Not only in Islam is prohibited pork

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Why do Muslims do not eat pork - it's only in religion?

Not only in Islam is prohibited pork


- Muslim attitude to pork



- The attitude of Muslims to pork - 9 reasons why Muslims do not eat pork- Why do Muslims do not eat pork meat on the Qur'an?

Indeed, a ban on the use of pig meat can be found in the Quran: "From what is given to me in Revelation, I find it forbidden to eat only a man, shedding blood and pig meat, which (or which) is bad, as well as unauthorized The meat of animals, jammed not for the sake of Allah. " But why exactly is this animal?

Not only in Islam is prohibited pork

In the territories where Judaism and Islam were originated, there was an incredibly hot climate. And pork, as you know, meat with a very short storage period. If we take into account the fact that the pig is an omnivorous animal and can eat even their own feces, its meat contains trichinells and parasites causing various diseases. In addition, many bacteria are not dying even during heat treatment.

Therefore, the use of pork caused plenty of severe poisoning, diseases and deaths. Naturally, people believed that these phenomena are much deeper meaning than a threat to health. If the body does not accept this meat, it means it is a devilish. Consequently, the pork was banned.

Almost any ban in religion can be justified scientifically. For example, Jews have a ban on the use of lobsters, crabs and crabs. As now it is known, in the meat of these sea inhabitants there is a Petomain Ptomaine. And the laws of Kashruta prohibit eating meat of predators, since they are carnivorous, and therefore, there are a lot of toxins in their body.

- 9 reasons why Muslims do not eat pork


For someone, one answer is unambiguous - because it prohibits religion. But there is a meaning in more detail to dwell on what is fraught with pork and why world religions prohibit pig meat.

1) Ban in the Quran. The pork use is given in the holy book four times with the same text in different ages.

2) Pig is an unclean animal. The film of the centuries of the pig was considered an unclean animal: eating his own excrement, waste, often tearing off their offspring, it was not considered an animal suitable for religious rituals.

3) Pig meat looks like human. Selfish meat and pigs are very similar in its structure, there are a number of anatomical and biochemical indicators similar to humans and pigs. In addition, there are still a number of medical contraindications to pork.

Not only in Islam is prohibited pork

4) Common diseases. Avigni is predisposed to the same diseases as people, and some malicious microorganisms that parasitize them do not die during heat treatment.

5) Pigs often suffer. Signs often get sick, and you can never be confident, the meat of a patient or a healthy animal you eat, and as you know, in Islam it is forbidden to eat sick animals meat.

6) Pork prohibits all Abrahamic religions. In Christianity and Judaism, the use of pork food is also prohibited. "And a pig, although the hooves splits, but the chewing is not chewing, it is unclean for you; meat do not eat them and do not touch them to the corpses "(Deuteronomy 14: 8, Bible);

Deuteronomy 14: 1-28

1 You are the Sons of the Lord, your God; Do not make slices on your body and do not cut hair over your eyes on the dead, 2 for you are the people of Holy in the Lord, your God, and you chose the Lord to be your own people from all the peoples that are on Earth.

3 Do not eat no abomination.

4 Here is a cattle that you can eat: ox, sheep, goats, 5 deer, and sulfur, and buffalo, and lan, and bison, and Orix, and Camelopard.

6 Any cattle, whom the hooves are shaped and on both hooves a deep cut, and which cattle chews the cheer, that Eat.

7 just do not eat from the cheerful hoop and having a split hooves with a deep cut: a camel, hare and a tushkanchik, because, although they chew a chewing, but they are not twisted with their hooves - they are unclean for you; 8 and pigs, because her hooves are twisted, but does not chew a chewing cheer - the unclean she is for you; Do not eat meat and do not touch them to the corpses.

9 of all animals that are in water, eat all who have fins and scales; 10 And all those who have no fins and scales, do not eat: it is unclean for you.

11 All birds clean Eat.

12 But these should not. You have from them: Eagle, Grid, and Sea Eagle, 13 and Korshun, and Falcon, and Drakes with the breed of them, 14 and every crow with a breed of His, 15 and Ostrich, and Owls, and Seagulls, and A hawk with a breed of him, 16 and Filin, and Ibisa, and swan, 17 and Pelican, and Sip, and a fisherman, 18 and herons, and a ponya with a rock, and a fodder, and the bat.

