  • Make a few jumps;
  • Jump (you can rely on the wall or table);
  • Make mahu hands and legs.

If there is no time at all, then just intensely scroll through one palm about another, massage the uches of the ears and break the neck to a pleasant feeling of heat. In short, do not sit on the spot. If you combine the outdoor walk with exercises, the toning effect will be even better.

Breathe deeply

Enrich your body with oxygen with deep breathing. How to quickly cheer if there is no time for a long break? To do this, go to the window or go outside. Straigh your back and relax your shoulders. Slowly take a deep breath. Feel like light gradually filled with air. When you take a breath, do you try to four. Then make the same slow exhalation and also calculate up to four. The account will help you do everything dimly and not hurry. Make 5 cycles of breathing. Over time, the number of breathing-exhalations can be increased. Such a breath will not only give you an additional portion of oxygen, but also distract from problems and gives the brain to rest from working tasks, it will help in a matter of minutes to restore the forces.

Musical pause

The guy listens to music

Music sometimes brings better coffee. Scientists argue that music provokes the brain for the best job. Therefore, from time to time, do small musical pauses. Listen to music in headphones so that you do not interfere with anyone. Your playlist must be most vigorous. Listening to pleasant melodies, you will strengthen the dopamine hormone production. He is responsible for the pleasure. Therefore, download a few songs on the phone that you will definitely cheer up, and throughout the day, do small musical pauses. This is a simple option how to cheer up at work without any effort.

Gum to help

It turns out that the chewing helps to cope with drowsiness and gives energy charge. The chewing process itself, according to scientists, allows us to concentrate at work and not distracted by foreign affairs. In addition, chewing gum stimulates the work of the brain and drive drowsiness. But here you need to remember that you do not need to relocate with a chewing. Surge the method only from time to time not to knock down the stomach.

What can I do?

If you feel drowsiness, that is, a few things that are strictly prohibited. Some recipes that describe how to cheer up, if little time is too extreme and can harm your health, so it is better to never resort to them.

Several cups of coffee
  • Drink a slaughter dose of coffee. This drink helps to gain vigor. But an excessive amount of coffee has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system. The boundary limit is six cups. But this is the most extreme dose. Under a cup of coffee, it is implied not a huge half-lithuons, and a container of 100 ml.
  • Pour energy. No one can tell you how one or another energy drink will affect your well-being. Excessive passion for power sector is fraught with heart problems. In addition, energy can lead to depression and insomnia. Such drinks deprive you of sleep, so the whole and large fatigue accumulates in the body, which does not lead to anything good. How to cheer yourself, but at the same time stay healthy? Do not use energy.
  • Leave on intense physical exertion. One thing is a walk and easy charging. Quite another - exhausting exercises. If you decide to cheer up with heavy exercise, then instead of a cheerful tide, get even greater fatigue.
  • There are sweets. Sugar launches cortisol production. It is also called the stress hormone. Because of this, you can suffer from drowsiness in the afternoon, but you will be launched from insomnia at night. If you need to get a charge of energy, then give up candy, cakes and cakes. They will make you drove you into drowsiness and apathy.

Maybe it's time to know the reason?

Fatigue, drowsiness and dilution of forces do not appear on scratch. They are the consequence of your actions. Perhaps it is time to deal with the reasons, because of which you constantly want to sleep, and the forces are literally on zero.

There are many reasons: from chronic diseases to improper sleep mode. Often a person gets tired at work that his fatigue becomes chronic and leads to a dozen concomitant diseases like neurosis or insomnia.

Woman sleeping

Analyze your day mode. Find the reason why you constantly yawning and dreaming to get to bed and sleep. If the decline is a single phenomenon, then there is nothing catastrophic in it. But when you go every day, you go like zombies, it's time to beat the alarm and go to the doctor.

Sometimes enough just to sleep enough time to cheer up. How to do it? Discard nightlife at the computer and TV, do not eat at night and ventilate the room before bedtime.

For many of us a cup of strong coffee - The only opportunity to make the morning more pleasant and help yourself wake up. Coffee is generally a good thing: there is evidence that it is able to reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, protect from the diabetes of the second type, Alzheimer's disease and depression. Of course, if you drink it in reasonable quantities - we were told about them in one of the materials.

Coffee worth take note and those who do not mind to miss a couple of cocktails on Fridays: Back in 2009, in the experiments on mice, it was found that coffee helps to remove fatigue caused by alcohol, and level it relaxing when necessary. In general, the reasons to abandon the coffee, if you love it, no - that's just not too much. We tell about other efficient and safe ways to come to yourself.

Seek off the screen

Fortunately, the scientific community has no convincing evidence that the "blue" or "blue" light of smartphones, tablets and laptops affects the skin like ultraviolet radiation, increasing the risk of melanoma or photoregation. However, researchers have almost no doubt that such light negatively affects our state of health. It is primarily about the sensations of focus loss, dryness and burning in the eyes - symptoms that undermine the productivity and often provoke a headache. This may happen after two or three hours of continuous work at the computer, not to mention the whole working day.

