What is Profit? Detailed analysis

What is Profit? How did this word come from? How is it applied in our time? If you are interested in this information, then you just need to read our article.


In any living language, which people enjoy, you can find words that came from other languages ​​and the adverbs. And this is an absolutely normal and natural process, although there are radical citizens and political figures in each country who believe that such borrowings violate the purity of their native language are generally harmful and need to be changed in domestic analogues. And by such a way, by the way, the French went - they translate almost all new words.

The Russian language is no exception, and in the last twenty years there have been many words from English to which people are accustomed and actively used. And one of these words is "Profit". So what is a profit? Where did it come from and how to use it in our time? We will understand this.


What is Profit

There is no consensus about the roots of this word, but most linguists are inclined to what it happened from Staroofranzus Prufit. In the English version it sounds like Profit. So what is a profit?

Profit is a profit or super-profile. And as we all know, the profit is a positive difference between income and expenses that were put into circulation or used somehow otherwise in order to make a profit. Nowadays, angles and other borrowing words from other languages ​​are particularly popular among young people, this word can be met very often. True, disputes about whether it is worth using it when there is a Russian analogue with the same meaning, they still do not subside. So now we know what is a profit.


As already mentioned, this word uses mostly young people, fortunately, it is not used at the official level. But there are two more areas in which the word "Profit" can be found, is traders (trade in the Forex market) and memes. Let's start with the first.


Profit value

In trade in the Forex market, more and more people are involved. And if another 15 years ago, to make deals, it was necessary to have a rather major start-up capital, now almost all of all dealing centers there is no restriction on the size of the balance. Simply put, it starts at all from 1 dollars. On the Internet and real life, you can find many seminars and training courses on the Forex trade, and its forces are trying on it an increasing number of people who do not even have a relation to finance and economics. True, not everyone ultimately gets a notorious profit. The meaning of this word among traders means receiving profits from a particular transaction or a number of their or total positive income during the trading session.


Over time and the wide distribution of the Internet, it appeared their subcultures, jargonisms and even legends. This process is natural and normal, as in any society or his virtual similarity, people seek to unite into groups of interests. Also, the Internet has created, and to be more accurate, revived, such a phenomenon as memes. Memes are a unit of digital or oral information, which is characterized by a "viral" distribution method. Simply put, it is a picture, phrase or something other, which spreads among people almost independently of them. And relatively recently became popular with such meme as a profit. It is almost always a fun character and is built according to the following principle:

  • to do something;
  • do something else;
  • ...
  • Profit!

Usually, this meme is used in a situation where it is necessary to emphasize the absurdity, nonsense or humor of someone's strategy, classes or plan.


Profit value word

So we disassembled what kind of profit. The meaning of the word was considered in various spheres of modern life, so now with its definition in one or another situation there should be no problem.

Quite often in the subjects of business related or even with planning, any events can be heard the word "Profit". Profit is the ultimate goal or motivation to make any goals.

What is a profit - value, defining simple words.

Profit is Translated from English means - benefit, profit, reward. This word is used not only financially. Profit can become achieving absolutely any goal.

Example of using the word, term:

  • And what am I from that profit?
  • What is Profit?
  • And what profit will you get from this transaction?

What does profit mean

The expression has become popular after the output of the "Dwarfs" series in the series of the South Park, where the gnomes have grown the briefs for the sake of profit, ultimately.


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Frequently used in the jargon of traders The term Profit is another Britishism, which comes from the English word Profit meaning - profit. When a trader says that he closed the deal in Profit, he means that the deal brought him a profit. The same when the trader says that, according to the results of the trading day, it is in a profit, which means that the total result in all transactions perfect for them per day is positive.

If you score the word "profit" in the GOOLGE, then we will get a whole fifteen options for its translation:


In addition, in stock trade, the word profit is applied in the following cases:

  • In the title of one of the pending orders, which is called Teic Profit (Take Profit, from English. Make Profit). The Take profit order is installed at a certain distance from the opening price of the position in order to fix profits until the price turns out;
  • In the effectiveness of the work of the trader or tested trading systems called a profit factor. Profit Factor Represents the ratio of total profit to a long loss for the following (analyzed) period of operation of the trading system or trader. Normal is the values ​​of this indicator exceeding 1.5.

This word is actively used in poker and in bets. In poker it is used in almost the same meaning as on the stock exchange. Here, he means the difference between the prize received by the player and his entrance fee (BUY-IN).

The same thing in the bets. For example, if a rate of 1000 rubles was made on the likelihood of an occurrence of a certain event (with the coefficient of its occurrence of 1 to 3), then in case of winning, the amount of 3000 rubles will be obtained, and the Profit will be 3000 (win) - 1000 (rate) = 2000 rubles.

Finally, in everyday colloquial speech, the word "profit" can be used not only in relation to the profit gained, but also to any beneficiation (both material and intangible nature) in general. For example, it can be applied in relation to the knowledge gained or to the situation achieved in society.

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