19 All winged small animals are uncleans for you, do not eat them. 20 Each bird is clean Eat.

21 Do not eat any desoge; Inogen, who will happen in your dwellings, give her, he let her eat it, or sell him, for you are the people of the Holy of the Lord, your God. Do not be a goat in his mother's milk.

22 separate the tithing from all the work of your seeds, which comes from the field of your year, 23 and eat before the Lord, your God, on the place that he chooses to stay his name there; Be brings your tithing your bread, your wines and my own and the firstborn of your cattle and small cattle, so that you learned to be afraid of the Lord, your God, all the days.

24 If the road will be long for you, so you can't carry it, because far from you is the place that the Lord will choose, God is yours, to put your name there, and the Lord, your God, blessed you, 25 then promenade It's on silver, and take your silver in your hand, and come to the place that the Lord will choose, God is yours; 26 and buy silver all that wishes your soul: ox, sheep, wine, sicker and everything that will require your soul your soul; And eat there before the Lord, your God, and you have fun and your family.

27 and Levita, who in your dwellings, do not leave, for it does not have a part and the lot with you.

28 After three years, separate all the tithes of your works in that year and putting it in your homes; 29 And let Levite comes, because he does not have a part and a lot with you, and the alien, and the widow, who are in your dwellings, and let them eat and sat down in order to bless you, God is yours, in every matter of your hands, which you will do.

7) Pork leads to obesity and heart problems. If there is a pork in stressful state, it contributes to obesity, and because of the high toxicity of this meat there are heart problems.

Why do Muslims do not have a pork meat on the Qur'an?


The word "Iman" means in the Arabic of "Vera" and is derived from the word with the value of "security". So, to "live in safety" you need to perform the will of Allah and the Divine Rules sent to them. In the Holy Quran, Chatton Muslims of the whole world, contains a categorical ban on eating pig meat. So, in the Quran there is an appeal to the believer, in which Allah forbids to eat blood, desolen, animals killed, not named the Lord, as well as pork (for details, see Quran, 2: 172,173).

Muslims are trying to abide by all postulates of their religion, and therefore in order to get closer to spiritual and physical perfection, they are trying to eat only the very clean and useful food. The very concept of "purity" to the pig is simply impossible.

Here you need to tell the fact that Muslims are practiced the most humane method of animal mortgage: a very sharp-knife animal cut the throat (it is necessary to quickly cut the jugular vein and carotid artery). This method guarantees not only pure meat (blood is completely merged, and with it and dangerous urine acid), but also the fast death of the animal.

According to the Qur'an, life for a person is an invaluable gift of God, but, accordingly, take care of his health - the direct responsibility of the believer. And Allah said: "Believers! Eat the good and of those good mess, which we endowed you, and if you worship God, then thank Him. "

The Prophet Muhammed also said that to two benefits, free time and health, sinfully belongs to casually. The first is intended for the commitment of good acts, and human health please Allah more than his illness. It has long been proven that pork - the product is harmful (pork can contain helminths, infection by which maybe even after heat treatment, and the meat of this animal is difficult to digest), and in combination with the fact that it is almost impossible to pull the ball with the killed pig, the meat of this animal It can cause significant harm to human health.

Why Muslims do not eat pork

Why Muslims do not eat porkWhen the question is why Muslims do not eat pork, they usually say that it is impossible to eat pork to Muslims on the Qur'an. But it will not be superfluous to understand what is fraught with a violation of such a ban and why world religions prohibit pig meat.

Before moving to the consideration of this issue, you need to pay attention to Important moment which should not be missed by believers. Muslim is not allowed to give up the execution of the decision of the Sharia, even if he does not find the meaning of this decision . Muslim is obliged to make the decision of the Sharia relatively permitted or prohibited by Sharia, regardless of whether he understood the meaning of the ban or permitting, or not. Almighty Allah speaks in his book: "For a believer, a man and a believer woman has no choice when they are making a decision if Allah and his envoy have already decided. And who disobeying Allah and his envoy, he fell in an obvious misconception "(33:36).

Causes of prohibition

The first thing that is worth paying attention is how in the Quran it is explained why Muslims do not eat pork. In the Holy Book, the Quran is mentioned four times, and in different ages of the Koran, it is used about the same text in which the ban on the use of dewned, spilled blood and pork meat is introduced, which is called "bad". Also, the Quran prohibits eating meat of animals, which were bars not for the sake of Allah.