When you feel that everything floats everything before your eyes, and they themselves closes, although you slept, try to distract from the screen and look out the window. Even better - make charging for the eye "like at school", alternately looking at different directions.

Eat something unsweetened

Often lethargy and the desire to lie down in the middle of the day are not at all natural laziness, but a low level of blood sugar. Moreover, such a state may occur not only in a state of hunger, but also after dense food with a lot of carbohydrates: insulin emission rates raising their level in the blood, at the same time contributing to the "sleepy" effects of other substances, tryptophan and serotonin. Although the fastest way to raise the sugar level is to eat something sweet, after candy, the tide of energy lasts long, replacing the devastating fatigue.

Studies show that the best body responds to fiber and healthy fats - so the sandwich with avocado, cooked at home, will be quite by the way. Do not forget about the products with a high content of iron (white beans, lentils, spinach, bitter chocolate), whose deficit can cause the decline of forces. Help the iron helps vitamin C - it is much in sweet pepper, cauliflower and citrus.

Drink water

And once again about the eternal: if you are hungry, annoyed or tired - drink a glass of water. As you know, the thirst is often masked under the hunger, and with stress a glass of cool water copes not worse than Valerian. It is important that with a shortage of fluid, the body begins to miss the energy - perhaps the one that is necessary to finish the project, write the text, make a presentation of the product or how to wake up.

In official recommendations, the volume of not water is specified, but fluids as a whole are 3.7 liters per day for men and 2.7 liters for women. The fluid can come with food and different drinks, but still to imperceptibly not to go through sugar or calories, it makes sense from time to time drink a glass of clean water.


Perhaps if the day day was longer, we would not have such a need for coffee and other energetics. In any case, research data indicate that daylight is one of the factors to maintain optimism and vigor during the day. There are interesting data that it can be cheerful and blue light emitted by the gadgets, but there are few such experiments, and there are few such experiments, and the doses of the blue light in them were much higher than those we get when working at the computer.

In conditions of harsh Russian winter and no less severe autumn and spring, most of the year we spend among the shades of gray, which cannot but affect the general condition of the body. The absence of solar rays leads to vitamin D insufficiency, which reduces the risk of depression and improves the mood in the short term. This vitamin in the form of additive to food is shown to many people. In the summer, its development is also difficult, because we protect the skin from the sun rays - and now, while the sun is not too aggressive, the walk will help to cheer during the day.

Dance so, as if no one sees

Dance, jump, swear and just move to cheer up immediately. Experts constantly say that even a small daily load is able to improve health indicators and help the work of all organism systems - including improving concentration and attention. And it works not only in the case of systematic exercises - so you can plan anything in advance. For example, in one study it turned out that drowsiness just disappears if you start moving.

So starting to fall asleep at the desk - turn on your favorite video clip, where you dance, stand up and repeat movements; This will help to distract and reboot the head to start working with new forces. We like the dance in the style of "I spoke" from the series "Clinic".

Rise deeply

Scientists have proven that deep and measured breathing is one of the best ways to combat stress overloads. It is very convenient if you need to calm down here and now, and not at home where you can take a hot bath, having achieved the same effect. Deep breathing may not just calm down, but also to configure in a wave of vigor and vital energy.

Everything is very simple: the more air you breathe, the more oxygen goes into your blood - and the more energy becomes at the cells. Small lifehak: Breath "from the abdomen", which is practiced in yoga, will allow you to gain more air into light and, accordingly, get more bonuses.

Listen to music

Judging by the number of experiments aimed at studying the influence of music on the body and its connection with the characteristics of a person, scientists for the most part - desperate music lovers. So, for example, they recently found out that "musical goosebumps" indicate a special structure of the brain, and in men who prefer rock music, above testosterone. But in this case, we are interested in something: the music helps to focus - although they do not believe those who are stopping forever.

In fact, music is not all suitable as a background of work - and it is ideal for monotonous, requiring constant repetition of actions. And another scientific observation of music: during the 2011 study, it turned out that the favorite tracks, if a person listens to fifteen minutes or longer, contribute to the development of dopamine - neuromediator that affects the processes of motivation and learning. Rammstein, Rihanna or "Shared Molly"? Whatever, if only you really liked it.

Like a gum

Probably, every person at least once heard that the chewing reflex contributes to memorizing information. In this statement there is a rational grain, only to talk about one memorization. There is evidence that chewing movements help to focus, especially if we are talking about an urgent and important task. You can experiment with the chewing of apple poles or nuts - but an excellent option will be the usual chewing gum without sugar.

Scientists found out that the gum can be an effective way to combat daylight sleep due to accelerating blood circulation and activation of certain areas of the brain. The authors of another study came to the conclusion that the chewing gum effectively copes with concern about the task being performed at the moment and attention! - Improves understanding of just perceived information.