From this there is another reason why for Muslims is prohibited by Islam to eat pork: a pig - an animal is unclean, and it was considered such an impotence of the century, long before Islam appeared. This animal may have its excrement, there are waste, there are cases when these animals tear their offspring. Even in the earliest religious rituals, the pig was considered inappropriate animals for ritual sacrifices.

Another reason why there is a pork meat can not be - this is similar to it with human. They are similar both in their structure and in a number of biochemical and anatomical indicators. It is no coincidence in medicine there are a number of contraindications there are pork meat. It is especially necessary to pay attention to the fact that pigs and people may have the same diseases, so when using pork food, a person may become infected with these animals, which are caused by malicious microorganisms that do not die during heat treatment.

Why still, the swine meat is prohibited for eating, and not only Muslim is not worth it, as the Quran prescribes, - Nemumulmans also do not benefit from the use of pork meat into food. Pigs quite often tolerate all sorts of diseases, so there is never complete confidence that at the moment when the animal was embarrassed, it was great. Is there a product safe for a person in which there is no complete confidence that it is not infected with any disease that can become dangerous and for a person too? After all, harsh statistics say that pigs are quite often becoming not only carriers, but also by distributors of hazardous diseases. Recently, all more often in different parts of the globe, outbreaks have become the sadly famous "swine influenza". Its distribution among domestic animals is confirmed in Russia, Japan, Asian countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, in Kenya, European countries, in China and Taiwan. This virus is known for mutating constantly, modifying so much that it becomes literally inaccessible for timely diagnosis, and creates a considerable danger not only for animals and birds, but also for people.

An even more dangerous disease, which is also associated with pigs and their disease, and which creates a much greater danger to date, this is a "African Plague Plague" or ACS, which now periodically flashes in different parts of Russia and Eastern Europe. To combat this virus, farms go to extreme measures, literally burning all the infected livestock.

According to the latest data, there is another disease whose carrier is these animals is a dangerous disease "Japanese Encephalitis". This virus is distributed by mosquitoes, thus infecting a person from this animal through bites. In India, more than two dozen people have already died from such a disease.

Prohibition of Jews and Christians

It will be wrong to argue that only Islamic religion and Koran prohibit eating pork meat: it is also prohibited in Judaism and Christianity. There are such words in the text of the Bible: "And a pig, although the hooves splits, but the chewing is not chewing, it is unclean for you; Meat do not eat them and do not touch them to the corpses. "

The ban on eating pork meat has a purely practical basis, which is based on the harm that can cause pork health. Doctors have been established that there is a pork in stress can lead to obesity. It is impossible not to take into account the fact that it is highly toxic, so if it is, it can provoke heart problems.

Explaining various aspects of the prohibition, which is introduced in the Quran on the use of such meat into food, as well as the fact that the pig is considered an unclean animal, Dr. Zakir Nike, President of the Islamic Research Foundation Mumbai, indicates that a relatively small amount of Christians knows that not only in The Quran is prohibited by the use of pork food, but also in the Bible. And this means that it will be wrong to say that the use of this meat is only a Muslim ban: just Muslims are strictly followed by the prescriptions of the Quran not there is a pork, unconditionally performing the will of Allah.


Humanity since ancient times wondered why the eating pork was fraught with problems for him and forbidden. No wonder in connection with this topic there are many different legends and non-pieces. According to one of these legends, when God allegedly cursed a man, he turned him into a pig, so that there is a pork - this is the same thing that there is a similar one, and therefore is a mortal sin. On another legend, a girl was turned into this animal. God made God to demonstrate to humanity a miracle of reincarnation. Since then, man fears there with pork, because there is always a danger that in the image of this unclean being can be a man fabriced by God. Naturally, the legend cannot be perceived as a reliable source.

History in Koran

Turning again to the Sura of the Quran, we can see that the wicked people who cursed Allah were turned into monkeys, as well as in pigs. In the Qur'an it is said: "This is those whom Allah cursed, to whom he was angry and who he turned into monkeys and pigs and who worshiped Tirana. They will take even more bad place and have come down even more from a straight path. "

The words spoken in the Quran are enough to ensure that Muslim, holy next law of Allah, believing in the wisdom of the Divine Law, accepted this ban and unquestioned prescriptions of the Quran. But it is also important that a person understand the wisdom of the Divine Law, given in the Quran.

It is important to realize that all the prohibitions introduced by Allah to the Quran for Muslim is dictated exclusively by the grace of the Most High, his desire to save a person from all that he can harm him, since Allah is great and merciful.

Is pork useful?