See video animals

You can not break away from the charming mini-pya eggy account, have breakfast and dinner along with Fisy Rilam and spend half of the lunch break on the Animals Videos updates? Welcome to the club of people who come correctly: According to research, viewing such videos not only increases the mood, but also helps to increase brain activity. Typical example: In the study of 2015, with the participation of 7 thousand people, respondents said that video with kittens increase their energy and help cope with the negative environment around.

Despite the fact that these estimates are subjective, scientists believe that there is an effect: they work if not actually rollers, then self-use. On the other hand, if you remember scientific statements that viewing photos of puppies Newlyweds increases their chances of happiness in marriage, the conclusion about the effectiveness of video with animals seems quite normal.

Take sex

In addition to the mass of other health bonuses, regular sex, according to Italian scientists, can increase the "brain power", in a simply reduced stress level. The same is evidenced by the American study, during which it was possible to establish that high-quality sex stimulates the growth of cells in the hippocampus - parts of the brain responsible for memory and training. As MRI showed, during the neurons orgasm in the brain is more active and more oxygen is used, which, in turn, provides the brain with a large amount of nutrients.

For the sake of justice, we note that physical exercises have such an effect on the hippocampus - but nothing prevents and actively move, and have sex. Perhaps it will allow you to get a double effect.


If nothing from the above helped, take it off. According to scientists, a short sleep (from 5 to 25 minutes) is about 6-7 hours before you fall into bed to spend all night there, a great way to cope with sleepiness and lack of motivation. Interestingly, the authors of the study conducted in 2008 were called a short afternoon sleep more efficient investment in well-being than sleeping on the weekend or the use of caffeine during the day.

Other studies agree with the conclusion, demonstrating that sleep in the middle of the day improves learning abilities, positively affects memory and activates creative thinking. Now they are talking about a polyphasey dream, "the invention" of which Leonardo da Vinci is attributed to the truth, this biohaker method has more opponents than supporters.

Photos: Makistock - (1, 2)

The reality of the current life is such that it is necessary to do everything in an accelerated rhythm. Namely to spend time at work. This becomes the reason that a person gets up early and go to bed late. As a result, all day is felt drowsiness and sluggish state. In addition to poor well-being, the lack of sleep can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system, depression, an increase in blood glucose levels. In addition, the doctors argue that a person who regularly suffers often, more often suffers overweight.

But often it happens that it is impossible to sleep laid 7-8 hours. And the question arises - how to overcome bad well-being, how to lead yourself in proper form.

how to cheer after sleepless night

Several recommendations that will help cheer up

  1. The need to charge energy. Everyone knows the fact that a person receives energy from food. Therefore, if you do not hit, try to secure the right breakfast. He must include Protein, cereals and fruits . Also do not forget about dinner and dinner, they should also include the right products.
  2. Mandatory physical exertion. Many people may seem such a board by mockery over the tired organism, but this is the necessary procedure. For example, Jog in front of breakfast make the body produce Hormon Endorphin. who gives a man's cheerness and strengthens the heart and vessels. Very important not to rearrange, because unnecessary loads can provoke even greater fatigue.
  3. Cup of tea or coffee. These drinks help to feel a tide of vigor. You can also eat a little Gorky chocolate . These products stimulate the work of the nervous system and improve the metabolism. Therefore, they will help improve performance. But it is important to remember that the excessive use of caffeine drinks can cause increase in pressure and problems in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  4. Many light. The human body is designed in such a way that it rests in the dark day and wakes when the sun is outside the window. Therefore, to cheered after a sleepless night, you need a lot of light.
  5. A break during work. A small pause will help a little cheer. To do this, it is enough to simply switch for a short time, for example, to look out on the window or chat with employees.
  6. Workout. Suitable if there is no strength to endure fatigue. Some physical exercises will help to return cheerful well-being.
  7. Brief rest . Sometimes it happens that there is no strength to tolerate sleep. In this case, you need to take off for a while. Just sleep within 30 minutes. It will help a little to come into yourself and feel cheerful. Very important not to sleep longer than half an hour otherwise the condition is even more worse.

Sleep magic will help you improve the quality of your sleep - our orthopedic mattresses have a sleep magic.

Sleep on the go? Simple ways to cheer up

August 29, 2019.

The absence of a feeling of cheerfulness interferes with the usual affairs: it is difficult to focus, the information received is quickly forgotten, and the body constantly struggles with the desire to sleep.

Sometimes it is so important to be vigorous throughout the day, especially at work, how to deceive the body, if there is no opportunity to take off?

Sleep on the go? Simple ways to cheer up

Causes of drowsiness

  1. Ordinary fatigue. At the end of a busy day, the feeling of drowsiness is natural. The optimal solution of the problem is a healthy dream. In the morning you will again be full of energy. It takes an average of 7-8 hours of sleep.
  2. Health problems are also the cause of increased fatigue and drowsiness. Most often it happens with inflammatory diseases, low hemoglobin and pressure drops. In the presence of other pathological symptoms (weight loss, fever, pain, etc.) you must consult a doctor.
  3. Stress. Sleep is in this case the protective reaction of the body - the nervous system you need to restore time. It is necessary to learn to fight stress, and in the presence of serious problems resort to the help of drug therapy.
  4. The stuffy room and the stationary posture also cause drowsiness. If you feel that you fall asleep, stand up and disperse.
  5. Lack of vitamins and trace elements. Vitamins have a significant impact on metabolism and energy production in the body. Therefore, with their shortage, a person often feels a breakdown and decline.

How to deal with a sense of drowsiness?

  1. Regularly ventilate the room and purchase a humidifier. The influx of fresh air will add strength and activates the activity of the brain. Dry air prevents normal breathing, reduces the oxygen level in the environment, so it must be moistened.
  2. Because of cold water, if possible, take a cool shower: it has a wicked effect.
  3. Make a slight charge, periodically get up from the workplace to warm up.
  4. Try the uche of the ears and palm, there are many biologically active points.
  5. Make a head massage, spread your hair - it will improve blood circulation.
  6. Drink a cup of coffee - caffeine stimulates the nervous system. A bitter chocolate is famous for this effect.

With these ways, you can use both at work and at home, but it is not worth keeping the body in constant stress, sometimes there is nothing better than just relax.

Good afternoon, dear households! How to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep at work or at home? Increased drowsiness during the day - a signal from the body that is better not to ignore. This may indicate overwork, hidden inflammatory processes inside, excessive stress load.

If such a state pursues a person for a long period of time you can not postpone the visit to the doctor.

But if drowsiness in the afternoon is the result of night fun, bad weather or boredom at work? Everything can be easily corrected, and without using coffee.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

How to quickly cheer up on the morning jog

Nothing activates the energy generation processes in the body as aerobic loads. Morning jog can completely replace coffee, with the energy will be enough for a long time.

We look at the beverage options for the cheerful morning, wake up instantly!

In addition to increasing blood circulation, the jogging activates the metabolism, so the calorie present in the body is processed into energy. Rules Jogging:

  • First, it is first necessary to warm up, heat the muscles;
  • secondly, running at an average pace;
  • Third, start with small distances;
  • By the way, after jogging, it is necessary to drink water.
9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

No need to postpone the maximum in the morning, because it can give the opposite effect. This is especially true of those who are not friendly with sports. If sharply overload the body, the feeling of fatigue and three-day muscle pain - guaranteed.

It is also worth consulted with a doctor - there are diseases and conditions in which it is better to choose other types of physical activity.

Fresh juices

Often, the problem of increased fatigue and daylights is also the result of the deficit of vitamins and minerals. Most often, this happens in summer and in winter.

In the summer, due to the large loss of moisture from the body, along with then many important elements are lost. In winter, the same situation, but at the same time, due to the seasonal specifics, there are no so many minerals and vitamins as needed for its operation.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

Save fresh juices from vegetables and fruits in this situation. It is worth trying to start your day with juice from apple and carrots, together traditional coffee and tea. The juices are perfectly defeated the drowsiness, which includes citrus fruits. Tomato juice - stabilizes the water-salt balance, dilutes blood and normalizes the pressure, and also saturates the body with antioxidants.

Important! Juices is not a drink, but a full food, they contain a lot of calories. Of course, it is worth considering this, complementing their diet.


If the body lacks energy, the cause can be a shortage of carbohydrates in the diet. If during the day began to pursue sudden drowsiness, you can easily disperse it, burning dessert or cake.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

Sugar contains "fast" carbohydrates, which are almost instantly absorbed by the body and processed into energy. The main thing is not to abuse - excess carbohydrates are fraught with excess weight.

Cold and hot shower

If you start every morning with a contrasting shower, you can not only defeat daylightness, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system as a whole. The contrasting souls helps to quickly cheer up, but it works and on the perspective.

After a month, it is possible to note the improvement of well-being, vigor, endurance, activation of the immune system.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

Contrast souls are contraindicated in such states:

  • ARVI, influenza and other infectious diseases;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • blood disease and lymphatic system;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • temperature increase;
  • thrombosis.

In other cases, the contrasting souls will only benefit. The main thing is to gradually increase the duration of the procedure, starting from 1 minute.

Herbs for cheerfulness

For those who deliberately or forced to refuse coffee and tea there are alternative options to become cheer. There are many herbs in the world that are not worse than power engineers, while not harming the body.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

Here are the most popular plants that can replace coffee:

  • ginseng;
  • Chinese lemongrass;
  • Echinacea;
  • Eleutherococcus.