Atheists also have every reason not to eat pork, since it has it - not only a sin, marked in the Quran, but can cause a number of diseases and health problems - whether it is not a logical and reasonable explanation of why Muslims should not eat pork, following A ban, which establishes a coran for them. More than seventy types of diseases in humans can provoke the use of pork in food, both once and regularly. Starting from the risk of infection with helminths - ascaris, sharp, nematodes and other wicked invasions, ending with a soliter, long and very dangerous to human health. In the latter case, a person can develop a number of dangerous diseases, including even loss of memory and blindness, heart attacks and liver damage.

There is no special nutritional value of the pork: for muscle mass it is not possible, it contains an excess of fat and cholesterol, it means that it means to climb the vessels and, as a result, to such heart diseases, such as hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Often, in response to the argument that the pig is one of the most dirtiest, unclean animals on Earth, you can hear objections and examples of animal breeding in developed countries, such as Australia, where they contain practically under sterile conditions. It should not be forgotten that even in exceptional hygienic conditions, these animals are contained in pigsties together, by their very nature they are dirty and there may be waste and their own excrement, that is, even in sterile conditions, they will continue to lead their unclean lifestyle.

The fact that Muslims do not eat pork meat, even people who have never come across Islam in their lives. However, few people think about the deep reasons for such a ban. There are many versions and theories that need to be viewed in the complex to understand why pork refers to the products prohibited from Muslims.

Why Koran forbids Muslims there is a pork

The concept of uncleanness in Islam

The Muslim doctrine on the rules of behavior and social norms, called Fickh, includes the concept of "Najasa", which in translation means "uncleanness" and implies unclean substances from which the body and clothing should protect each Muslim.

In Islam, semissions are divided into light and heavy. The first to the urine and litter of birds and livestock. The second includes various human feces, including menstruation and cum, blood, alcoholic beverages, desiccine and pork. The average person is certainly incomprehensible why pork meat is mentioned in this list. But each Muslim knows that it is forbidden to tumble to Najasa, and the hitting of severe uncleanness on clothes praying either to the place of Namaz makes it invalid.

The use of pork in food is considered a terrible sin, which is punishable by Allah and "crosses" all human wells during life. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rules - for example, if Muslim ate pork meat according to ignorance, that is, I did not suspect that he eats pork. In cases where he learned about it immediately after the meal, it is necessary to cause vomiting and get rid of unclean in the body. It is also allowed to eat a pig meat in a state of extreme need. This refers to situations when a man threatens a hungry death, and there is no other meal.

From the point of view of religion

In the Holy Quran, the laws of which are strictly observed by Muslims, is repeatedly mentioned about the ban on the use of pork, for example: "Deadichki, blood, pig meat, and what the name of Allah was not pronounced about the name of Allah," Sura Al-Maida : 03).

It is noteworthy that the pig was perceived by the "unclean" even in pre-Christian times and this was explained not only by irrational causes. It's no secret that it represents one of the most unclean animals, which can eat Padal (as a result of which his meat accumulates the body poison), its own feces and even drove their offspring. In addition to the harm of meat itself, the dirty case was also considered to breed this animal. So, for example, the Maimonide, the philosopher of the 12th century, argued that if Muslims were bred by pigs, their dwellings and markets would be mocked in the mud. Also, many nations did not use pork meat, because it quickly rubbed with a hot climate and it was impossible to take it in hiking. Probably, all this was to a certain extent affected the formation of a religious ban on the use of pork.

From the point of view of science

The fact that the pig meat in Fiche stands in one row with the desult and blood, has a scientific substantiation. The brain layer of adrenal beings contains a hormone of fear, called adrenaline. It enters blood in excessive amounts, if a person or animal is frightened, and changes its chemical composition, provoking a psychotropic effect ("impact on the soul"). It turns out that it is due to blood. This explains the fact that Muslims produce the maximum amount of blood from the carcass of animals before you use them for food.

Human and animal blood includes erythrocytes, which, quarreling with information, enter the kidneys and are outlined from urine. It comes out of the body of mammals in the amount of 90%, while the pig is the only animal with a total of 10%, and the remaining 90% are transformed into fat. Therefore, the use of pork meat in Islam equates to eating downs and blood, provoking a strong psychotropic impact, fraught with various mental illnesses.

Everyone knows that Jews and Muslims do not eat pork in food, but few people thought, why they are so instituted. Usually everything comes down to explanations that the pig is considered a dirty animal. But in time, when religions were born, the rest of the cattle was a slightly cleaner! Yes, and people themselves often lived in terrible unsanitary conditions.

What is the matter?

Kashrut or Kosher - a set of strict food restrictions based on the laws of Torah and Talmud. The kosher allows meat only those animals that are both guinea and ruminants - from sheep to giraffes.

However, pork and hare is forbidden to eat in food, because the pigs do not bump, and the hares do not have hoofs. There was also an explanation of the behavior of "half-hour" animals: in a dream, pigs, allegedly, proudly exhibit their "right" hooves, but hide the face, and the hares are on the contrary, they press the paws from shame.

Meat of kosher animals should be prepared by a professional butcher, wake up, scoring a cattle with one special movement, in no case is not piercing meat and not holding down the knife's course. Shokeys undergo long training before proceeding with the fulfillment of duties.

The laws of the cutting of meat in the Jewish tradition mass: It is important not only the participation of walking in cattle, but also checking the animal on the disease that Mashgih is performed, and cleaning the carcass with a sala and lived by a kosher. Seafood use is also strictly regulated: they must have scales and fins, that is, mollusks and crustaceans are strictly prohibited.

Each hostess is obliged to sift the flour to avoid getting into her worms and carefully examine the vegetables into fruits in the search for larvae. The ban on eating insects gives only one exception: you can eat locally (lion 11:22).

Also, the kosher forbids eating foods containing blood (so the meat in the cutting sprinkled with salt, absorbing it), the eggs of birds with the same, stupid or sharp, ends (as a rule, the same ends are of the eggs of predatory birds), and alcohol that is not made religious Jews in compliance with the set of special rules. It is strictly forbidden to "cook a goat in Mother's Milk, mix milk with meat for one meal. However, check the kosher's caustic food is hardly presented by possible formal methods, and therefore this right is usually provided with rabbi.

In addition, other nations tolerably belong to pigs, although these animals around the world are equally loved to be sought in the mud. So what then the snag?

It turned out that this ban was even interested in scientists. They say that every food taboo in religion is easily explained from the point of view of common sense. This is not some kind of whiming fanatics, but real precautions!

The thing is that the Jewish and Muslim religion was born in hot edges, and pork is the rustling meat. Slightly shake with cooking, and you will find the hardest poisoning or infection with parasites!

By the way, for the same reason, the Jews and Muslims do not eat the meat of predators and padelvers (for example, crabs and crabs). After all, all of them are carnivorous, therefore, toxins and parasites in other animals are adopted. And the meat of crustaceans may even contain a corpse poison!

As a result, the wise men of the past thought that it was much easier and faster to inspire her loved ones that the pig would almost disseminate hell than to explain that this meat could be dangerous to health. In the end, we also do not teach children the basics of electrodynamics, but simply explain that it is impossible to poke your fingers into the outlet.

As an unclean animal, the pig is mentioned in Torah (IX century BC. Er). Disgusted to the pig in the Jews was so strong that instead of the word "pig" they often said "Davar Ahersher", literally - "another thing", that is, something that is better not even called for your name.

The negative attitude of the Jews and Muslims to the pigs explain the uncleanness of these animals devouring even their excrement, and the fact that the body poison is rapidly accumulated in their meat in their meat. However, Jewish lawmakers invariably emphasized that they should not look for some rational reasons here, the motivation of the Lord from man is hidden.

Ethnographers believe that the whole thing in the peculiarities of primitive beliefs, of which many taboos moved in later formed religions. In the degenidating animal totemism - one of the early religious systems is forbidden to pronounce the name and touched those of them who are considered to be the gods of the tribe.

Probably, the Semitic peoples have once a boar and was such a God. The cult of the beasts pushed out the cults of anthropomorphic gods, but the ritual taboo "in the inertia" continued to act. For example, our ancestors could not call the bear with his real name - ber, so it was rooted by "honey-because", that is, the "sign of honey". By the way, once the Slavs also had a ban on the use of bearish.

It is worth saying that in the Old Testament it is also written that it is impossible to eat pig meat, but how many Christians stick to this ban?

Muslim gastronomic preferences are strongly limited. All food in Islam is divided into three groups: Halal, Makruh and Haram, which correlated with Indian Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and only Halal is fully allowed to use.