As a rule, these herbs are taken in the form of alcohol tinctures, calculating the dosage according to the instructions. You can just cook tea or aquatic infusion.

How to quickly cheer up massage

Invigorating massage. With the help of massage, you can quickly ensure the tide of blood to the brain, due to which its activity is activated and the state of cheerfulness will be achieved. There are 3 types of massages that will help to quickly return vital energy.

  • Firstly. Massage of the collar zone - you need to smash your neck and shoulders on both sides of the spine, soft, smooth circular motions clockwise.
  • Secondly, to massage brushes hands with a circular movement from the lower edge of the life line up, clockwise.
  • The third method is a massage of the upper third of the aurist.
9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

It is better to perform all these species on your own, hands. But you can also use various devices - roller massagers. It is also useful to use the oil for the massage with the invigorating effect.

You can cook such an oil yourself. Take 10 drops of orange essential oil and mix with 50 ml of olive oil.

Natural chocolate

Cocoa is one of the best products for cheerfulness, high productivity and positive attitude.

9 ways to quickly cheer up if you want to sleep

Scientists have discovered in chocolate minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants that provide such effects:

  • Improve the permeability of the brain vessels, due to which the cells are obtained and oxygen is completely fully;
  • stimulate individual parts of the brain;
  • reinforce the production of dopamine and serotonin;
  • Normalize the hormonal background, due to which the harmonious vigorous state is possible.

Chocolate is possible Use in any kind - cocoa, hot drink, desserts. In addition, for those who often face drowsiness, it is recommended to use aromatic sachets with chocolate smell. Chocolate not only burst, it helps more productively think, increases the concentration of attention, prevents the development of depression.

How to quickly cheer in one minute

How to quickly cheer if you want to sleep, we told. Using these methods, you can easily cope with the problem of dayly drowsiness. The main thing is not to harm the body and still find time to get enough sleep well.

We look at vitamins for cheerfulness:

We wish you cheerfulness and health!

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Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

It is still interesting not only for a meager, or in general the zero amount of the active substance, and the fact that it is precisely the active substance. With a complete list, you can get acquainted here, there you need to really register on the site to access the document, but here link . There is an official list of permitted substances for homeopathy in Appendix 4 to the order of MindRonMedprom №335 about homeopathy in Russia, a couple of things from which I will give: pale custodia, a varnous cheerful, spider-bird, the secret of the skin of the toad, belane, creosote, naphthalene, oil And Strichnin, mercury and arsenic compounds. If all this is little about homeopathy, that is, a large number of studies where tests are compared where the subjects received homeopathic preparations, ordinary drugs and simply placebo. Research conclusions? The effect of ordinary drugs is noticeable, while the effect of homeopathic agents and placebo is the same. However, the paradox, does all this mean that homeopathy does not work like that? Oddly enough, no. The thing is that the reception of the substances that we consider drugs can affect the biochemical processes in the body through the brain and comes out that those who believe that homeopathy helps, it really helps them. An experiment was carried out when people with acute dental pain were given one of three drugs: a decrease in pain, an increase in pain or placebo, that is, a pacifier. And there were people to whom Placebo really helped and reduced pain. The thing is that the brain reacted to the accepted medicine and himself began to produce opioids, thereby reducing the pain.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

In Russia, homeopathy doctors do not belong to the group of specialist doctors, and according to the law belong to the category "Highly qualified healers and practices of alternative and traditional medicine". This means that such a person must still have a diploma of the Medical Institute and, in the case of real health problems, it is necessary to act as it should be - send a patient to a conventional hospital. However, it happens of course the opposite, when such people can stand on their, strengthening faith in a patient in such drugs, because of what he can bring the trouble on himself or someone else. Therefore, homeopathy of homeopathy, but about serious treatment cannot be forgotten in any case and not to give up it. The industry itself, the industry of homeopathic drugs brings huge money, because of which they do not do anything with it, since people like people - why not satisfy their needs for their money. The next chapter is called "Vaccinations cause autism" . In 1998, the well-known medical journal The Lancet was published by Andrew Wakefield on the relationship between vaccination and autism. Wakefield in his article described the medical history of twelve children, with disturbances characteristic of autism, and the parents of nine of them argued that the symptoms did not appear immediately. According to them, the children were quite normal until they made a combined vaccination from measles, rubella and pigs. And Andrew Wakefield concluded that after the pool of a cocktail from the viruses, all this is striking the nervous system and causes autism in a child. And then the real storm began, about which a little later. The whole story is well described on Forbes here . And now, a few years later, Brian Dir journalist drew attention to a small detail in the Wakefield article: there was indicated that signs of autism appeared from one of the patients a week after vaccination, while according to parents it was two months before her. And even if we assume that the study was not conscious falsification, then a number of different factors indicated that the work was carried out casually, and the data in it was attracted by ears.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

Another interesting thing: the fact that Andrew Wakefield himself tried to get a double benefit from this: first, because he himself criticized complex vaccines and that, it is they who lead to such a negative effect, but he didn't have anything against individual vaccines, one of which He just patented. Secondly, he also patented an express test for identifying a measles virus that had to become extremely popular after the publication, since in the case of a positive result for children with autism - parents simply could have come to court to the manufacturer of vaccines. As a result, the editorial office of The Lancet magazine decided to withdraw Article Wakefield Now, if you go to it on the Internet, and I will definitely leave the reference to it, then you will see a large red label retracted on every page, that is, withdrawal. I have already said that after the release of the article, a real storm began. What happened? But the fact is that, for example in the UK in 1997, then a year before the publication were grafted from measles, rubella and vapotitis 91.5 percent of biennium children, but already in the next year, this indicator on the background of the article began to rapidly fall and reached 79.9 percent. And only after 2004 and Bryan Dira's investigations began to recover this level and returned to the previous one in 2012. Not bad such effect for 14 years, yes? Accordingly, the decrease in the level of vaccination led to an increase in the incidence of measles in the country, and in our time he remained high, because during the years of fear of the vaccine, there were quite enough smaller children, so that the measles virus could safely be able to communicate from a person to a person. Is this one personally Andrew Wakefield? The question is good, but it is for example and the editors of the magazine, which in spite of everything allowed the publication of this material, which led to his broad publicity. Therefore, everyone can draw conclusions from this story on their own.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

How was the principle of vaccination been detected? It is believed that a certain Louis Paster, who infected chicks chicken cholera to find a treatment for them. But one day he mistakenly entered the birds already dead bacteria, with which the chickens quickly recovered, but in further infecting their cholera Louis Paster could no longer. So the principle of vaccination appeared: contact with a weakened causative agent protects against the subsequent severe disease. Asya tells about several viruses and how the vaccine works from them, in which case these are dead bacteria, in another case - alive, in the third - their combination. And yes, the bacteria are certainly not viruses, but the essence is just like this: that your immune system should get to know the virus in advance, to develop immunity. Do vaccinations have side effects? And as if yes, but compare them with the benefit of reducing the risk of the disease quite stupid, especially since the risk of side effects is minimal. And even if a person is fundamentally against vaccinations for himself because of the fear of risk of side complications and generally believes that everyone protects collective immunity, and why should he put the vaccination then? It seems to be logical, but then he is not necessary to convince others that the vaccinations should not be put if he reduces collective immunity and increases the risk of infection in society. In our time, even if a person has no vaccination history and he does not know anyone at least one Vaccination, you can be disheighted with a variety of potential diseases that hover around us. Asse itself Kazantseva, in Moscow, the pleasure of vaccination from 6 diseases cost 4500 thousand rubles, without any complications, but now she herself feels much calmer and more confident than before and knows that if that, they will not be scary to her. Well, quite a lawsuit with its part.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

The next chapter is called "GMO contains genes!" and initially wanted to tell about the experiments on animals, and this is true interesting and I have something to tell you, but I still decided to tell you a little about genes and GMOs, since the topic is in something related to the previous one. And I want to start with survey Levada-Center January 2018, in which the scientific literacy of the adult population was assessed. Among the types of "Electron is less than atom" or "the continents on which we live are already moving for millions of years," there was such a question: "Ordinary plants - potatoes, tomatoes and others - do not contain genes, and genetically modified plants contain". And attention (!), 42% of respondents answered that yes, this is a faithful judgment, while only 30% understood the catch and indicated it as false. And in essence, this means that the majority of the Russian population does not understand how genetics works at even at the very minimum level. Let us eliminate this and even a little later we will understand what genes, DNA and so on. So what should be known? Very simplistic: living organisms have cells. Whether it is a cat, a tree, man or amoeba, they all have cells - this is the most elementary unit of the structure of the vital activity of all living organisms. Each cell has a kernel in which almost all genes contain. How to imagine? I think if you tell you the genes, then you imagine a spiral structure (which I attached the picture above), which is actually a DNA molecule, that is, yes - the DNA molecule looks like. So, genes are sections of this molecule. This spiral molecule itself is located in the camp of the cell, the truth is very compressed and packaged (imagine that we were collected in the ball), therefore, even though it is very long, but it is calmly placed in a small kernel. It is forbid: there is a cage inside the kernel which has DNA molecules containing genes. The DNA molecule itself consists of sugar, phosphate and four nucleotides and, depending on which order and how many of these nucleotides in the site, such information and is contained in the gene. In fact, this is what determines who will be a creature: man, wood or corn. So far, this will be enough for us, and all this I mean that the genes are contained in any living organism: both in potatoes and tomatoes, and not only in genetically modified. By the way, a couple more video on YouTube, in which it is clearly explained by the genes and cells: Thyx , Dymus .