The Quran, like Torah, is primarily a set of laws defining Muslims. The Quran prohibits the eating of pork, desolen, incorrectly scored livestock (without mentioning the name of Allah) and blood (5: 3). However, a violation of the prohibition, as is often especially indicated in the Quran, perhaps in extreme cases: "If anyone, suffering from hunger, and not from a tendency to sin, will be forced to eat forbidden, then Allah is forgiving, merciful."

In addition, in Islam, it is forbidden to kill animals for no reason, and some Muslim theologians believe that the profession of the cattle boomer is sinful. The rules of Halal are less strict than the laws of a kossera: Muslims have no special person who scores cattle, and the slaughter rules themselves also differ slightly from the Jews. On the other hand, Islam prohibits alcoholic beverages allowed by a kosher.

For Christianity, the teaching tab is less common and strict, but the sacralization of food is also typical. The eating "Identaten" is prohibited, that is, brought by pagans to sacrifice the gods, squalls, and also - during the post - meat, milk, eggs, butter, fish and some other products.

The lack of significant food taboors is due to the fact that the New Testament abolished the prohibitions that were spelled out in the Old, and coincided with the already listed Jewish laws. According to the teachings of Christ, food cannot defile the spiritual person: "Everything that is sold at the trade, eat without any research, to calm the conscience; For the Lord is the Earth, and what fills it "(1 Cor. 10: 25-27).

For Hinduism is characterized by refusal of beef, due to the fact that the cow is a sacred animal. Many followers of this religion adhere to Ahimsi - the teachings, preaching non-violence, and, accordingly, a special vegetarian diet.

Followers of Jainism, another religion of India, even put on the mouth of special dressings and sweep the road in front of them a broom in order not to kill randomly living beings. Is it worth saying that they do not eat them in any kind. Hindus are trying not to eat rajas food - possessing too vividly pronounced taste, for example, coffee or tea, and Tamasny - "tasteless, stinking, exhausted", such as meat, garlic or eggs.

The origins of the emergence of a kossera can fade in moral commandments. With the right cattle, the animal dies almost painlessly. The taboo on the use of blood can also be associated with the considerations of humanity and the reluctance to shed blood as a symbol of the soul of God's creatures. The ban on eating birds of prey and their eggs is associated with the fear of the fact that the aggressiveness of predators will be transferred to people. Torah even suggests that all people were vegetarians to the great flood, but after the Lord gave them to the food of animals.

It is also interesting to interpret the ban on the mixing of milk and meat, which, subsequently, evolved to the taboo on their eating for one meal: meat, as a symbol of death and murder, should not be mixed with a symbolic new life, that is, Mother's milk contributing to growth Young. It is possible that the early religious ideas on the boost on boiling milk also reflected in this taboo, as milk had a magical connection with their source, that is, it was part of a whole - a cow or goat. Accordingly, boiling milk was likened to boil in the udder, which was supposed to harm the animal and deprive people of fishing.

In addition, many African tribes still have bans on any mixture of milk and meat, including in the abdomen of man, which can be explained by fear for the health of the cow - after all, one of her dead part, meat, mixed with lively, milk, And the cow symbolically eats itself, as a result of which its milk is defiled. It is likely that in the ban on mixing milk and meat, the alienation of two types of crops - agricultural and pastoral, competing with each other manifested.

Forcing to eat pork in Islam and Judaism, it was most likely a preventive sanitary and hygienic measure, because quickly sprinkling pork, in the conditions of an ancient world, devoid of refrigerators and modern medicine, could become fatal. In addition, the pig with its random sex and food addictions and apparent love for dirt, gave rise to a symbolic identification with dirty, slim and sexually leaning people. Accordingly, the use of her meat in food could fill the acquisition by the person of all the above qualities. Sometimes a negative attitude towards the pigs gave rise to curious cases: in the XVIII century, some rabbis considered tomato pork fruit and prohibited its eating.

And the Indian ban of eating beef can be closely related to economic reasons: in India, the manure of cows was used in construction and heating purposes, they were used as a potential cattle and gave milk, which made them more valuable than any other animals. So the image of the cow-crumilicians began to sacralazize, and in the 4th century AD The ban on killing cows and bulls has become an official law.

The prohibition of bread and wines prepared by non-Jews, refers to the desire of Jews to consolidate the uninterests and prevent the assimilation of other nations. Accordingly, at any festival, organized by representatives of other religions, the Jew will be very difficult to observe the kosher. In modern cultures, such socio-conditioned reasons for the prohibition of food in Judaism or Islam play a crucial role for religious unity.

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