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

What is the essence of GMO products? In fact, we can improve living organisms that eat. Thanks to the experiments of the second half of the 20th century, it became clear that any arbitrarily selected genes from one organism can be transferred to another, thereby changing the properties of the latter. And now it would seem, add only a useful set of genes to some corn and sneeze all the fields and fine! However, there is another problem - a relatively slow pace of the emergence of new improved crops is connected first with the complexity of their development. But much more unpleasant is another problem associated with adverse public fear of GMOs. The fact is that the work in this area began almost immediately from scientific conferences, which stated that all work on bacteria is required extremely carefully. Have you ever heard that manufacturers of carbonated drinks started work in production from conferences on the dangers of sugar? And so if the researchers agreed on this principle secretly, then maybe cautious and negative attitude towards GMOs and would not have formed. Please do not sleep on the moon? There was a babe straw, which was planted by watermelons, then tried the juice of all watermelons and plant seeds only the most sweet and so much many times, with the result that the juice of all watermelons was very sweet. And by the way, such an approach is really possible, but because of possible watermelon mutations it can take a very long time and now no one does. The genetic modification is the next and more perfect stage. Here scientists change not many unknown genes, but only one specific and more, they know what exactly they do and why. That is, it is possible to make watermelon sweets directly, and not through an endless choice among the heap of mutations of the original watermelon. Picture from the book:

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

How it works? We have already sorted out a little with genes and know that all living creatures on Earth use the same genetic code. And it turns out that in each DNA, a combination of nucleotides is written, which are already read by both human cell and corn or cat cage. And thereby we can transfer instructions from one body to another, without amendments to interspecific barriers, they will still be considered cells. Thus, scientists take the most successful DNA and their genes and empower their abilities to other organisms. This applies to scientific works concerning the harm to GMOs - they are all not serious research and at least some respected in the scientific community. Why this is so, you can read by Asi, there it tells about several such dubious research. But as for the safety studies, GMO, from the mid-20th century there were a large number and a lot of statistical data was collected, showing that it is absolutely harmless. Nevertheless, we tend to believe not by the scientist, the scientific community and people who disassemble in the case and leading good, and most importantly, high-quality and not dubious arguments, but the popular and unreasonable opinion. Next for today, the head of "Men's smarter women!". He lived such a comrade, Joseph Overton, and he was known for his model, called the Overton window. Overtono window is the range of admissibility of political ideas. The state can regulate each sphere of life by 100% or not to interfere with it at all. But in practice, politics will only be supported by those solutions that voter from them will be supported. And on this principle of the Overton window, the conditional part of the United Russia cannot fully regulate or leave the scope of education, because it will be outside socially acceptable, otherwise the position of this party will be significantly shaken. And where is this window and the topic of which we are talking now, and this is the way that men allegedly smarter than women, and, moreover, that, in the opinion of Assi Kazantsev, this Overton window is now in the same position that you do not need anywhere. In fact, the modern society is so tuned enough to feministishly and sometimes it clearly goes beyond common sense: the injury for the fact that someone famous put on the shirt with images of girls in swimsuits or for the words that it is difficult to work in the same laboratory with a woman In the context of the fact that it simply adds sometimes unnecessary emotions.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

But all this meme is enjoying what Chay Kazantseva writes about this, and she herself says that she did not come across gender discrimination and that it does not exist in large cities of Russia. As for the small cities of Russia, this question is certainly controversial and maybe it would have to face artificially pressed careers or some more barriers, just because she is a girl. However, even without knowing all this and that sexism in Large cities don't seem to be a frequent phenomenon, even I have a few acquaintances who, in full, consider that there are huge biological differences in men and women and, including because of this, they are allegedly not so capable of intellectual activity. Let's really take a look at this topic seriously, in case you have some kind of dispute on this topic, you could argue to prove your point of view in the dispute. So, women have less brain, is it true? Yes this So : The brain of an adult man is an average of 10 percent more and harder than a woman. All, summarize what men are smarter? However, rush to the conclusions here early. Firstly: not the whole brain is needed to think to think, since most of it is needed for processing information coming from the external environment and body. And in this case, given the body weight and relative, relatively its size of the brain comes out that the brain is more like more! All women smarter men? However, the fact is that what personally do you have reason to argue that the differences in the size of the brain are associated with intellectual abilities? We all know that the size is not the main thing, but the brain of the same Einstein weighed 1230 grams, with an average weight of the brain in a person about 1300 grams. Well, there is for example meta-analysis, that is, an analysis of information 37 information, where they found out that the correlation coefficient about the size of the brain and the level of intelligence is 0.33, which seems to be like and shows any connection between it. However, the fact is that such a correlation says nothing about the causal relationship, because we do not know, it can have a big brain in people and they are smart or on the contrary: people are smart and they have a big brain. Or at all, they fir the cucumbers and it led to the growth of the brain and intelligence.

Controversial scientific questions: vaccinations and autism, homeopathy, GMOs and men smarter than women? - analysis of the book "On the Internet is always someone wrong" (1/3) Science, vaccination, book review, long, books, interesting, useful, self-development, what to read?, simple words, scientific, informative

And by the way, let's figure it out that such a correlation coefficient is, probably not all know all this. The bottom line is that this is a coefficient showing the relationship between any concepts or data, but the guarantees are that it is always so no. For example, we know that the higher the level of human well-being, the more his life expectancy. However, is it possible to say with confidence that a certain oligarch will live longer than a certain beggar? Of course not. It will be true only when taking a huge sample of people. The correlation coefficient is in the interval from -1 to 1 and this reflects the power of the interrelation of values. If it is equal to one, then this is a strong correlation - the values ​​are connected. If 0 is not connected in any way, and if you have a negativeness, these concepts are inverse. I think now a little more clearer. there is website showing the strangest correlations, for example, there is a correlation of 0.95 between the import of oil by the United States from Norway and the dead drivers in a collision with trains. And how do you charge 0.66 between drowned people in the pool and movies with Nicholas Cage? And the truth is funny. There are some more differences in the brain device of men and women, but they also do not give a clear pattern: that here is the men here this part of the brain is more and smarter. In fact, all this is not a comparison with colossal individual differences. All these brain differences are not as important as genes, environmental conditions in childhood and present, intensity of intellectual activity and other factors. Everything really depends on a particular person, I know a huge number of people who smarter me both among men and among women, and he himself only striving to sleep for them, something reading and recognizing the new one. That's what happened this time, I will remind you that This is just the first of three parts, I will write two more after a while and there we will talk about other controversial issues. By the way, about 80 percent of the influence of the podcast, so if it became interesting and want more, you can listen to it or read the book itself. I hope that it was interesting and if you read / read to the end - respect you, I am very pleased. I will not throw a link to the book, you can google yourself. See you after a while!

In the middle of the working day per person can suddenly sleep drowsiness. Its reasons are varied: chronic lack of sleep, vitamin deficit, lack of oxygen, overeating, consumption of oily food, monotony. In all cases, the problem can be prevented. To do this, it is enough to comply with moderation in nutrition, get enough sleep, be more often in the fresh air, eat food rich vitamins, periodically replace the type of activity to avoid sleeping monotony.

If drowsiness is already bothering, you should not hurry to drink coffee and energy. There are much more secure and effective ways to combat this condition.


Sunlight and Temperature Conditions

Exit on natural solar lighting. The longer the body is exposed to the sun, the more active and focusing you become, because the sunlight sets the body's biological clock on the right rhythm. Plus, ultraviolet rays contribute to the production of vitamin D. With its lack, a person feels broken and tired. For his replenishment, a 20 minute walk in the daytime, even if on the street is overcast.

Tip! If already in the evening, turn on the main and additional artificial light in the room. The twilight catches melancholy and clone in sleep.

Do not ignore the temperature conditions indoors. Optimal temperature for work and wakefulness in general - 18-22 °C. More often ventilate the room.

Physical activity

Stop wanting to sleep will help physical activity. Disconnect, after pressing, jumping in place or any other exercises. If there is no opportunity to leave the workplace, spend the fizminutka in a sitting position: pull out the limbs, make circular movements with your hands and legs, break the neck and spine. Repeat the warm-up every half hour.

Physical activity

Breathing exercises

Help helps respiratory gymnastics. It improves mental activity that saturates the brain oxygen. Ensure the influx of fresh air and follow these exercises:

  • Inhale the air with one nostril and exhale the other, repeat 10 times;
  • After a minute, inhale breathing the nose, without changing the former respiratory rhythm, repeat 10 times.

Color and aromatherapy

Look at bright items - green, red, orange, salad, blue. If it is possible, inhale the aroma of spices and spices. You can go even further and add a carnation or saffron into green tea. Perfectly helps to cope with the drowsiness of Lavender, Rosemary, Sandal, Cedar Tree, Jasmine. Instead of dry grass, you can breathe aromatic oils, covering them on a handkerchief.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

Pay attention to your diet. Fat food is better to avoid, otherwise the desire to take rise to the day in the afternoon - give preference to light and fast digestible food. It is advisable to eat in small portions 5-6 times a day.

Invilory and anti-bonding drinks

Do not abuse coffee. The drink helps to cheer up in the daytime, but with frequent use it provokes addiction and addiction, losing efficiency and even stronger provoking drowsiness. Enhances the tone only the first cup of coffee.

Attention! Avoid energetics. They help to overcome drowsiness only for a short time, and then the opposite provoke even greater drowsiness. In addition, they are extremely harmful to health.

Natural juices

Some natural juices and compotes from berries help cheer up. In addition, they are useful than coffee and energy. Coarse beverages from black currant, carrots, grapefruit with sea buckthorn, compote from dried fruits, echinacea, nettle, rosehip, calendula, celery.

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